Mallorca: Experiences for every type of holiday - recommendations of the sunbonoo experts

First of all, the bad news: one single holiday in Mallorca is definitely not enough to visit all the sights of the island. Many visitors of Mallorca are simply overwhelmed by the wide range of possibilities. We are happy to help you! Sunbonoo has put together the top 3 Mallorca recommendations for nature lovers, water rats, active holidaymakers, bon vivants, families, night owls and explorers - Mallorca experiences that you will never forget and sights that belong in every photo album.

The best Mallorca experiences for outdoor enthusiasts:

Mallorca Dragon Island
The dragon island Dragonera is a wonderful nature experience in Mallorca.

Nature in Mallorca has a lot to offer in terms of landscape and botany - on land, underground and in the water. During a hike you will encounter over 1,500 species of plants, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Another attraction are the accessible stalactite caves in the east of the island. The top 3 Sunbonoo recommendations for nature lovers:

1st - Sa Dragonera Nature Park The so-called dragon island, Sa Dragonera, is a nature park off the west coast of Mallorca. As a breeding ground for seabirds, the 4-kilometre-long island is an attraction for hikers and bird lovers. Besides bushes and animals, there is also a lighthouse from the 16th century 350 metres above the sea. From there you have a great view of the island and the west coast of Mallorca. During the summer months you can reach the island by boat from Port d'Andratx, Camp de Mar, Paguera and Sant Elm. The crossing takes about half an hour.

2nd - Coastal landscape The best way to discover Mallorca's coastal landscape is to go for the trendy coasteering. The English term coasteering is a kind of coastal walk. It connects nature lovers on land and in water. The tours depend on your personal fitness level. You will walk along sea cliffs, climb the cliffs, jump into the sea from different heights and maybe even dive into an underwater cave.

3rd - Underwater world Snorkelling is the easiest way to get to know Mallorca's coasts, the numerous coves and the breathtaking nature of the Mediterranean. Snorkel with colourful fish in turquoise waters or explore one of Mallorca's underwater caves. For the arduous way inside you will be rewarded with a view of the extraordinary formations of the stalactites: an extraordinary Mallorca experience that you will definitely not forget.

The best Mallorca experiences when you love the sea:

Mallorca Water Sports
Jet skiing is one of the most popular water sports activities in Mallorca.

Water babies get their money's worth in Mallorca. This is not only due to the more than 130 beaches of the island, but also to the great choice of leisure parks. The biggest one is Aqualand Mallorca in El Arenal. Mallorca is also known for its many water sports like jet skiing, parasailing and kite surfing. Here you can try out novelties like the flyboard first. The top 3 Sunbonoo recommendations for water rats:

1st - Aqualand Mallorca This is a first class waterslide park near the holiday resort of El Arenal. It is not only the most popular amusement park in Mallorca, but with a total area of 200,000 m² it is also one of the largest fun pools in Europe. In 16 water pools, 12 vertical, winding, round and abstract water slides of all kinds are waiting for you at Aqualand Mallorca.

2nd - Flyboard Mallorca A flyboard is a new water sport device that is propelled by the water jet recoil of a jet ski and allows the user to move under water and in the air. With the Flyboard Mallorca you can hover up to nine meters above the water surface. You can control the Flyboard mainly with your foot inclination. For the use in Germany a sport boat driving licence is necessary, on Mallorca a briefing is sufficient. Treat yourself to this unique experience on Mallorca!

3rd - Most famous beach Es Trenc One of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca is the Es Trenc. It is located in a nature reserve in the southeast of Mallorca between Sa Ràpita and Colònia de Sant Jordi. With its white sand, turquoise water and the adjacent pine forests, the coast is also known as the Caribbean of Mallorca and is a real attraction on a holiday in Mallorca. Despite its fame, you will always find a quiet spot on its five kilometres of sandy beach.

The best Mallorca experiences for active holiday:

Mallorca Experience Sailing
Active travellers on Mallorca let off steam on the water - for example sailing.

During an active holiday in Mallorca you can participate not only in numerous outdoor activities and explore the sights at the same time, you can also complete diving courses and sailing licences in a relatively short time. The top 3 Sunbonoo recommendations for active vacationers:

1st - Diving course Mallorca With its great variety of fish, fascinating rock formations, caves, grottos and tunnels and above all the impressive blue of the water, Mallorca offers a worth seeing underwater area for diving holidaymakers. Diving courses on Mallorca are offered all around the island. Sunbonoo especially recommends diving around the Cabrera nature reserve, an island in the southeast of Mallorca, which is a real attraction due to the high protection regulations.

2nd - Sailing course Mallorca A five-day basic sailing course Mallorca is suitable for everyone and an ideal introduction. The course can be completed with a basic sailing licence from the Association of German Watersport Schools (VDWS). If you already have experience, you can deepen your knowledge in a sailing course Mallorca. There is also an activity for your children: In the children's sailing course Mallorca theory and practice are taught in a playful way. If you don't want to go on a sailing trip of several days, Mallorca also offers the possibility for sailing trips of several hours up to full days or the very popular sunset tours.

3rd - Cap de Ses Salines The Cap de Ses Salines is the southernmost tip of Mallorca. Here, far away from mass tourism, you will not only be able to see the island of Cabrera and the salt flats with the high white salt hills, but also come across the sight of the mystical cairns on the coast: Countless stone towers of all imaginable sizes stand on the rugged rocks. Why exactly at this place there are so many stones and who started it is still not sure. Cabrera can be easily reached by a boat tour that leads to the island that is under nature protection. Very worthwhile and definitely one of the most extraordinary Mallorca experiences!!

The best Mallorca experiences for connoisseurs:

Mallorca Wine Tasting
Mallorca is known for its good wines and the stylish bodegas in the centre of the island.

Mallorca is known for its good wines and the stylish bodegas in the centre of the island. With the Spanish mentality almost every activity on Mallorca can be a pleasure and promote relaxation during your holidays. With these three tips you can really let your soul dangle: on water, on land and in the air - and at the same time get to know the culture of the island. Apart from a visit to a Mallorcan restaurant (which we would recommend to anyone), here are the top 3 Sunbonoo recommendations for connoisseurs:

1st - Mansion La Granja La Granja is a 17th century estate and is considered a folklore museum of old Mallorcan customs. Outside and inside the estate you will see the authentic furnishings, beautiful gardens and original craft workshops where you can look over the shoulders of cobblers and ironworkers. There you can also try different types of wine, bread, sausages and cheese from Mallorca for free.

2nd - Romantic Sailing Sailing means adventure and relaxation. Enjoy the golden hour of dusk during a sailing trip along the coast of Mallorca. To discover Mallorca from the water is simply a different and impressive experience that will stay in your memory forever. The sailing trips can be booked either as a couple or in groups - tapas, wine and sunset included.

3rd - Mallorca Wine Tour On a trip with the Mallorca Wine Express you will see some of the most beautiful wineries in Mallorca, get to know the winemakers personally and can taste numerous white, red and rosé wines. The Mallorca Wine Express consists of a tractor with trailers that have been converted into a locomotive with wagons. Together with a German-speaking guide you will travel in this unusual vehicle to modern and traditional wine cellars..

The best Mallorca experiences for families:

Mallorca Experience Cabrera
The Island of Cabrera is a small treasure and can be easily reached by boat from Colonia de Sant Jordi.

Mallorca has become the most popular destination for German families. With good reason: a short flight, great family hotels with childcare for all ages, beautiful beaches, a varied landscape and many places of interest. The top 3 Sunbonoo recommendations for families:

1st - Palma Aquarium The Palma Aquarium was opened in 2007 and has 55 tanks with over 8000 marine life. The highlight of the Palma Aquarium is Europe's deepest shark tank. Children can help feeding the rays, sea turtles and hammerhead sharks and learn all kinds of things about the animals' habits. On certain days, your children can even spend a night in the aquarium as part of the 'Good night, shark' campaign.

2nd - House of Katmandu Mallorca The House of Katmandu has been considered the most unusual building in Mallorca since its opening in Magaluf in 2008. The 20 million euro property is the only one of its kind in the world and a real landmark in the southwest of the island. The house alone is worth seeing, as it stands on its head. In the House of Kathmandu you will encounter illusions, special effects, interactive mind games, secrets and legends.

3rd - Goat Island Cabrera The nature reserve around the so-called goat island Cabrera is home to numerous rare sea birds such as ospreys, sea falcons and endangered species such as sea turtles and whales. On Cabrera your children can either snorkel in the crystal clear water, look out for whales or let their imagination run wild in the old castle ruins of the pirates. A special attraction is the Blue Grotto, the Cova Blava, which is visited by the boats on the way back.

The best Mallorca experiences for revellers:

Mallorca at night
Those who want to experience Mallorca at night will find a wide range of activities on land and water.

Mallorca is known for wild parties at the Ballermann. But you can also have fun with friends in other places. A sight for night owls is the city of Palma with the harbour promenade Paseo Marítimo. Or how about a party tour on the boat? Helpful addresses for a night tour can be found in our nightlife guide for Mallorca. The top 3 Sunbonoo recommendations for night owls:

1st - Ballermann and Megapark The Ballermann is legendary and is almost a sight to see during a holiday in Mallorca. The same is true for the biggest location on the beach promenade: The Megapark Mallorca is a mixture of beer garden and open-air large-capacity discotheque, with pool landscape and concerts. And keep an eye out: Nowhere else on holiday is an encounter with stars and starlets as close as at Ballermann Mallorca.

2nd - Paseo Marítimo When you say Mallorca, you often mean Ballermann. But the island has much more to offer for night owls. At the international marina in Palma de Mallorca is the Paseo Marítimo, known for its numerous clubs and bars and absolutely worth seeing at night. There you will also find Palma's most famous disco, Tito's. A glass illuminated elevator takes you up from the Paseo Marítimo, where you have a fantastic view of the marina through the elegant glass facade.

3rd - Party Boat Cruise The perfect start to a long party night: On the party boat you will dance into the sunset with good live music from a DJ, meet other holidaymakers and have a wonderful view of the port of Palma. The boat trip takes place during the summer months and takes about 5 hours. Enjoy the wonderful play of colours of the setting Spanish sun, accompanied by rousing music and mojitos, sangria and beer.

The beste Mallorca experiences for explorer:

Got to Menorca
Mallorca's little sister - Menorca - is also worth a visit. The best way is a day trip with the ferry.

It is often difficult to experience something extraordinary in a short holiday that you will remember for a lifetime. The good news is that this is possible in Mallorca. The top 3 Sunbonoo recommendations for discoverers:

1st - Neighbouring island Menorca Minorca is the easternmost island of the Balearic Islands and definitely one of the quieter islands. Menorca has about 95,000 inhabitants living on 700 square kilometres. In comparison, Mallorca has about 800,000 inhabitants living on 3,600 square kilometres. If you want to get a first impression of Mallorca's neighbouring island, you don't have to book an entire Menorca holiday, but can visit the neighbouring island for one or more days. With the ferry you can reach the island, which is about 30 kilometres away, in about two hours. The two islands are very similar in landscape, but there are other activities to choose from.

2nd - Cave tour Discovering has to do with new worlds, the cave world of Mallorca is such a world. More than 3000 heights exist on the island. Dive into this spectacular underworld. You can explore some of the historical and beautiful stalactite caves of the island with a guide and get to know the fascinating system of winding paths and rock formations. Many caves on Mallorca are easily accessible and you can often move freely inside. Only sometimes, when it gets a bit narrower, you can climb or crawl.

3rd - Cathedral La Seu The cathedral La Seu is the landmark of the city of Palma and a pretty impressive sight for a relatively small island like Mallorca. With a height of 45 meters and a length of 110 meters, the cathedral is already well recognizable from the airplane. Visit the cathedral in the morning, when the morning light shines through the twelve-metre wide rosettes on the east side and bathes the interior of the church in a play of colours.

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