FAQ - the answers to the most frequently asked questions

In this FAQ you will find detailed answers to the most common questions. We continuously expand the FAQ, so you usally find an answer to your question here immediately. You can use the search to look for your question (i.e. Can I pay in cash?) or the topic of your question (i.e. payment), so you quickly get a helpful answer - this is especially comfortable when you're on the road during your holidays.

Before making a booking


Questions about the tickets

After booking / before the tour starts

Gift vouchers

General product questions


About sunbonoo




Before making a booking

How do you book a tour or activity with sunbonoo?

What if I want to book on very short notice?

The offer states that the activity is only possible on certain days but the calendar shows availability?

Why do I need to give a telephone number?

Where is the meeting point / starting point?

How do the offers with pick-up / transfer work? Will I be brought back to the hotel after the tour? What if I stay at a finca?

I want to book an activity but there is no pick-up offered from my place. How do I get to the starting point?

Where does the activity end?

Do I always need to select a date?

Do I need to take care of the reservation?

Why do the places need to be reserved?




Can I pay in cash / directly on location?

Can I book an activity on short notice and pay by SEPA bank transfer?

Can I also make a booking with a debit card?

Can I pay with an American Express (AMEX) credit card?

When trying to pay with my credit card I am forwarded to another page where I have to enter a special password or code (3-D Secure, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa). I don’t know this code. What should I do?



Questions about the tickets

The booking confirmation states that I should receive my tickets within 24 hours. What if I need them earlier?

Can I get my tickets mailed (post)?

Is it sufficient to show the tickets on a smartphone or do I need to print them?

From which age on do I need to buy a ticket for small children?

How can I book several tickets at once?

If I charter a boat for a certain number of persons exclusively, how many tickets do I need to buy?



After booking / before the tour starts

Until when can I cancel my reservation free of charge?

What happens if the weather it too bad to do the tour?

What do I need to bring?

How long does my booked tour / activity take?

Can I park somewhere close to the meeting point?

When do I need to be there?



Gift vouchers

How do gift vouchers work?

Until when does the presentee need to get back to us with a desired date?

If I want to give away a ticket, which data do I need to provide?



General product questions

We need a transfer to reach the starting point of the activity, how can I book a transfer?

How much does a certain activity or tour cost?

If I charter a boat exclusively, will I be alone on the boat?

How is the exact route of boat tours determined?

Can I reserve something upfront without booking?

Can I adapt the hours / routes of the tours?

When you say “boats and jetskis with licence”, are you referring to a car driving licence?




I have questions about my booked tour. Whom should I ask?

I cannot find the meeting point, what should I do?

I arrived too late and missed the pick-up. What should I do?

Pictures and videos were taken during the tour but I haven’t received them yet – can you send them to me?



About sunbonoo

Who are we?

Which languages do we speak?

How can I get in touch with sunbonoo?

Do you have any sunbonoo.com coupons, deals, promo or discount codes?

How can I offer my activities as a partner on the sunbonoo website?