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Excursions, leisure activities and tours on Rhodes - pure island holidays

Rhodes is an island for everyone - for sun lovers, adventurers, surfers and globetrotters, for connoisseurs and culture enthusiasts. And everyone will find his island luck on Rhodes. Some on the Acropolis of Lindos, others on an island tour or a boat trip on Rhodes. The southern Aegean Sea combines all the advantages of a first-class sailing area and Rhodes is also the perfect starting point for idyllic island hopping.

Perhaps the best news: active holidays on Rhodes are always in season - even in the second half of the year. With a mild climate all year round, water sports enthusiasts as well as hikers and riders, hikers and divers are always on the right side of this island holiday.
Island tours and boat trips are among the most popular excursions on Rhodes. Here all the wonderful facets of the sunny island come together: a wild mountain landscape, picturesque villages, sunny coastal regions, exciting nature experiences and sights from different centuries. Many cultural influences and architectural styles make sightseeing and time travel on Rhodes so exciting.

And despite the good and in the holiday regions modern infrastructure, Rhodes also has its place for adventure. Where it is more original and where you are almost alone "on holiday". Wild jeep safaris and untouched regions of the island as well as gorge hikes in the midst of a magnificent natural scenery await visitors.

Or visit the marine aquarium at the northern tip of Rhodes. The unique architecture of the building and a cave-like underwater world inspire adults and children alike. Whatever Rhodes excursion you are interested in, sunbonoo will be happy to help you organise your holiday. We have compiled some tours and leisure activities for you in the following:

Rhodes Excursions: Category Boat Trips

Sailing trips and boat trips on Rhodes are for many the highlight of their island vacation. Rhodes is one of the most popular sailing areas in the Mediterranean and island hopping by boat is incredibly popular in the southern Aegean - because you can discover so many beautiful places on the waterway. Whether a full day boat trip to the east coast of Rhodes, a sailing trip to the island of Symi or a cruise around the whole island, boat trips on Rhodes are simply part of a round program. Combined with a swim and snorkel stop in the Aegean Sea, a lunch on board and relaxing sunshine hours on the water, a Rhodes boat trip will quickly become a dream holiday.

A highlight is an excursion with a glass bottom boat in Rhodes. Those who are enthusiastic about marine life and like to observe the flora and fauna under water can take the glass-bottom boat through the Mediterranean Sea and to some magnificent bays off Rhodes.

On Rhodes you also have the possibility to rent a boat without a driving licence and for example to undertake an individual coastal tour in the south. In any case, the boat charter is an option to leave the beaches for a day trip during the high season and to spend time on the waterways in secluded places. Cosy anchorages can be found in front of the island's most beautiful bays.

Rhodes Excursions: Sports and Active Holidays Category

Who wants to enjoy these views nothing on the water and active sun and sea. It's a good thing that Rhodes is an island of water sports. If you want to go jet skiing, snorkeling, surfing or try one of the many other water sport activities, all doors are open at the best spots. Kayak and paddle tours on Rhodes lead along a beautiful coast, wind and kite surfers are in good hands at the beach of Theologos. On the northwest coast of Rhodes, stable winds blow throughout the summer for surfers. Also the south and especially Cape Prasonisi are very popular among surfers because of the waves.

The SUP trend has also long since arrived on the island and has become a permanent feature among leisure activities on the water. For stand up paddling on Rhodes, the less windy east coast is particularly suitable. There you hike on your own or at the side of a guide for miles across the sea, discover lonely bays and mysterious caves on organised SUP tours and simply dive into the sea for refreshment. Apropos.

While diving on Rhodes you have the impressive underwater world of the southern Aegean in front of you and thanks to the clear water plenty of visibility depth. The diversity of species, sunken sculptures, caves or even wrecks can be explored by scuba diving or a PADI certified diving course. Lindos, Kolymbia and Kallithea are three of the most famous Rhodes dive sites.

An active holiday on Rhodes includes not only an attractive range of water sports but also wonderful shore excursions. When hiking, riding or cycling the Greek island shows itself again from a completely different, very authentic side. Whether mountain hiking on Rhodes, an excursion with the horses at the sea or an extended bicycle tour over the coastal roads, you can arrange the island vacation very sporty and varied. If you roll through the narrow streets on a Segway Tour in Rhodes, you have also completed a beautiful sightseeing program.

Rhodes Excursions: Category Sightseeing and Culture

Not many cities draw such a complete and impressively authentic picture of the Middle Ages with well-preserved buildings and facilities as Rhodes City. UNESCO has therefore declared the core of the mighty four-kilometre-long city wall a World Heritage Site. The imposing fortress with the famous Knight's Street and the Grand Master's Palace is mainly due to the construction work of the Order of St John.

If you would like to immerse yourself in this rich history, a guided tour through Rhodes is recommended. If you reach the harbour of the island on a cruise ship, you will reach this historical treasure chamber directly through the Thalassini city gate above. There is also a Hop-on-Hop-off City Sightseeing Bus in Rhodes, which stops at 11 stops. This is a comfortable way to get to the highlights of the city and to get a complete tour of the city.

The Acropolis of Lindos is one of the most important and world-famous sights on Rhodes. You can visit it on a day trip by bus or by boat. With its white houses and narrow streets, Lindos is rightly an attraction on the island. The Acropolis itself is situated on a rock more than 160 meters high, which you can climb on foot or by donkey taxi. Archaeologists uncovered a beautiful piece of ancient Greece high above the village and those who are above are rewarded with a magnificent view.

The Valley of Butterflies on Rhodes is also famous and should not be missed on any island safari. Between June and September, thousands of butterflies in the most beautiful colours flutter in the middle of a green gorge with a small stream, attracted above all by the scent of the amber trees.

Rhodes Excursions: Category Adventure Holidays

On adventurous trails, Jeep Safari takes you to rural Rhodes, mountains, small villages and remote parts of the island. With the off-road vehicle you explore ways, which are not passable for buses or normal vehicles and arrive so at places, which not everyone sees on Rhodos. Discover the island on a guided jeep safari or as a self-drive vehicle.

You will also get plenty of gravel roads on a quad or buggy tour on Rhodes under the tires. There are also spectacular landscapes to see and refreshment during bathing breaks on somewhat more secluded beaches than there are in the holiday centres during the high season.

Whether by jeep safari, buggy tour or on a Rhodes island hike - the 7 springs near Kolymbia are definitely among the excursion destinations for adventurers and explorers. In the midst of complete seclusion and a lush natural scenery lies the Valley of Springs.

Climbing Rhodes is done on one of the vertical walls, most of which are located in quiet climbing areas and often have a sea view or breathtaking views. Mount Ladiko is the main address for climbing on Rhodes. An impressive cliff for climbing can also be found directly at the famous Anthony Quinn Bay on the east coast of Rhodes.

Rhodes Excursions: with children

The Faliraki Water Park is the largest in Greece and one of the top addresses for families with children on holiday in Rhodes. Water slides, artificial waves, pools with original games for all ages, a pirate ship and much more will make summer fun for young and old alike.

The Thorn of Helios Rhodes offers a completely new form of entertainment with its animations, a 9D cinema and exhibitions. Here you can experience a multimedia show with your children and travel back in time to the history of Rhodes.

Rhodes Excursions: by car

If you want to see a lot and be as flexible as possible, you can rent a car on Rhodes and drive the Greek island on your own. Rhodes has a well-developed road network. Travel guides and Google Maps will help you to keep your bearings.

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