Where to Sail in Majorca? 7 Sailing Areas Around the Island

Majorca is the biggest of the Balearic Islands and offers more than 550 km of coast line with several great sailing areas. Due to the variety of sailing areas and the nicely warm climate of the Mediterranean, a sailing trip in Majorca is worth a visit for beginners as well as for advanced sailors.

The island is famous for its impressive coastal landscape: turquoise-blue sandy beaches, hidden bays, bold cliffs and the impressive Tramuntana mountains directly at the sea. For experienced sailors, sailing in Majorca is to be recommended during the whole year. Beginners should rather sail during the sailing season from April till October.

46 harbours and many little bays are available for anchoring. Because of the few streams and shoals, the sailing areas of Majorca are well-suitable for beginners. However, the mostly with 3-4 Bft. blowing winds can be quite choppy and might surprise unexperienced sailors. The sea level can rise up to 4 m, dependent on the wind force and wind direction, while the 10 cm tidal amplitude can be disregarded. For people who want to lay back at ease while sailing, we recommend taking guided several hours- up to whole day sailing trips in Majorca. For the ones who want to go further, we suggest a sailing trip to the other Balearic Islands or a cruise to the Spanish continent.

1. Cala Figuera / Cala d‘Or / Portocolom

Cala Figuera at the east coast of Majorca
Photo: Dirk Vordestraße

The east coast of Majorca is ideal for relaxed, varying sailing trips. With the many small, hidden bays, you have outstanding possibilities for a refreshing swim in the sea. Many times, the bays at the east coast of Majorca are just to be reached by the seaside and therefore still show the natural sea- and landscape of the island. The sailor Juan, who mostly sails around the east coast of Majorca, revealed his favourite bays of the east coast in an interview. Many of the gorgeous bays are as well good (and cheap) places for anchoring, whereby it’s always important to keep enough distance to the rough cliffs in the very small bays. During sailing along the east coast, you can also admire the up to 500 m high mountains of the Serra Levant.

2. Cabrera

Sailing to Cabrera in front of Majorca
Photo: Marcabrera

About 5 sm away from Majorca you can find the sailing area of Cabrera, which was a military area until 1968 and therefore is basically uninhabited. Due to the thereby evolved variety of the flora and fauna, the island group was declared a natural reserve. The application for a free sailing license at the administration of the natural park should take place in time, because only 50 sailing boats at once are allowed to sail around Cabrera. Additionally, just the two bays Es Port and Cala Es Burri are to be approached, anchoring is forbidden (the mooring can take place at buoys), and for diving you’ll also need a special license. Despite the regulations, a sailing trip to Cabrera is definitively worth it - just to admire the fabulous nature of the island and to discover the old Castell and the museum of the island.

3. Bahia de Palma / Can Pastilla

Sailing in the Bahia de Palma Majorca
Photo: Andrés Nieto Porras

In the big, open bay of Palma you can encounter the the biggest harbour of the island. It’s really difficult to get a last-minute mooring here, which is why you should announce yourself as early as possible. But also the harbour of Can Pastilla offers moorings for up to 500 sailing boats and boats with up to 3 m draught. Due to the many tourists, both harbours are relatively loud. For spontaneous sailors, a special overnight accommodation might be anchoring directly in front of the cathedral of La Seu. At the same time, the bay of Palma is an ideal starting point for excursions to the capital of Majorca. The Bahia de Palma is a good sailing area with deep blue water. It enables a stunning view to the elongated beach and the Tramuntana mountains.

4. Port d‘ Andratx

Harbour Port d'Andratx
Photo: Torsten Harenberg

Most of the sailors in Majorca sooner or later end up in Port d’Andratx, a beautiful and safe harbour at the south-west coast of the island. With up to 500 moorings, the harbour offers enough space for anchoring. The Sierra de Tramuntana begins in Port d’Andratx, which is ideal for taking a hiking trip after the long time sailing on board. The sailing area impresses with the steadily blowing wind and the breathtaking landscape. Moreover, many famous people and well-heeled sailors arrive here, which is why you may encounter some high quality, impressive sailing yachts in the harbour.

5. Port de Sóller

Harbour Port de Soller west coast Majorca
Photo: BuzzWoof

Many sailors are keen on sailing around Majorca in one week. This is going to be a little difficult at the west coast of the island, since there are barely other moorings than the safe harbour of Port de Sóller. However, the west coast offers a very beautiful sailing area with steep cliffs and the Tramuntana mountains extending directly to the shore. Sailors should be aware of the strong winds (Mistral and Tramontana), who occur here regularly. Port de Sóller is famous for its rail line with a historic tramcar and in the harbour you can find many shopping possibilities and restaurants. We highly recommend a hiking trip to the mountains to explore the west coast on shore.

6. Port de Pollensa / Alcúdia

Sailing area Majorca Puerto Pollensa
Foto: Riusech

The north coast of Majorca is offering the elongated bay of Alcúdia and one of the biggest harbours of the island, Port de Pollensa. Sailing here is real fun: The water is turquoise-blue and crystal clear and the long, white sandy beaches invite you to stay. Sailors can admire the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains at beautiful Cap Formentor from the seaside. You should be aware of the sudden, strong downbursts and strong swells that occur in this sailing area.

7. Cala Ratjada

Bay at Cala Ratjada
Photo: Isiwal

Sail to one of the most important fishing harbours of Majorca, Cala Ratjada, at the northern peak of the island. Well worth seeing are the langouste houses, which are under monumental protection nowadays. While sailing along the coast, you can spot a few beautiful watchtowers and light houses. Around the harbour are several possibilities to anchor for a relaxed swimming break and to enjoy the fantastic view to the cliff coast and the Serra Levant.

Take a beautiful sailing trip around Majorcas sailing areas:

7 Sailing Areas Around Majorca
7 Sailing Areas Around Majorca
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