The most popular activities for an exciting adventure holiday in Ibiza

Here you will find the best adventure activities for an eventful holiday in Ibiza. Whether jeep safaris, quad / buggy tours or action-packed water sports activities like jet skiing or flyboarding. Prices start at 30 € per person. Book your ticket for the perfect adventure holiday here online for less.
Ibiza Adventure Holidays
Ibiza Adventure Holidays
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If you want to make your holiday a little more exciting, take one of the activities on the water or on land, on foot or on wheels. There will definitely be something suitable for everyone.

Ibiza adventure holidays in and on the water

Discover Ibiza from the sea side. Take part in action-packed activities, e.g. with the legendary Flyboard. Swim in the water like a dolphin and the next moment you can do wonderful tricks in the air. An absolute adrenalin-filled experience for young and old.

If you want to visit the island in a more relaxed way, parasailing is a great option. You float over the sea in a parachute pulled by a motorboat and enjoy a fantastic view of the bay.

An exciting tour is also the party boat tour to the island of Formentera. Dance and laugh with other holidaymakers to good party music from a DJ and explore the island of Formentera. A must for every party freak.

On Ibiza you have the possibility to drive a jet ski even without a driving licence. You will be taken by boat to a platform in the sea from where you can go jet skiing in a separate area. Accelerate and jump over the waves with the jet ski.

To explore the underwater world of Ibiza you can either go on a diving tour with the Seabob or watch the life under water during a guided dive. Snorkelling is of course also a wonderful way to find out what it looks like underwater in Ibiza.

Ibiza adventure holiday on a horseback

Horse rides are very popular excursions for teenage girls. Fulfill your daughter's dream of a ride on the beach or through the mountains. Riding is done through the beautiful nature of Ibiza. Discover small natural beaches, where you would not get to by car or climb mountains with the horses. If it gets really steep, you may have to get off the horse, otherwise the horse will not manage the ascent or descent. A very exciting experience on the back of a horse.

Ibiza adventure holiday on two or four wheels

Discover the island on wheels: sports enthusiasts who want to keep fit during their holidays can rent a mountain bike and explore the island on magnificent downhill tracks and lots of fun.

Also a jeep safari is great to get to know the island better in an action-packed way. Drive in a convoy criss-crossing the island. Experience a special driving experience, because you will not only drive on paved roads. A great fun for every enthusiastic driver.

If you have driven a jeep before and would like to experience something different, then why not take a quad tour? With the small off-road vehicles you can whizz through woods and fields. Maybe you discover a new hobby?

Ibiza outdoor adventure holiday

Have you heard about the coasteering? This is a combination of climbing and cliff diving. You climb up the cliffs on a coast and then jump into the water. If you are not the cliff jumper and you are a little afraid of heights, then you just enjoy the view from above.

Hike across the island with friends or join a guided hiking tour. Take enough water and sun protection with you, possibly a bath towel and picnic. And already your trip is a unique experience. Because on foot you will reach beaches and bays you would not get to with a car.

An especially nice excursion for the whole family is also the visit of the cave Cova de Can Marsa. The beautiful stalactite cave is located near the Port de San Miguelin. The beautiful stalagmites and stalactites are accompanied by a play of light and sound. The only way to enter the cave is through a path dug out of the rock, which was used by smugglers in the past. An exciting excursion for young and old.

No matter whether you are still sitting at home in front of your PC or already on location in Ibiza, we can't relieve you of the agony of choosing from the various activities. Look forward to an adventurous activity on Ibiza.

sunbonoo wishes you an eventful adventure holiday in Ibiza!

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