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Adrenaline with refreshment - water sports in Costa Blanca - book online!

At these temperatures, water sports is just right! Get an adrenaline kick by riding jetski and water ski, go windsurfing or flyboarding or discover the fascinating underwater world during a scuba diving trip. Choose now from our watersports offers in Costa Blanca
  1. parasailing in denia macht glücklich

    Parasailing in Dénia - great water sports on the Costa Blanca

    Hover for a moment over the things and over the Costa Blanca. During parasailing in Denia you will experience a moment of weightlessness and enjoy the rich coastal area from a bird's eye view. An impressive water sports experience in the Mediterranean Sea.

    from 50.-€

  2. Parasailing-Familie

    Parasailing in Jávea - exciting flight adventure and boat trip on the Costa Blanca

    An exhilarating holiday adventure on the Costa Blanca: go parasailing in Jávea and enjoy real goosebumps high above the sea. An interplay of wind and water, speed and lightness awaits you. Feel the freedom between sea and sky on a 10-minute flight!

    from 50.-€

  3. in Santa Pola Schnuppertauchen

    Interesting trial scuba diving in Santa Pola or dive course PADI

    More than 70% of our world is covered by the ocean - take advantage of the opportunity to explore the Costa Blanca's beautiful dive area and learn more about the diverse underwater world while scuba diving in Santa Pola for the first time (trial dive) or at a dive course.

    from 69.-€

  4. beim Schnorcheln auf Tabarca

    The snorkeling tour from Santa Pola: visit the marine reserve Tabarca for snorkeling

    The snorkeling tour from Santa Pola takes you to explore one of the first marine reserves in Spain, Tabarca, at snorkeling! Take a boat trip to the picturesque island of Tabarca and snorkel in the best places full of maritime life.

    from 40.-€

  5. Ab Altea Jetski fahren

    Guided jetski tour from Altea along the breathtaking Costa Blanca

    On the jetski tours from Altea, you can explore the beautiful coastline of Costa Blanca. Ride accompanied by an experienced guide to the most wonderful beaches, lonely bays and impressive steep cliffs. Pick-up from Benidorm possible!

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    from 80.-€

  6. Flyfish in Benidorm Wassersport

    Fly Fish in Benidorm: watersports for adrenaline junkies at Costa Blanca

    If a ride on a banana boat isn't fast enough for you, then you should try out the Fly Fish in Benidorm and get to know watersports from a new dimension. Enjoy 15 minutes fun and cooling off on the flying mattress, towed by a motor boat over the sea!

    from 30.-€

  7. Banana Boot fahren in Benidorm

    An unforgettable adventure at Costa Blanca: ride a banana boat in Benidorm

    Holidays at Costa Blanca, at the southeastern coast of Spain. Everyone who spends his vacation under the hot sun and at some of the most beautiful beaches of Europe shouldn't miss the opportunity of a thrilling and unforgettable ride on the banana boat in Benidorm.

    from 20.-€

  8. Parasailing in Benidorm

    Benidorm parasailing flight - a spectacular adventure at Costa Blanca

    Since the year dot humans dream of flying. Make this dream come true and explore the beauty of the southern Spanish coast from the air. At parasailing in Benidorm, you'll have an unforgettable flight over the sea. Save when flying as a pair!

    1 Review(s)

    from 70.-€

  9. jetski tour at Costa Blanca

    Rent a jetski in Benidorm: jet ski excursions with guide at Costa Blanca

    Do you prefer driving jetski at full throttle or rather relaxedly explore Costa Blanca? Go jetskiing in Benidorm - alone or as a couple on one jetski! At the guided jet ski tour along Costa Blanca, you can drive either 30 or 60 minutes over the Mediterranean sea.

    from 80.-€

  10. Dénia Kayak Tour in die Seehöhle

    Kayak tour from Dénia with snorkeling to the natural park of montgó

    Discover the coast around Denia by kayak! On the 1.5-hour kayak tour with a professional guide you will visit the unique Montgó Nature Park with its caves. Explore the beautiful underwater world while snorkeling!

    1 Review(s)

    from 40.-€

  11. Benidorm Kayaktour

    Kayak tour from Benidorm with swimming stop at the Costa Blanca

    Get a welcome change in your holidays in Benidorm with this kayak tour along Costa Blanca! In double kayaks you start from Benidorm along the famous beach of levante to the perfect place for swimming and snorkeling.

    4 Review(s)

    from 25.-€

  12. Sparpaket Dénia

    Triple fun - savings pack in Dénia: 30 min jetski, 1 hour quad, 1 hour kayak / SUP

    Ensure lots of fun and adventures for your holidays at Costa Blanca with the economic savings package for two persons! The package consists of 30 min jetski safari in Dénia, a 1 hour quad tour and 1 hour kayak- or SUP rental (upon your choice).

    from 65.-€

  13. Paddle Surfing in Dénia

    Coastal excursion in Dénia: paddle surfing class or SUP rental in Dénia

    Try stand up paddling in Dénia! With the broad and comfortable SUP board, you can paddle along Costa Blanca sitting, kneeing or standing upright. Rent a SUP in Dénia for 1 hour or enjoy a quick lesson at an introductory stand up paddling course.

    from 15.-€

  14. Stand Up Paddle Surf Kurs in Altea

    Stand Up Paddle Surf in Altea: SUP rental or 1 hour paddle surf course for beginners

    On a paddle surf board in Altea, you can perfectly explore the stunning coastline. You can rent a SUP in Altea or, in case you've never been stand up paddling before, take a 1 hour SUP class at Costa Blanca with an experienced instructor.

    from 15.-€

  15. Flyboard Denia

    Flyboard Dénia: 30 min or 1 hour flyboarding at the Costa Blanca

    A unique thrill is flying a flyboard in Denia! Make your dream of flying come true at flyboarding, where jet nozzles below your feet propel you, so you can fly like a superhero through air and water. For all adventure-seekers from 16 years!

    2 Review(s)

    from 100.-€