See the scenery and rub shoulders with the locals in Barcelona

Explore Barcelona from every angle: by sea, land and air! Pick from a wide range of activities in Barcelona and sort out everything you want to do before you even get there. Suss out which trips suit you to a t. Get the most out of your pennies by bagging a bargain with us. There’s never a dull moment in BCN; there’s so much to check out. Get acquainted with the vibrant city by setting out on top-notch tours and taking part in exciting and exhilarating excursions. 

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Tours and Activities in Barcelona - spend your time figuring out what makes the city tick!

Barcelona has rather a lot up its sleeve and is sure to dazzle you with its delights. What tickles your fancy? A city walking tour, a country lane bus tour or maybe you’d be more up for bobbing over the waves on a sailing trip? There are no limits or boundaries when it comes to Barcelona. There’s nothing better than a summer holiday packed full of memories which’ll last a lifetime and moments you’ll cherish forever, and Barcelona has what it takes to make your holiday better than ever. Fall in love with BCN like many others before you. Take a look below to find out what’s on offer:

Things to do in Barcelona: Boat Trips

Barcelona is arguably more popular with tourists than the actual capital of Spain because it’s bursting at the seams with energy and it benefits from having a beach on the edge of the city! Take advantage of the soothing sea by hopping on a beautiful boat ride in Barcelona. Hire a boat and sit back and relax in pure peace as the skipper takes the reins and leaves you with nothing more to do than munch out and chill out! If you want to get the party started, then a catamaran tour could be what you’re after and you’ll of course be treated to stunning views across the skyline.

Things to do in Barcelona: Sports Activities

Cruise around the old town in style on a Segway tour in Barcelona. If you prefer things a bit more low-key and old school, then a bike tour might be more your cup of tea. Either way, you’ll soon suss out what’s what in the big and beautiful city.

Get to know BCN from the Ocean by trying out a kayak tour, a spot of paddle surfing or even giving parasailing a go. If you’re feeling energetic, why not jump on a Jet Ski and ride the waves with your mates? Keep your wits about you as you might just end up addicted.  

Things to do in Barcelona: Sightseeing and Culture

Leave no stone unturned as you see the best of the bunch in next to no time on the Barcelona Highlight Tour. Get a snapshot into the history of the city and get to know its prettiest and most important places. If you want to dig deeper into the culture and you’re itching to know it even better, a specialised sightseeing tour could be just the ticket! Sit back and let the curiously coloured lights and fantastic Montjuïc fountains blow you away or get up to speed with what went on with the famous painter and sculptor: Salvador Dali during our Dali Museum Tour.

Things to do in Barcelona: Adventure Holiday Activities

Barcelona didn’t used to seem like the obvious choice for an adventure packed getaway but as time has gone on it’s built up quite a bit in the way of adventure holiday activities. You can check out a bunch of stuff like quad tours, bubble soccer, go-karting or paragliding.

Things to do in Barcelona: Dinner Shows

Tuck in to the Spanish culture or more to the point Andalusian culture and sit yourself down to an evening filled with fire as you follow the steps of the passionate dancers at a fantastic flamenco show. The famous Palacio de Flamenco is by far one of the best and has made a name for itself even outside of Spain. What’s more, you get to try out the local cuisine at the same time with some tasty tapas.

Things to do in Barcelona: Kid-friendly Activities

Holidays with children can sometimes be exhausting for parents. Children want to get entertained an experience something together with mom and dad. What kind of family activities does Barcelona offer?

Taking kids on holiday can be a bit risky because you want them to enjoy themselves, but you also want to have a good time! There are many ways to get your kids excited and give them something to smile about from banana boat rides and flyboarding to paintballing and trips to the aquarium or to a water park.  

Things to do in Barcelona: Cruise ship passenger Activities

Barcelona is one of the largest cruise ports in Spain without a doubt. Year in, year out millions of tourists pour off the cruise ships and set off to explore BCN by land. Avoid being ripped off by booking things to do on board and instead sort everything out beforehand. Although it’s nice to get to know your cruise ship buddies a bit better, you might need a break from it all so a small group tour or a private tour could be bang on the money.