Fine wines and Catalan delicacies on the foot tours in Barcelona

The Catalan food culture will inspire you: on the delicious food tours in Barcelona you can discover the traditional tapas, taste the local and excellent wines or try the many other delicacies such as Serrano ham and the sparkling wine of the region. Get to know the delicious cuisine of Barcelona on a food tour!

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Varied food tours in Barcelona

An important part of the Spanish culture is the food culture. On the interesting food tours in Barcelona you have the opportunity to taste the tasty delicacies of the Spanish cuisine and the excellent wines from the wine regions around Barcelona. The Spanish food will inspire you: the juicy tomatoes, which really taste like the sun, the spicy Serrano ham and the sheer variety of the everywhere popular tapas will make your mouth water. Wine growing and the production of high quality sparkling wine also have a long tradition in the Catalan region. On the food tours in Barcelona you will learn more about the production and cultivation of fine wines and you will be able to taste them with pleasure.

Food tours in Barcelona: tapas tours

A tapas tour in Barcelona is an absolute must-do! Tapas are small snacks that can be eaten in a few bites and will delight you with their simple and delicious taste on a food tour in Barcelona. Tapas are available for every food intolerance and every taste - every region in Spain is known for its locally different tapas recipes. Classics on a tapas tour in Barcelona include patatas bravas, sliced potatoes with a spicy red sauce, albóndigas, small meatballs in tomato sauce, the famous Spanish tortilla made of potatoes and eggs, pimientos de padron, small green peppers fried and salted, and Pa amb Tomaca (or Pa amb Oli), a slice of bread served with garlic, tomato, oil and salt, with which fuet salami, llonganiza, chorizo or Spanish cheese. A guided Barcelona tapas tour offers you the opportunity to learn more about the traditional cuisine, to taste it and to immerse yourself in the convivial Spanish cuisine of the "Tapeo", where several different tapas are ordered, each of which can be tasted.

Food tours in Barcelona: wine tours / sparkling wine tasting

The nearby wine regions of Penedés and Priorat are famous for the palatable wines that you can taste on a wine tour in Barcelona. Whether you have already taken part in a wine tasting or if you regularly taste wines, on a wine tour in Barcelona the experienced guide will individually adress you and support you with basic knowledge or talk expertly about the sun-ripened grapes with you. Get shown the picturesque wineries around Barcelona, find out how the fine wines are made and try various wines to find out the differences in taste according to production method and variety. On a Barcelona wine tour, usually also tapas are served, which are traditionally enjoyed with wine in Spain. Those who are also interested in sparkling wine will not be disappointed: Around Barcelona there are sparkling wine tastings with sparkling wine from centuries-old traditional wineries. On one of the food tours in Barcelona you can savour the amazing wines of the region on your tongue!

Food tours in Barcelona: cheese, sausage, fish and vegetables

The Spanish foods are known for their exceptionally good taste, which has several reasons: The food is not transported long until they reach the supermarket, and there is also a lot of direct buying from the producer / farmer in Spain. Thanks to the excellent conditions, the cultivation is often carried out without artificial additives and the intensive, warm sun produces a juicy, full-bodied taste. The tomatoes, oranges, olives and lemons that you can taste on the food tours in Barcelona already will amaze you entirely. But Spanish cheese is also highly recommended and Barcelona is a mecca for cheese lovers with its large number of cheeses. Fish is also represented in all forms and variations in the Catalan cuisine, as freshly caught fish is sold daily at the markets in Barcelona. The traditional Fuet salami, the spicy Llonganiza and Chorizo sausages and the famous, delicious Serrano ham are also part of the Barcelona food tours. Let yourself be enchanted by the taste of Spain and immerse yourself in the wonderfully varied gastronomic culture of Catalonia!