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Book the best excursions, tours and activities in Majorca online on sunbonoo and enjoy unforgettable holidays.

The best holiday excursions in Majorca
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These excursions and activities are the most popular on Majorca

Majorca, Spain: more than 800 tours and activities

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Tours and activities on Majorca: find, plan, enjoy your holiday

To make your holiday an unforgettable experience and to avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend you to pre-book tours and activities that you want to do during your stay on Majorca. Avoid the disappointment of sold-out shows, tours or activities and, on top of that, save money because sunbonoo offers you the best prices. Manage your holiday budget without the temptation to spend more than you planned and be surprised by our friendly and fast customer service.

Start planning and dreaming of your Majorca holiday already months in advance. sunbonoo has more than 800 tours and activities on offer for booking from the comfort of your sofa. From A like Aquarium in Palma to Z for Zoo Safari in Cala Ratjada, Majorca is waiting to be explored by you. Book the best Majorca holiday for you and your friends now. sunbonoo tickets are also ideal as a gift for special occasions.

Book tours and activities for Majorca online

Throughout the year, we look forward to a wonderful, relaxing, but also varied holiday. Then finally it's time. The best time of the year begins. Arrived in Mallorca, we look forward to a nice place and good food. But on the second day to be bored, the kids whining and the beach are too many people. So, nothing like looking in Mallorca ran to the computer and the most beautiful hikes and Find.

What was impossible a few years ago, is now without any problems. Tours and activities in Mallorca convenient online booking, whether with the iPad or smartphone, all large and popular, but also custom bike in Mallorca are available online. Seat reservation is included, so that hardly any risk that trips are already booked in Mallorca, if you are on site.

For every holiday type Mallorca offers the best excursions. One can find a variety of water sports such as jet ski Mallorca as well as boat trips that start to discard points around the island as well as hiking tours Mallorca by gorgeous nature for sports and active.

We highly recommend the tour of the island of Mallorca, where you can experience the whole island in one day by boat, train and bus. The Jeep Safari Mallorca allows participants to get to know the famous Tramuntana mountains in an adventurous way.

By the catamaran tours can be experienced along with about 50 other guests beautiful coastline in Majorca from the sea and, during a swim stops enjoy the turquoise water. The Kataran tours are without doubt one of the most popular summer excursions.

For men, the Quad Tours and Segway Tours Majorca are particularly high in the course. For adrenaline junkies mainly offers a quad bike tour is an excellent way to discover Mallorca's off-road routes on four high-powered wheels.

Tours and activities in Majorca are also online often cheaper than locally, so you can still save incidentally. Thus, for example, rent a scooter in Mallorca. Here the tourists save almost 20% on the price on the spot when he booked online activity before.

Tours with children in Mallorca there are also numerous. Whether water parks, e.g. the legendary Hidropark in Alcudia, amusement parks, swimming lessons with a personal swimming coach, a visit to a zoo or water sport offers that are specially organized for children. In Mallorca people ensure that it holidaymakers goes well, they will experience an unforgettable time and will be back next year. That this is so is shown by the large number of tours, activities and tours in Mallorca that have been developed over the years more and more. Don´t miss the famous Aquarium in Palma. It can also be booked with transport here: Palma Aquarium with transport

Even culture enthusiasts come to Mallorca with its sights and the most beautiful attractions in Mallorca their money. It wait castles, caves and original Majorcan villages waiting to be discovered and admired.

So, now no book like the travel agency or online the perfect vacation.

The team of sunbonoo looking forward to your holiday in Mallorca!