Exciting paragliding in Murcia - beautiful views of Costa Calida at a tandem flight

At paragliding in Murcia, you can enjoy the wonderful views of the wide landscape of Spain from bird's eye view. Choose between a short introductory flight, a landscape flight or an acrobatic paragliding flight for adrenaline junkies.

  • Tour / activity duration: ~2 hours
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Transfer: no, not included
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Price overview

  • 20 min introductory flight - paragliding nearby Murcia - per person70.-€
  • 30 min acrobatic flight - paragliding nearby Murcia - per person100.-€
  • 1 hour landscape flight - paragliding nearby Murcia - per person140.-€
Make your dream of flying come true in Murcia

Overview / General Information

Paragliding in Murcia: new perspectives on the world

In tandem with a professional paraglider, you rise high up in the air above Murcia to fly over the breathtaking nature of the Spanish Costa Calida. Choose between three paragliding tandem flights, for all applies:


  • Hours: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM in spring and winter; 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM in summer
  • Months: all year at the weekends and holidays, daily in August
  • Flight zones: around Murcia / Lorca (depending on the meteorologic conditions)
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Arrival: on your own (upon request: transfer from / to closely located stops of public transportation)


  • Professional guide, introduction, third party insurance, accident insurance, complete equipment

Option 1: 20 min paragliding trial flight close to Lorca

This paragliding flight is perfect for everyone, who flies the first time or who wants to get a little overview over Spains nature. The paragliding flight takes approximately 20 minutes, with additional time for preparation and introduction. At the flight, you can look far over the southeast of the country and admire the mountains as well as the sea. You fly together with a professional paragliding pilot, who will safely take you into the air and bring you back down. Enjoy the spectacular experience to see Murcia from above!


  • Duration: ~ 20 minutes

Option 2: 30 min acrobatic paragliding close to Lorca for adrenaline junkies

This paragliding flight is perfect for everyone, who loves the adventure in the air and looks for a very special adrenaline rush. While flying 30 minutes in tandem, you get to experience how the centrifugal force works. The highly professional pilotes show you the game with the aerodynamics and gravitation by the means of spectacular flight maneuvres during paragliding close to Murcia, that will demonstrate you the G-forces at maximum safety. Besides the exciting acrobatics, you'll also have time to relaxedly enjoy the beautiful landscape from the top. At the acrobatic paragliding, you'll fly around Lorca, so you can see from the middle of the mountains till the shimmering sea.


  • Duration: ~ 30 minutes

Option 3: 1 hour scenic tandem flight over the landscape

At the scenic tandem paragliding at Murcia, you'll virtually become one with nature: With the tandem pilot, you'll fly in the highlands of Lorca, where you can spot the hatcheries of vultures and birds of prey at the corner of the rocky cliffs. With a little luck, you can even fly together with the free creatures - an unforgettable moment! Discover the varying landscape of Costa Calida at paragliding and hover from peak to peak, while you enjoy the unique feeling of entire freedom.


  • Duration: ~ 1 hour
Important information


  • Minors need to be accompanied by an adult

Please bring along:

Sun blocker, sports- / hiking shoes, suitable clothing, long trousers / jacket, drinks

Detailed description

Book your tandem flight now: paragliding in Murcia

The fascinating paragliding flights around Murcia can be booked in three variants. Short flights for 20 min are a great possibility to get an impression of the nature of southern Spain from bird's eye view. The half an hour tandem paragliding in Murcia additionally includes spectacular flight maneuvres for all those seeking for the ultimate adrenaline rush at Costa Calida. During the longest landscape flight, you'll also be able to see the impressive birds of prey of the region at close quarters. At all flights, your safety is the top priority, which is why you'll only be flying with experienced and professional paragliding pilots in tandem.

At paragliding nearby Lorca, you'll rise with a pilot up in the airs above Murcia. There you can enjoy the mountains and high plateaus of the region from aerial perspective and spot the sea at the horizon - look forward to breathtaking views! With a tandem paragliding flight, you're booking a very special experience, which you'll always keep as a great memory of your Spain holidays. Paragliding is suitable for all ages, since even the start happens very gently. The parachute is unfolded to catch the wind, and after a few steps, you'll majestically rise up in the air. Equally calm, you'll be landing again, so you can delight in the spectacular paragliding at Costa Calida entirely.


Valid on the reserved day or for 12 months after date of purchase if no date has been selected. You will receive the tour operator's details with the purchased ticket. Attention: reservation is required! The reservation can be made through sunbonoo as part of the booking process or later by contacting the tour operator directly via phone or email.

Customer Reviews Paragliding in Murcia: new perspectives on the world

Ana Rosa wrote on Aug 30, 2017
Overall rating
100 von 100


He chose only 20 mins because he gave me a certain medley but the experience of flying has been so wonderful that now I regret not having done more


hE escogido solo 20 min pq me daba cierto miedillo pero la experiencia de volar ha sido tan maravillossa queahora me arrepento de no haber hecho mas
Lisa wrote on Aug 4, 2017
Overall rating
100 von 100


For me it was an indescribable experience that I will never forget. :-) I was very satisfied with the care in advance and suburb.


Für mich war es ein unbeschreibliches Erlebnis, das ich niemals vergessen werde. :-) Ich war mit der Betreuung vorab und Vorort sehr zufrieden.

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