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Tours and Activities in Galicia - take pleasure in the best of the bunch!

Pick from a wide range of tours and activities in Galicia and put together your very own personalised holiday. Day tours, boat trips, tours with children or individually organised tours, many of them can be booked cheaper here than there and then on the spot. Galicia is a versatile holiday destination which means there are more things to do than you can shake a stick at. Find out all about Galicia with the most exciting excursions and get yourself ready for a fun-filled holiday. Get the chance to really make the most of your time in the sun!
  1. die schönste Sightseeing-Rundfahrt in Galizien

    Full-time sightseeing tour in Galicia with an SUV

    On this great sightseeing tour in Galicia, you can enjoy the breathtaking coast of Galicia with its wonderful beaches and stunning views. At lunchtime and for dinner you will be pampered with regional delicacies. Suitable for 2-4 people from 13 years.

    2 Review(s)

    from 100.- €

  2. Auf der Ulla Kajak Tour in Galicien

    Kayak tours in Galicia - wild river adventures on the Ulla from Padrón

    Adventure holiday in Galicia: Canoe tours on the Ulla with guide and support and for all levels. The nature experience in the northwest of Spain on the most important white water river of the province A Coruña. Choose between easy routes from Padrón or follow the historical traces of the Way of St James on an ambitious half-day tour on the water.

    from 25.- €

  3. Rafting in Galizien

    Rafting in Galicia - on the Ulla downstream to the Ría de Arousa (Pontevedra)

    Let yourself be carried away by the current of the Ulla River in Galicia and experience a descent that is hard to beat in adventure: miles downstream over rapids and waterfalls. 3 hours of action and water fun, including instruction, equipment, guide and transfer from the base to the river and back.

    from 35.- €

  4. Jet Ski fahren im spanischen Galicien

    Jet ski along the Ria de Arosa - exciting tour from Vilagarcia in Galicia

    Guided jet ski tour for 2 persons on the Ria de Arousa with a personal guide, a detailed introduction and a 40 km long waterway for extensive skiing fun. The 20-minute break on a beautiful Arousa Island allows you to relax and enjoy the view of the Galician coast.

    from 115.- €

  5. Camelia Blüte des botanischen Gartens in Pontevedra in Galicien

    Getaway to Galicia: Pop along to a botanical garden in Pontevedra

    Make the most of the natural beauty in Galicia by going along to a pretty and private botanical garden in Pontevedra. Take in the rich and colourful foliage on a guided tour in the gorgeous gardens in Galicia. 

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    from 12.- €

  6. Sanxenxo auf der Rundfahrt

    Ría de Pontevedra tour in Galicia - experience the capital of the Rías Baixas

    Enjoy the picturesque Ría de Pontevedra tour through Galicia with a knowledgeable guide. Get to know the impressive city full of life, the picturesque Combarro as well as Marín, Poio, Sanxenxo and Portonovo and visit the Ons Islands on an optional boat trip.

    2 Review(s)

    from 100.- €

  7. Wein-Touren in Galicien

    Wine tours in Galicia through the most famous wine-growing regions

    The wine tours in Galicia will take you to the most important wine growing regions with a SUV. During this full-day excursion with catering you visit various wine cellars and you learn more about the Galician wine culture from an experienced guide.

    from 80.- €

  8. Playa de Rodas Cíes-Inseln

    Full-day sailing trip from Vigo to the dreamlike Cíes Islands

    Sail during this full-day sailing trip from Vigo to the uninhabited Cíes Islands. Discover their variety, the waterfowls, the fantastic sandy beaches, the magnificent scenery and enjoy the special atmosphere on a sailing boat.

    1 Review(s)

    from 100.- €

  9. Leuchtturm auf der Ría de Arousa Tour

    Enchanting Ría de Arousa tour with wine tasting in Galicia

    If you want to discover the Galician coast and the charming inland, the Ría de Arousa tour with wine tasting is the right choice for you. Wild beaches, waterfalls, a visit to a real furancho and a boat trip make for unforgettable moments.

    from 70.- €

  10. Costa da Morte Tour

    The impressive private Jeep Tour Finisterre and Costa da Morte in Galicia

    On this interesting Costa da Morte and Finisterre tour in a jeep, you will find small fishing villages, rough landscapes and secluded bays. Visit Finisterre, once thought to be the westernmost point of Europe, and the legendary "Coast of Death" with an experienced guide.

    from 150.- €

  11. romantische Nacht auf Segelboot

    Exclusive: Romantic night on a sailing boat in Vigo with dinner

    Spend a romantic night on a sailing boat in Vigo, dinner is included, optionally on board or in a restaurant at the port of Vigo. On demand, the evening begins with a 2-hour sailing trip in the picturesque bay of Ría de Vigo.

    from 250.- €

  12. Halbtages-Segeltörn ab Vigo

    Half-day sailing trip from Vigo along the picturesque Ría de Vigo

    This 4-hour sailing trip from Vigo will take you along the picturesque coastline of the bay Ría de Vigo, which is extended deeply into the land. Discover the diversity of Galicia during this unforgettable half-day sailing trip.
    1 Review(s)

    from 60.- €

  13. Segelboot chartern in Vigo

    Charter a sailboat in Vigo and sail to the beautiful Cies islands

    Discover the stunning coast of Vigo and explore the gigantic inland bay of Ria de Vigo on a sailing boat. Enjoy the day along with your family or up to 11 friends, accompanied by a skipper on your private sailboat charter in Vigo.

    from 350.- €

  14. auf dem quad durch galicien

    Adventure Quad Tour in Galicia - from Padrón offroad through the province of A Coruña

    Fast quad tours through the beautiful surroundings of Padrón. Driving fun and adventure are mainly provided by off-road tracks, the unique landscape of Galicia and off-road vehicles. An experience for the whole family, children can ride on the quad as co-drivers. Guide and equipment included.

    from 35.- €

Things to see and do in Galicia - find something right up your street!

There is more to see and do in Galicia than you ever could have imagined. Whether you love nature, chase thrills or consider yourself a fan of water sports, there’s something for everyone in Galicia. The luscious landscape and Celtic influences pack quite a punch. Galicia is reminiscent of Brittany with a touch of Norway and a sprinkle of Iceland, in other words: it’s diverse!

Mountain climbing, mountain biking, rafting, diving, golf, horse riding and boat trips are the best-loved things to do in Galicia. If you’re a fitness freak, you might have just met your match as the terrain is a gym-goers haven! The Atlantic Ocean keeps the climate from getting unbearably hot which means that the plants don’t go short of water. The waves around this county are bang on the money for surfing so you certainly can try your hand at the super-cool sport! With 1700km of coast to check out, your best bet is a boat tour as even an experienced surfer would have trouble making their way around that amount of coastline!

It goes without saying that “El camino de Santiago” draws in pilgrims and hikers from all around the globe. By staying in Northern Spain, you uncover a part of Spain that is a million miles away from the likes of Marbella and Madrid.

A must-see spot in Galicia is without doubt: the beach of the cathedrals “Praia das Catedrais” which is a far cry from a sight for sore eyes. It is one of the most unusual and impressive rock formations in the world. If you still haven’t got your fix of nature, you should make your way to rustic and rural stunners like Finisterre or the narrow valleys that are home to the Sil River.

There’s a heap of tours to pick from in Galicia that are kid-friendly. With water parks, aquariums, theme parks and museums made for kids – there’s always something new to see! A sailing trip to the Cíes Islands goes down as a top thing to do in Galicia. The National Park is home to beautiful beach with see-through water. The locals call this their Caribbean and it’s not hard to see why.

Get treated to stunning sea views and more than a glance at the countryside as you go sightseeing in Galicia. Be welcomed by lots of quaint fishing villages and romantic baths in-between Santiago de Compostela, Xuño and Castro Baroña. By booking online at sunbonoo, you save yourself the hassle of digging around trying to work out what’s best as we have already done all the hard work for you. On top of that, you escape the dreaded sold out signs!

With its World Heritage Site and powerful cathedral, Santiago de Compostela is a magical attraction for culture lovers, architecture and history lovers. Palaces and churches, gardens and parks, old town streets and markets offer enough tours and excursions to keep moving. Not to be forgotten is Galicia's cuisine, which offers plenty of fresh seafood, small delicacies and good wines.

Santiago de Compostela is a must-see place in Galicia it is full to the brim with culture, history and architecture. You can meander around the old town streets and pop along to the markets. The town has plenty of palaces, churches, gardens and parks for you to explore. One of the ways to get closer to the real heart of the city is to tuck into the delicious delicacies – the octopus is to die for! The city is picking up in terms of popularity, but it’s still considered a bit of a hidden gem on the grand scheme of things.

We want to be the ones to help you pick out the best excursions for your holiday in Galicia. We’ve categorised the tour types to make it easier on the eye:

Things to do in Galicia: Boat Trips 

The best-known boat ride is to the Cíes Islands, this kicks off in Vigo and gives you a full-day sailing. If you’re keener on doing a half-day sailing excursion, that option is also out there. Ponder your life as you pop along to Playa de Rodas and feel the sand between your toes on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, feel free to get some peace and quiet before continuing to the Southern Island of San Martiño. As the island can only be reached by boat, it’s best to hire a boat with a skipper or go it alone if you know how to sail. If you want to bring some passion in to your relationship, plan a romantic sunset sailing trip in Vigo!

Things to do in Galicia: Sports Activities

Mountain bikers and hikers will be delighted to learnt that Galicia will push your body to the limit. The "Land of 1000 Lakes" is the number-one spot for water sports. Are you more in to diving, jet skiing or surfing? You can get involved in all three and more on your Galicia stay. Hiking and horse riding are popular pastimes in Galicia, so you can stay in shape on your break. There are a fair few golf courses to discover so get your golf clubs at the ready!

Things to do in Galicia: Sightseeing and Culture

Have the most fun sightseeing by going off-roading. Rally over the rural dirt tracks and get closer to the core of Galicia by digging into the greenery! Swot up on its past as you cruise around, get the 411 whilst you have a whale of a time! Jump on a train and go roaming through the valleys and cruising close by lovely lighthouses without the need to keep an eye on the road.

Things to do in Galicia: Adventure Holiday Activities

Rafting in Galicia is a special adventure. The Miño, for example, with its current, offers the right speed for beginners as well as for experts. For the first time on board, you will be instructed by experienced trainers. The many reservoirs in the interior and enchanted bays can also be explored by canoe or kayak. The tours offer views of the magnificent landscape of Galicia and rare nature observations.

Go white water rafting and take on the rough Miño river and have a trainer by your side as you put your fears aside and get down to it. There are lots of reservoirs that you can float around on with a canoe or a kayak! You’ll get to meet the local wildlife and get closer to Mother Nature.

Canyoning in the gorges and caves of the hinterland is certainly one for the thrill seekers, as are jeep and quad safaris as you get treated to a more a rugged experience.

Things to do in Galicia: Dinner Shows

Galicia is known for its seafood, you can taste it almost anywhere so don’t be shy – traipse along to a market or sit down at a local pub because Galician wine and seafood go hand-in-hand. If you’re an oenophile and love a bit of wine tasting, take a wine tour and learn about the whole process from grape to glass!

Things to do in Galicia: Kid-friendly Activities

You’ll soon come to know that there are lots of things for children to do in Galicia. Take them along to water parks, theme parks or get them into some sports with snorkelling, surfing, horse riding and diving being the best of the bunch.

Things to do in Galicia: Road Trips

Ride along to the not-so-known villages when you follow routes like the Camellia Route which is jam-packed with beautiful blossoms and all things imaginable for the green-fingered folks. More often than not, the cars available to rent come with satnav so you just have to plug in the places you want to see and hit the road! On the other hand, if you’d rather pay closer attention to the scenery than the road you could get a chauffeur instead!