Amazing half-day or full-day sailing trip in Mallorca

The most beautiful day sailing trip of Mallorca! Experience half a day or a whole day on the turquoise blue sea of Mallorca. Unforgettable tour incl. food, drinks and very nice skipper. Sailing on Mallorca you combine the sunny and fresh sea breeze at the sailboat with an incredible coastal panorama. One of the most popular and best sailing trips on Mallorca.

  • Tour / activity duration: depending on selection
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Transfer: upon request
98 out of 100 based on 13 Reviews
  • The best insider tips
  • English-speaking service
  • Hassle-free booking change or cancellation
  • Usually cheaper than at site

Half day sailing in Mallorca with a Hanse 470 (Meltemi) Details

  • Mallorca half-day sailing trip with a Hanse 470 - per adult (age 13+) 90.-€
  • Mallorca half-day sailing trip with a Hanse 470 - per child (ages 4-12) 75.-€

Half day sailing in Mallorca with a Hanse 630e (Nereida) Details

  • Majorca half-day sailing trip with a Hanse 630e - per adult (age 13+) 100.-€
  • Majorca half-day sailing trip with a Hanse 630e - per child (ages 4-12) 85.-€

Full day luxury sailing in Mallorca with a Hanse 630e (Nereida)

  • Mallorca full-day sailing trip with a Hanse 630e - per adult (age 13+) 150.-€
  • Mallorca full-day sailing trip with a Hanse 630e - per child (ages 4-12) 100.-€


Book here your sailing trip with a Hanse 630e.

The most beautiful sailing tour in Majorca

Overview / General Information

Sailing in Mallorca: A full-day or half-day sailing along the east coast

Enjoy a 3.5- or 7-hour sailing trip on Mallorca and discover the enchanting coastal landscape during the sailing tour on Mallorca. This applies to both sailing trips:


  • Days: daily
  • Months: April - October
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Departure port: Portocolom (Hanse 470) / Porto Cristo (Hanse 630e)


  • Transfer from the east may be possible upon request for an extra charge (please add your pick-up address when booking)
  • Skipper, swim stop(s), snorkeling mask, insurance, meal, drinks, toilet on board

Option 1: 7-hour full-day sailing trip in Mallorca

The relaxing sailing tour on Mallorca starts in the port of Portocolom or Porto Cristo. At one of the most beautiful bays of Mallorca we take a two hour anchor break, depending on the wind and weather in Cala Mitjana, Cala Serena, Cala Mondragó or Cala Barca (snorkeling equipment will be provided). Meanwhile you can enjoy the delicious lunch buffet on board. Later we sail on to the port of Cala Virgili or Cala D'Or, where you can swim in a beautiful bay and coffee break is served. Finally we start the 1.5-hour return journey in a sailboat on Mallorca to Portocolom / Porto Cristo.


  • Duration: ~ 7 hours
  • Hours: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


  • Lunch buffet: fresh cheese spread with herbs and walnuts, olives and bread, green salad with apples, raisins and peanuts, Veal stew in carrot sauce, pasta with basil, cherry tomatoes and grana padana, cakes and fruit
  • Drinks: coffee, tea, beer, coke, coke zero, lemonade, juice, fizzy water, mineral water

Option 2: 3.5-hour half-day sailing trip in Mallorca

After a brief introduction on board, we begin to sail around Mallorca for 2 hours along the east coast. At one of the beautiful bays of Mallorca, we stop for one hour. The Hanse 470 goes to Cala Mitjana or Cala Sa Nau depending on the wind and weather, the Hanse 630 to Cala Varques or Cala Magraner (snorkelling equipment is provided). Meanwhile, you can enjoy the prepared snacks and drinks on board. Finally, we start sailing back relaxedly to Porto Colom or Porto Cristo.


  • Duration: ~ 3.5 hours
  • Hours: 10:30 AM, 3:00 PM


  • Snacks: spinach croquettes, canapés with ham and cheese + with cream cheese, nuts, raisins and honey, fruit and chocolate
  • Drinks: coffee, tea, beer, coke, coke zero, lemonade, juice, fizzy water and mineral water
Important information
Cancellation conditions: In case of bad weather (storm or rain all day), the sailing trip must be postponed to another date. If no alternative date is possible, the full amount will be refunded. If the client has to cancel, the cancellation fee is as follows: within two weeks, 50% of the charter price; less than 5 days before the start of the tour, 100% of the charter price.

Please bring

Sailing shoes or shoes with bright, flat sole, swimwear, towel, sunglasses, sun blocker, hat, small travel pharmacy (just in case), in spring and autumn: jacket and trousers

Detailed description

Majorca sailing trip in Portocolom - full-day or half-day sailing

Spend an unforgettable sailing trip in Majorca on board a marvellous sailing boat! Discover the most beautiful bays when sailing in Mallorca and swim in the turquoise and crystal-clear Mediterranean sea, far away from the crowded beaches. The sailing trip from Porto Colom or Alcudia starts with a little introduction on board, before you'll sail from the picturesque harbour (approx. 60km from Palma) in the direction of Cala Millor, Sa Coma or to the idyllic Colonia Sant Jordi. Get spoilt by the sun during a sailing trip in Majorca and relax on deck of the comfortable sailing yacht. If you like sporty challenges, you can help setting the sails or steer the sailing boat on your own. Treat yourself with the best sailing trip in Majorca in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!

Do you just want to have your first sailing experience during the day or do you plan a romantic sailing trip in Majorca as a couple to enjoy the sunset over the Majorcan sea? Sail for half a day or a full day along the stunningly beautiful coasts of Majorca. It doesn't matter if you go sailing in Mallorca with a group of friends, as a family, a couple or on your own, on this sailing day trip, you will forget all your troubles! This sailing trip in Mallorca takes place in a small, exclusive group with a maximum of 11 people. Additionally, you can savour the Mediterranean cuisine with a buffet during the sailing trip in Majorca or snacks and drinks of your choice during your stay on board. Get spoilt by the experienced skipper when sailing in Mallorca and feel at home on the sailboat.

The full day sailing trip in Mallorca is conducted by a skipper with more than 70,000 nautic miles of experience in sailing along the coast and out in the open sea. He will show you the most beautiful bays of Majorca for a little swim in the turquoise-blue water. Get to know him in this interview. Juan is a passionate sailor and he will show you his island on one of the best sailing trips of Mallorca. With Mallorca sailing, you'll experience the typical Majorcan lifestyle. Enjoy the almost everlasting sunshine, snorkel in the Mediterranean sea and amuse yourself by having a decent conversation with the skipper and the other sailing guests - or sit down just in the front of the big deck and admire the wide views on the open sea calmly when sailing in Mallorca.

2 sailing yachts in Porto Colom or Alcudia are available for your sailing trip:

  • Sailboat Nereida - Hanse 630e (max. 12 people)
  • Sailboat Meltemi - Hanse 470 (max. 11 people)

If you want to charter the sailing boat exclusively for you and your group, you can hire it here.


Valid on the reserved day or for 12 months after date of purchase if no date has been selected. You will receive the tour operator's details with the purchased ticket. Attention: reservation is required! The reservation can be made through sunbonoo as part of the booking process or later by contacting the tour operator directly via phone or email.

Customer Reviews Sailing in Mallorca: A full-day or half-day sailing along the east coast

Caro wrote on Sep 13, 2022
Overall rating
100 von 100

Excellent service

We would like to leave a 5 star review as we experienced excellent service today. My family and I got off to a perfect start on the sailing trip, but the waves were so strong that day that we got seasick. The skipper changed his route without any problems and let us off the boat in the next port. In addition, there was a free shuttle back to our car. Thank you very much, it was super family-friendly and really great service!

Ausgezeichneter Service

Wir möchten gerne eine 5 Sterne Bewertung hinterlassen, da wir heute einen ausgezeichneten Service erlebt haben.
Meine Familie und ich starteten perfekt in den Segelausflug, jedoch war der Wellengang an diesem Tag so stark, dass wir seekrank geworden sind. Ohne Probleme änderte der Skipper seine Route und lies uns im nächsten Hafen vom Boot. Zusätzlich gab es ein kostenloses Shuttle zurück zu unserem Auto. Vielen Dank dafür, das war super Familienfreundlich und echt ein toller Service!

Cathy wrote on Jul 29, 2019
Overall rating
80 von 100

Good fun but bad choice of skipper

Communication with the Sunbonoo team was smooth from the beginning. Booking the sailing trip was very easy and the day before our trip I was contacted early by Miguel who explained that the departure port would change due to the sea conditions on the east coast. I was given clear instructions and directions to the new location. Unfortunately, due to these sea conditions we did not see existing coast line nor did we get to swim in the wonderful calas on the east coast. We dropped anchor near a nice beach and still had fun for an hour jumping from the boat and swimming the clear waters. My only criticism is the choice of skipper was not a good match for tourists. Richard lacked the friendliness and enthusiasm needed for a trip like this.
Ronni wrote on Nov 12, 2018
Overall rating
100 von 100

A wonderful day....

A great day on the Mediterranean, we were with Skipper 6 people. The whole day was the blast, once again very warm thanks to our skipper Alex. The care of Sunbonoo, absolutely correct. That can only be recommended ...

Ein wunderbarer Tag....

Ein super toller Tag auf dem Mittelmeer, wir waren mit Skipper 6 Personen. Der ganze Tag war der Knaller, noch einmal recht herzlichen Dank an unseren Skipper Alex.
Die Betreuung von Sunbonoo, absolut korrekt. Das kann man nur weiterempfehlen...
Kalle wrote on Jun 8, 2018
Overall rating
100 von 100

a dream

We have not experienced something nice! I had given this sailing trip to my great wife Gisela for my birthday, without knowing that it was also a great present for me at the same time. We had planned this sailing trip for the beginning of June. Sunbonoo then called us to postpone a 2-day storm warning. Instead of Porto Colom, it went from Porto Cristo to the sea. The support of Sunbonoo was perfect. Our skipper, the Juan, was a very friendly and fun guy. Great, too, that he is easily versed in Spanish, English and German. Top! We sailed pretty far out to the Mediterranean. Ask anxious, obs also goes back heal, was affirmed with a happy laugh. Everyone has tackled, though, as unbelievable as that sounds: this 24 ton and 19 meter long sailing ship - a Hanse 630E, can also be a person all alone sailing / steering. We have sailed several almost deserted coves. In the bays we could swim, snorkel or just enjoy the fantastic weather. In the meantime Juan the skipper prepared delicious things in the galley. Thanks also to the great troupe from Stuttgart and also to Rebecca and Garvin from NRW. It was really fun with you. Special thanks again to Juan. How he explained to me (the absolute sails layman) all in a bear patience. Really good! Happy again. Greetings from Erkrath Dusseldorf Gisela and Kalle

°°Ein Traum°°

Wir haben sowas schönes noch nicht erlebt!
Diesen Segeltörn hatte ich meiner tollen Frau Gisela zum Geburtstag geschenkt, ohne zu wissen, dass es gleichzeitig auch ein tolles Geschenk für mich selber war.
Wir hatten für Anfang Juni diesen Segeltörn geplant. Sunbonoo rief uns dann an, dass wir wegen Sturm Warnung um 2 Tage verschieben müssen. Statt von Porto Colom, ging es dann von Porto Cristo aus aufs Meer. Die Betreuung von Sunbonoo war perfekt.
Unser Skipper, der Juan, war ein sehr freundlicher und auch lustiger. Klasse auch, das er problemlos in Spanisch, Englisch und Deutsch bewandert ist. Top!
Wir sind dann erstmal ziemlich weit aufs Mittelmeer raus gesegelt. Bange fragen, obs auch wieder heile zurück geht, wurde mit einem fröhlichen Lachen bejaht. Jeder hat mit angepackt, obwohl, so unglaublich das auch klingt: dieses 24 Tonnen und 19 Meter lange Segelschiff – eine Hanse 630E, kann auch eine Person ganz alleine Segel/Steuern.
Wir haben mehrere fast Menschenleere Buchten angesegelt. In den Buchten konnten wir dann Schwimmen, Schnorcheln oder auch einfach nur das fantastische Wetter genießen.
Zwischenzeitlich bereitete Juan der Skipper leckeres in der Kombüse vor.
Dank auch an die tolle Truppe aus Stuttgart und auch an Rebecca und Garvin aus NRW. Hat richtig Spaß gemacht mit euch.
Besonderen Dank nochmal an Juan. Wie er mir (den absoluten Segel Laien) alles in einer Bären Geduld erklärt hat. Richtig Klasse! Gerne noch einmal.

Freundliche Grüße aus Erkrath bei Düsseldorf
Gisela und Kalle
Amelie wrote on May 9, 2018
Overall rating
100 von 100

The best day of the holiday

The skipper welcomed us with the words that today would be the best day of the holiday and he was right. We were 7 people on the boat and had enough space. The food was delicious and we had plenty of time for snorkeling and sunbathing. Anyone who wanted to be allowed to take the wheel even in the hand. We were picked up in the morning with a delay of 30 minutes, but half an hour was hung up and so we sailed back to the bay of Porto Colon at sunset. Emergency medicine was also on board for passengers suffering from nausea. Each couple had their own berth to move and store things and a fully functional toilet was also on board. All around very successful sailing trip!

Der Beste Tag des Urlaubs

Der Skipper begrüßte uns mit den Worten, dass es heute der schönste Tag des Urlaubs werden würde und er hatte recht behalten.
Wir waren 7 Personen auf dem Boot und hatten ausreichend Platz. Das Essen war lecker und wir hatten viel Zeit zum Schnorcheln und Sonnen. Wer wollte durfte auch mal selbst das Steuer in die Hand nehmen.
Wir wurden morgens zwar mit 30min Verspätung abgeholt, jedoch wurde die halbe Stunde drangehängt und so sind wir bei Sonnenuntergang zurück in die Bucht von Porto Colon gesegelt.
Auch für Passagiere, die mit Übelkeit zu kämpfen hatten, war Notfall Medizin an Board. Jedes Paar hatte ihre eigene Koje zum Umziehen und Sachen lagern und eine vollfunktionsfähige Toilette gab es auch an Board.

Rundum sehr gelungener Segeltrip!
Michael Giessler wrote on Sep 14, 2017
Overall rating
100 von 100

Top performance - the price is definitely worth it!

We booked a full-day sailing trip and were in September with a Bavaria 49 of the Caribia Yachtcharter. We had a great skipper (Nico) and a super co-skipper (Mike). The food was great and fresh and the sailors were great. I was skeptical at first, if the tour is worth the price, but I must say: 100%. We would definitely go there again.

Spitzenleistung - ist den Preis auf jeden Fall wert!

Wir hatten einen Ganztages-Segeltörn gebucht und waren im September mit einer Bavaria 49 der Caribia Yachtcharter unterwegs. Wir hatten einen tollen Skipper (Nico) und einen super Co-Skipper (Mike). Das Essen war super und frisch und die Mitsegler waren klasse. Ich war anfangs skeptisch, ob die Tour den Preis wert ist, aber ich muss sagen : zu 100%. Wir würden auf jeden Fall nochmal mitfahren.
Marco Kleiner wrote on Jun 11, 2017
Overall rating
100 von 100

Wonderful trip

We had a wonderful trip. They shared 9 people plus skipper and were out all day. We were also glad that we booked the whole-day excursion, since you just have more of it. First we were sailed a little before we had time to swim and snorkel in a wonderful bay. On the occasion it also had a delicious lunch. Then we sailed into another bay and went there again anchors before it went back about 5pm. An absolutely great day and we would do it again and again. The costs are also absolutely understandable.

Wunderbarer Ausflug

Wir hatten einen wunderbaren Ausflug. Waren zusammen 9 Personen plus Skipper und waren den ganzen Tag unterwegs. Wir waren auch froh das wir den Ganztagesausflug gebucht haben, da hat man einfach mehr davon. Zuerst sind wir etwas gesegelt bevor wir dann in einer wunderbaren Bucht Zeit zum Schwimmen und schnorcheln hatten. Bei der Gelegenheit habe es auch einen leckeren Lunch. Danach segelten wir in eine weitere Bucht und gingen dort erneut vor Anker bevor es dann gegen cirka 17 Uhr zurück ging. Ein absolut toller Tag und wir würden es immer wieder tun. Die Kosten sind auch absolut nachvollziehbar.
Akki1909 wrote on Jun 22, 2016
Overall rating
100 von 100

Sunbonoo gets full marks

Hello, I hereby would like to briefly report our (6 adults.) Segelturn in June 2016. Among the many vendors we met with Sunbonoo just the right to the turn a shuttle service was offered and even though we were outside the radius flipped it extremely bureaucratic and very low. The ship was spotless and the skipper and the local support perfectly. All our wishes bezgl. Bays, sail, swim, eat, etc. were fulfilled. All in all, a thoroughly successful trip. We had a lot of fun, happy to book again and wish the team a great season. Best wishes

Sunbonoo bekommt volle Punktzahl


hiermit möchte ich kurz von unserem (6 Erw.) Segelturn im Juni 2016 berichten. Unter den vielen Anbietern haben wir mit Sunbonoo genau den richtigen getroffen, zu dem Turn wurde ein Shuttleservice angeboten und obwohl wir außerhalb des Radius lagen klappte es äußerst unbürokratisch und sehr günstig. Das Schiff war tiptop und der Skipper sowie die Betreuung vor Ort perfekt. Alle unsere Wünsche bezgl. Buchten , segeln, baden,essen usw. wurden gerne erfüllt. Alles in allem ein rundum gelungener Ausflug. Wir hatten viel Spaß, buchen gerne wieder und wünschen dem Team eine tolle Saison.
Viele Grüße
Margit wrote on Mar 31, 2016
Overall rating
100 von 100

Unique experience

It was an unforgettable experience. We had the boat with our group for us. Very nice skipper who with great bound us. The controlled bays awesome. The settlement on the Sunbonoo team was great. Thank you so much !

Einmaliges Erlebnis

Es war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis. Wir hatten das Boot mit unserer Gruppe für uns. Sehr netter Skipper, der uns toll mit eingebunden hat. Die angesteuerten Buchten genial. Die Abwicklung über das Sunbonoo Team war super. Vielen Dank !
Robert J wrote on Jan 2, 2016
Overall rating
100 von 100

Half-day cruise an unforgettable experience

Great cruise with hospitable crew. We were four of us enjoy a great afternoon on the Bavaria 49th At sunset we sailed back to the harbor of Porto Colom. The sailing enthusiasts were even allowed to take the helm. The bay, which we WHILE amgesteuert our trips had turquoise waters. Booking and settlement was easy and despite holiday booked at short notice! This tour is highly recommendable. Robert J

Halbtags-Segeltörn ein unvergessliches Erlebnis

Toller Segeltörn mit gastfreundlicher Crew. Wir durften zu viert einen tollen Nachmittag auf der Bavaria 49 geniessen. Zum Sonnenuntergang segelten wir dann in den Hafen von Portocolom zurück. Die Segelbegeisterten durften sogar das Ruder übernehmen. Die Bucht, die wir wärend unseres Törns amgesteuert haben hatte türkisblaues Wasser.
Buchung und Abwicklung war unkompliziert und trotz Feiertag kurzfristig buchbar! Ausflug ist wärmstens weiter zu empfehlen.
Robert J
Dietmar wrote on Aug 31, 2015
Overall rating
100 von 100

Super service, gladly again

Can me my predecessors fully anschliessen.super care from sunbonoo team, rapid response to inquiries. Also the cruise was all a great experience (full charter). Pickup even in our not easy to find Finca went fine. Keep it up

Super Service,gerne wieder

Kann mich meinen Vorgängern voll und ganz anschliessen.super Betreuung vom sunbonoo-Team,schnelle Reaktion bei Anfragen.
Auch der Segeltörn war für alle ein tolles Erlebnis(Vollcharter).
Pickup auch bei unser nicht leicht zu findenden Finca klappte bestens.
Macht weiter so
Andy wrote on Jul 12, 2015
Overall rating
100 von 100

Very nice cruise

Pick up worked great. Skipper was very nice and the trip very nice. Gladly again!

Sehr schöner Segeltoern

Pick up hat super geklappt. Skipper war sehr nett und der Ausflug sehr schön. Gern wieder!
Charlie wrote on Feb 10, 2015
Overall rating
100 von 100

Gladly again next time!

Very nice trip for the family, skippers were extremely friendly and entertaining. The Sunbonoo team has even personally advised me and I have to thank for this great recommendation!

Gerne beim nächsten Mal wieder!

Sehr schöner Ausflug für die Familie, Skipper waren äußerst freundlich und unterhaltsam. Das Sunbonoo Team hat mich sogar persönlich beraten und ich muss mich bedanken für diese tolle Empfehlung!

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