Sailing school Barrameda: learn sailing at a sailing course in Doñana Natural Park

At a 3 or 5 days sailing course in the sailing school in Sanlucar, you'll learn sailing within just 2 hours per day at ideal conditions. At the river Guadalquivir you're surrounded by pristine nature and sail on the traces of Christopher Columbus.

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Sailing on Guadalquivir river – a sailing course in Sanlucar de Barrameda

Learn sailing on Guadalquivir river within just 3 or 5 days! A course in the sailing school of Sanlucar leads you to the places where Columbus once started his discovery expeditions.

Price overview

  • Sailing course in Sanlúcar - 3 days with 2 hours / day - per person85.-€
  • Sailing course in Sanlúcar - 5 days with 2 hours / day - per person120.-€
Learn sailing in just 3 days

Booking option: Sailing course in Sanlúcar de Barrameda for beginners

Complete your holidays with an interesting sailing course in Sanlucar and learn sailing at the estuary of Guadalquivir river. You'll be surrounded by the idyllic nature of Doñana Natural Park. The sailing course on comfortable Laser 16 sailing dinghys is accompanied by an experienced sailing instructor. By sailing only in small groups you can practise and learn as much as possible. You can choose to sail 3 or 5 days (2 hours per day).

Starting at your first sailing experience, theory and experience are always connected. Learn at sailing how to bend the mast, which sailing techniques you can use, how you sail with the current and use it for maneuvres and in which waters dangers are lurking. The sailing instructor will be always at hand for help and advice, while you're learning sailing in Doñana Natural Park. You can find the best conditions from March till October.


  • Hours: 12:00 noon
  • Duration: 2 hours per day
  • Days: daily
  • Months: July - August
  • Starting points: Sanlúcar de Barrameda


  • Life jacket, experienced instructor, third party insurance
  • waterproof bag / container for protecting smaller items of value
Important information
The course starts with at least 3 persons.


  • Ability to swim

Please bring along:

Swimwear, towel, sun blocker, spare clothes, hat, footlets or sandals / flip flops fixed at the ankle

Detailed description

Let the wind guide you at a sailing course in Sanlucar de Barrameda

Since about forever, the Guadalquivir river is considered the main lifeline of Andalusia. His delta with once almost 100 km width was already serving as an important harbour for trade during the Roman times. 1498 Christopher Columbus started his third sea journey and 1519, Ferdinand Magellan started the first world-round sailing trip of the history from Guadalquivir.

Sanlucar is a place full of history and an ideal sailing area. Right behind the estuary mouth of Guadalquivir, the Doñana Natural Park starts. Behind a sand bank reaching from the estuary mouth of Rio Tinto until the estuary mouth of Guadalquivir, you can find one of the biggest natural reserves of Europe. Countless rare bird's species breed along the riverside and offer a beautiful scenery for a sailing trip right next to the inviting beaches of the region.

Take the chance to learn sailing in Sanlucar de Barrameda. You'll see the wonderful region from a completely different perspective from the seaside: You'll discover the varying areas of the estuary mouth, listening to the idyll and the waves below the keel, and get pulled by the force of the wind: The vineyards lying directly in front of the city are creating a picturesque ambience that you can perfectly admire from the seaside.

Within three days you can either take 2 or 4 hours per day for overcoming the forces of wind and water and exploring the river. You'll learn the basic sailing techniques easy as pie and an experienced sailing teacher will always be at hand for questions and advice. During the whole sailing course, you'll be using modern sailing school boats, so you'll quickly be able to delight in the full joy of this special water sports. The only prior knowledge you need to bring is how to swim - you don't need any prior sailing knowledge since it's a sailing course for beginners.


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