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Even though Ibiza is a small island, there is so much to discover. See hidden, idyllic bays, blooming fields, sleepy villages, prehistoric cities and very vivid, colorful hippie markets, which you absolutely have to see. Also the famous and fascinating salt fields are a must-see.

The romantic old city was announced a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Ibiza is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands. Get enchanted by the flair of the ne white villages in the centre of the island. Every village has its own centuries-old church that can be accessed by contorted lanes and streets. Also don't forget to enjoy a tasty, homemade and affordable lunch at one of the many comfortable bars and restaurants.

It's typical in Spain that life really awakes at sunset. In the old dockland below the city wall, young and old folk meets in the numerous bars for one or another glass of wine with Tapas. The motto is "seeing and beeing seen". You definitely have to experience the nightlife of Ibiza - it is unique in all Europe! Night clubs are not made only for partying, but kinds of playgrounds for adults who party.

Popular excursions in Ibiza lead to the hippie markets. The visit is a must for everyone visiting the island. There you can find an enormous choice of products on all the booths, for example the exotic Pareos - wraparound garments that can be worn as dress or skirt. Furthermore you find Asian clothes, handmade shoes, self-designed fashion and a huge variety of silver- and fashion jewellery as well as pictures and other artworks by different artists. The vendors and indigenous visitors are also an own kind of attraction. Mostly it's hippies of the younger and newer generation, but also the older hippies love to meet at the markets.

The famous salt fields Las Salinas are one of the most unique and pretty landscapes of the island. Today as well as more than 2,000 years ago, they were used for farming salt. The sea salt is also a perfect souvenir for friends and acquaintances. When the heat starts, the water in the salt fields vaporises and a glittering, white layer of pure sea salt remains. These layers are piled up to high mountains of salt during the summer. Seeing the salt fields at sunset is a fascinating picture worth capturing. The many salt fields shimmer in the most beautiful colours. At the end of the salt fields, you can see the paradisial beach of Las Salines.

Another interesting sight is the dripstone cave named Can Marça. Only the way there is worth an excursion: Along the steep cliffs you can walk down on the stairs to the entrance of the dripstone cave. On the way there you'll have an incredible panoramic view on the coast and the clear sea. The way continues along the tracks that were left by the smugglers, who used to use the cave for their business. Many times you pass by underground lakes, shimmering darkly. Also a waterfall was revived with fitting music and a nice lighting show. This tour is available all the year and starts in Puerto de San Miguel.

Bus tours or city tours are a good thing to get to know your vacation spot better: Discover white villages in the middle of the island that were left untouched by tourism. Or you take a rental car or rent a bike to drive through the blossoming fields and aromatic pine forest. Whenever you're getting tired, stop for a swim on one of the many small bays.

On Ibiza, various excursions and activities are offered: Try out something new and join a scuba diving course or grab your family and do a boat trip around the island. For sporty and active vacationers, various water sports activities are available, such as the famous banana boat. During summer, flyboarding got really popular. With this very special device, you can swim in the water like you're a dolphin, but also fly up in the air and - by keeping the balance all the time - do stunts.


All activities in Ibiza at a glance:

Category: Boat excursions in Ibiza

When you have a motor boating licence, you should charter a motor boat in Ibiza and spend a fantastic day with your friends and family on the sea. We're sure you will find the one or other VIP, because during summer, all kinds of famous people stay over in Ibiza for a while.

For the ones that really want to enjoy the speed, you can race along the southern coast of Ibiza by jet boat. The ride is splitted in various speeds because the rapid tour is nothing for sensitive stomachs. This jet boat tour is also available as a sunset tour with a little reduced speed, music and drinks on board. Or drive by speedboat into the sunset and experience a breathtaking tour on the sea.

A really nice and relaxing boat trip is offered by various catamarans and sailing boats. Enjoy the calm of the sea and take a break from everyday life.

For party folks, a spectacular party boat in Ibiza is available. Accompanied by good music from a DJ playing on deck, you drive into the sunset with a one-hour stop in Formentera. You can either explore Formentera on your own or relax on the paradisial beaches.

Category: Sports- and active holidays in Ibiza

For active vacationers who don't want to spend the whole day laying at the beach, Ibiza offers numerous entertaining activities. How about a game of paintball? This is ideal for a stag party or a day with your friends-

City tours are usually not everybodys favourite thing to do, but doing it on a segway can change that quickly. Discover Ibiza's sights in a rapid and funny manner! Segway driving works by directing it with your body weight. Lean to the front to make the segway start driving, for breaking bring your body in a middle position. Driving segway is easy to learn for all age groups. A guide will give you a prior introduction and keep an eye on you, so nobody's left behind.

Since Ibiza is an island, you should really try the one or another water sports activity. Rent a jetski and rush over the waves. If you didn't try the flyboard yet, this is your chance to do it. The flyboard is powered by jet ski nozzles and you can control the pressure and therefore the speed. Fly up the air and dive into the water like you're a fish - 100 % adrenaline guaranteed. A little less action, but beautiful views are provided by parasailing. Sit down in a parachute, when a motorboat is pushing you up to 200 metres over the sea level - and then enjoy the fantastic views over Ibiza. Wakeboarding is a very popular water sports activity. Get towed by a motor boat over the Mediterranean and use the waves swirled up by the boat as a ramp for jumping into the air and make artistic loopings.

To discover the underwater world of Ibiza, you have various options: Dive with the Bladefish into the depths of the sea or rent a snorkelling equipment and dare diving on your own. For more security, we recommend guided snorkelling tours at the best places of the island. Diving courses and guided dives are also offered - just join a diving group and go for an interesting swim in the sea.

Category: Sightseeing and culture in Ibiza

Experience Ibiza on a special way: How about a sightseeing flight by helicopter over Ibiza? Get to know Ibiza from the bird's perspective - an experience you won't forget quickly.

Or see the dripstone cave „Cava de Can Marsa“ located in the north of the island and get enchanted by the abstract formations of the cave and its small lakes. The stalactites are dripstones growing from top to down. They're similar to a human set of teeth - they always need a counterpart. The dripstones growing from the down to the top are called stalagmites. These dripstones always are created when carbonated water is infringing on the rocks. Let the view of this subterrestrial dripstone cave abduct you into another world.

Category: Adventure holidays in Ibiza

Are you adventurous? Then use the possibility of exploring the island on four wheels with a jeep or quad. Drive together with your family or friends in one of the popular jeep safaris and look forward to a funny ride over sticks and stones. On a quad tour, you can speed up as well and the local guide shows you the best trails and tracks to drive.

As a hiker or cyclist, you can get to know Ibiza in another manner. Connect with the nature and see all its small details. Hike to hidden bays only reachable by foot. Keep in mind to bring enough food, water, sun blocker and a protection for your head and skin.

Category: Shows / dinner shows in Ibiza

A nice evening event is one of the various shows ib Ibiza. Have a great night out and see professional dancers, singers and acrobats performing an amazing show with fitting music. Every show has its own kind of style and music from salsa till reggaeton. Theatre and dance from professionals in stunning costumes will delight you!

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