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Here you will find an overview of the best and most popular activities in Ibiza for sports and active tourism. The guaranteed largest selection of water sports activities on the island as well as many offers of hiking, Segway and golf tours. Book your ticket for a fantastic active holiday for the best price here.
Ibiza Sport & Activity Holidays
Ibiza Sport & Activity Holidays
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Fun and relaxation at the same time, that's sports and active holidays in Ibiza

If you don't want to be lazy on your holiday in Ibiza, then you've come to the right place. Whether young or old, Ibiza has great activities to offer for all ages.

Sports and active holidays on Ibiza in and on the water

Why not explore the underwater world with a snorkeling set? Or grab some diving equipment and plunge into the depths. Let the beautiful underwater world of Ibiza enchant you. With the Bladefish you can dive almost like a fish. You only have to hold on to the Bladefish and you can steer as if you were in a car.

If you like it a bit more sporty, then flyboarding is just the right thing for you. Until now, everyone has managed to move around in the water as well as in the air with acrobatic movements.

Jetskiing is still one of the most popular water sports activities - which is not surprising, as a ride with the fast speedsters is simply great fun.

The Seabob is also a really exciting activity - the Seabob is considered to be a luxury water sport device with which you can swim like a dolphin. With very little effort you can get the Seabob in a sloping position for the dive. This way you can also get to know the underwater world of Ibiza.

You can even enjoy the view from the water - during parasailing you sit in a parachute pulled by a motorboat. You float about 200 meters above sea level and can relax your legs and soul while enjoying the magnificent view.

Sport and active holidays in Ibiza on land

There is also a lot to discover on land. For example, race through the city with a Segway and explore it in a fun and fast way. A guided hike through the wonderful nature of Ibiza is a really great thing. Or just go for a walk and set a beautiful bay as your destination.

If you prefer to go a little faster, why not rent a mountain bike and ride on beautiful downhill tracks. You can also rent normal city bikes. With them you are much faster on the beach or in the city.

Horseback riding excursions are also very popular in the beautiful landscape of Ibia. Ride along the beach or through the mountains or climb up the cliffs in a group with professional equipment and enjoy the magnificent view when you reach the top.

For the brave and daring among you, there is the possibility of cliff jumping. But don't just jump off, let the guides give you a briefing and show you the exact spots.

Now you are spoilt for choice - or why not do several activities on the beautiful holiday island of Ibiza.

sunbonoo wishes you a wonderful sports and active holiday in Ibiza!

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