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There is a massive range of tours, excursions and activities on hand in Costa Blanca so get started with the mission of sorting out a trip of a lifetime. Steer clear of waiting until the last minute to find out what can be done on holiday and really put your mind at ease by arranging everything before you even step foot there. Make up your own inventory! You name it, we've got it from day trips and boat rides to kiddie activities or even private tours! On top of that, give yourself the best chance of saving a buck by booking online.  

Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca
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Things to do in Costa Blanca - find something to suit you perfectly!

Get more than you could have imagined on holiday in Costa Blanca as you’re shown that it’s far from being a one-trick pony. You don’t need to have two days the same so let your mind go wild with ideas about how to spend your time abroad. The Costa Blanca has been a foreigner’s favourite in Spain for many moons. The sky is the limit when it comes to this area so put your thinking caps on and figure out how you’d like to spend your time away. You could spend the day sailing, cruise around on a road trip or get your adrenaline pumped on the adventure holiday activities and sports related stuff. Scroll through and see what’s on hand:

Things to do in Costa Blanca: Boat Trips

Catamaran Tours in Costa Blanca are the go-to option and there are plenty to pick from and they often set off from Santa Pola. We are not on topic of booze cruises here, in fact, we are more concerned with chill-out boat rides with soothing music and stop offs to snorkel and swim with a maximum of 50 people onboard at once. This of course means that you get a more intimate experience and step away from the notion of a full-blown bash. If you want to go it alone, hire a motorboat without the need for a sailing licence and check out the sea at your own pace.

Things to do in Costa Blanca: Sports Activities

Put the pedal to the metal and get acquainted with everything in the area whilst having a whale of a time. Water sports are a wonderful way to get the best out of the Costa Blanca and the most popular of all tend to be Stand-up paddling, Jet Skiing and Flyboarding. If you’re a fan of adventure and in need of some speed, then you could certainly get your thrills on a banana boat ride or if you want to get deeper in to the ocean then a bout of scuba-diving could be what you’re in search of.

Things to do in Costa Blanca: Sightseeing and Culture

Get down to earth as you set off on a hike and meander through the mountains between Benidorm and Altea trekking through ancient ruins and enchanting tunnels. Become an explorer for the day as you scour through the caves which have paintings dating back as far as 6000 years.

Things to do in Costa Blanca: Adventure Holiday Activities

Tourists make their way to the Costa Blanca time and time again and they’re often in search of heart-pounding thrills and we are pleased to say that we can be of assistance in this department.  Hop on some wheels and head for the hills on a quad or buckle up on a buggy. If you’re a bit extra then take it to the cliffs and go “flying around”! On top of that, go off-roading around the island and satisfy your hunger for thrills in Costa Blanca by making sightseeing totally exhilarating.  

Things to do in Costa Blanca: Kid-friendly Activities

Keep calm on holiday by making sure your kids are entertained and can let off steam. At times on holiday, kids push your patience to the point that they could even make a saint swear but you can cut this down or even cut it out completely just by keeping them busy. Taking to them to a water park is a sure-fire way for them to run around and have a ball. Imaginably, you’d have whet their appetite for all things water-based so snorkelling could be a way to keep them on their toes and introduce them to the underwater world in the Mediterranean. If they love to find out about nature then a trip to the zoo might be worth thinking about. 

Things to do in Costa Blanca: Road Trips

If you like to set your own pace and would rather roll out of bed and rock up to some special spots in the afternoon, then it makes sense to rent a car on holiday and kiss goodbye to the drama of showing up late and missing out on the tour that you’ve already spent out on. There are countless villages that are nigh on impossible to get to by bus. Some of the cars have their own navigation systems which means that the routes to the best destinations are saved before the road trip even kicks off. You’re more than welcome to make up your own route and plug in the stop-off points one by one on your phone or with the satnav.