Explore Gran Canaria with the buggy

Book here your extraordinary tour with the trendy buggy in Gran Canaria. Enjoy the island from a new perspective on the former beach buggy. Guided buggy tours on the beautiful Canary Island of Gran Canaria can be found here from only 35 € including a English-speaking guide.

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It will be an adventure: along the coast, up the mountain, into the gorge. With a buggy you can do all that. And it's fun too. Take off on a buggy tour in Gran Canaria and enjoy a unique holiday experience! Cruise with the crazy machines across the island, along the serpentines, past dreamy villages and around the curves.

Those who have never sat on a buggy before will be surprised what they can do and take part. Discover a different side of Gran Canaria with this unusual leisure activity! The lively machines in jeep-optics take part in a lot. This becomes noticeable at the latest in the terrain, where it gets sandier and dustier. Where adventure and thrills await you.

And Gran Canaria is just the right island for an off-road tour in a buggy. A unique landscape with mini-desert and oases, sometimes green, sometimes barren, and with views of the Atlantic Ocean from so many sides. It is also worth packing your swimsuit and jumping into the water during one of the longer tours.

An excursion with the buggy in Gran Canaria is sightseeing of a different kind. Sights, new paths and magnificent views are waiting for you. An outdoor adventure for individuals, couples, groups and also for families with bigger children. Collect unforgettable impressions with the buggy in Gran Canaria and be inspired!

Experience Gran Canaria with the buggy and a guide

Sea and beach are without doubt one of the most tempting sides of Gran Canaria. But there is so much more to discover on the island. 14 different climate zones make the island a miniature continent with different vegetation zones, the dunes in the south and the laurel forests in the north, the rocky coast in the west, the black lava stone in the east.

With a buggy you can explore the wild side of the island in a different way and let the tour guide show you some of the most beautiful destinations. The camera should definitely be part of the basic equipment on this trip in Gran Canaria. You will have the opportunity to enjoy fantastic panoramic views and get some wonderful motives in front of your lens.

Worthwhile destinations for a tour with buggy on Gran Canaria

A main focus of the buggy rental is the south of Gran Canaria with Playa de Ingles, Puerto de Mogan and Maspalomas. From there, most of the tours lead into the interior of the country. This means: it is uphill and with every meter you will be surprised by a new perspective of the island. Only a few kilometres from the holiday centres, another Gran Canaria awaits you.

Beautiful viewpoints and panoramas line the way before you will enter real buggy terrain off the paved roads.

The natural landscape of Fataga offers some delightful routes for driving fun and a holiday adventure in Gran Canaria. Let a two-hour buggy tour in the south take you on an adventure! Take course for the impressive valley of Ayagaures with its beautiful reservoir and the mountains all around. In between you can enjoy the view from the Pedro Gonzales viewpoint and then turn into one of the gorges.

You can also double the fun factor of a buggy tour, for example in combination with a jeep safari. This gives you the opportunity to explore the south extensively and in a unique way.

Buggy Tours on Gran Canaria - what do I need to know?

Requirements for self-drivers are a driving licence (class B) and a minimum age of 18 years. The rental company will give you a briefing and you are insured.

Children from 7 years of age and a height of 135 centimetres are allowed on board as passengers.

As you will be riding off-road through wild off-road terrain on the buggy tours, you should wear comfortable leisure wear, which may also get dirty. A duster is also recommended for the adventure part of these trips.

You should also remember to use enough sunscreen, the canary sun is very intense.

Most of the operators for guests from the southern holiday centres San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Sonnenland and Meloneras organize the pick-up and drop-off completely.

Those who stay overnight in other holiday regions of the island will be picked up, but have to make arrangements for the return journey.
by bus or taxi from the destination.

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