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Book the best excursions, tours and activities in Gran Canaria online on sunbonoo and enjoy unforgettable holidays.

The best holiday excursions in Gran Canaria - Playa del Ingles
Mountain Biking in Gran Canaria
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Buggy tour in Gran Canaria
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These excursions and activities are the most popular on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, Spain: more than 200 tours and activities

Map of Gran Canaria

Tours and activities on Gran Canaria: find, plan, enjoy your holiday

Excursions and activities for your Gran Canaria - holiday, you should book prior to departure like flight and hotel. To avoid sold-out tours, because the best seats for the most popular excursions in Gran Canaria are often already taken when you arrive at the resort area. Since many tours are cheaper online on sunbonoo on site, you can also really save money. A pre-compiled tours plan allows you to control your holiday spendings and avoids unplanned expenses. When paying by credit card, you are also well insured.

Who would not look forward to holidays even months before? Here you will find more than 200 tours for Gran Canaria. Select your favorite trips and book them conveniently from the couch. Gran Canaria has to offer a lot in the leisure sector and offers just for newcomers to the island many fantastic attractions. The tickets, as well as a all important information about the excursions Gran Canaria as pick-up times, pick-up locations, duration of the trip, etc. will be sent directly after booking automatically by email. Why not give tours for Gran Canaria on special occasions as a gift, your beloved ones will rejoice about it for sure.

Book tours and activities for Gran Canaria online

Tours in Gran Canaria are due to the summer climate throughout the year at a premium. Anyone who has ever spent his holiday on the third largest island of the Canary islands Gran Canaria, knows that this island is landscaped beautifully. Not in vain parts of Gran Canaria were declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. These beautiful areas can be explored on adventurous, but also quiet way. The locals in Gran Canaria have adapted to their excursion program fully on a wide variety of leisure travelers.

There are numerous excursions, activities and tours on Gran Canaria, some of which can be particularly recommended. The Jeep Safari Gran Canaria is one of them. For the more adventurous among us can participate in this on the other, with specially provided jeeps with all-wheel drive as a driver.

Of course, water sports activities on Gran Canaria is huge, the wind and water conditions are available all year round, absolutely ideal. From Kitesurfing, Windsurfing Gran Canaria, jet skiing Gran Canariaparasailing Gran Canaria to sailing alone and in the group is all there. Those wishing to explore Gran Canaria from the air, can not miss the parasailing offer. It offer breathtaking views over almost the entire island.

For lovers of nightlife Gran Canaria offers also a wide range of dinner shows, musicals and touring party.

The best excursions, activities and tours on Gran Canaria can book every fan of the Canary Islands on sunbonoo online before you travel. By booking a fixed reservation of places is automatically linked.

The team of sunbonoo looking forward to your holiday in Gran Canaria!