4-sessions for all offered types of training in BodyFit-Center Bendinat

4-sessions for all offered types of training in BodyFit-Center Bendinat
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BodyFit-Centre Bendinat

EMS miha bodytec - Use your metabolism

The electrical stimulation training with the miha bodytec stimulates all the muscle groups by letting electrical impulses pass through the body.

This is one of the most highly effective ways of training. After only a few training sessions phenomenal progress in muscle growth, weight and size reduction, and in skin and tissue tightening are visible.

By a highly efficient demand of about 300 different muscles ,in the individual optimal intensity range ,the effect of just 30 minutes muscle metabolic activation is equal to several hours strength training with classical training equipment.

Why are the workout times so short ?

During the training all the muscle groups are stimulated  at the same time.In several-second intervals following contraction and relaxation times of  the muscles occure. The contraction of the muscles are many times stronger than with conventional weight training. Therefore, the training effect is far more effective and a 15-30 minute training ,about twice a week, is more than sufficient to achieve considerable success after a short period of time!

What are the effects of the training on the body?

The outstanding thing about the training is that all muscles get trained equally.In particular the deep muscle structures get trained which are not possible to train when doing conventional sport or excersise. This way you can reach ,when doing your training, an amazingly fast muscle building!

Vakumove - The fat metabolic activation of the problem areas

Have you ever wondered why you only achieve, in spite of doing different workouts and different diets, minimal success in the problem areas stomach- thighs - bum?

As part of a comprehensive metabolic regulation the activation of the fat metabolism plays a fundamental role!

Based on various studies, a medical device has been developed that by using negative pressure it selectively increases the blood flow in the outer fat layers of the lower body - this is required for burning fat.


How can a specific lipid-activation be achieved precisely in the problem areas (stomach, thighs and bum)?

These so-called local lipid metabolism activation is achieved through a slow pedal motion in a vacuum system - the negative pressure causes increased blood flow to the fat deposits in abdomen, thighs and buttocks.The fat cells can then give of their fats  to the surrounding working muscles.This way the targeted weight is lost reducing the extent of the problem areas! 

Already a 30-minute fat metabolism activation, 2-3 times per week, achieves a clearly visible success!

After the first few weeks you will already see clear signs of success. A reduction of 1-2 clothing sizes are not uncommon.

In addition to the targeted fat cells reducing, the skin gets tightened and smoothed reducing cellulite and spider veins - we call it the "body lift without a scalpel”!




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