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The best way to enjoy the hot summer in Gran Canaria is by jet ski. One of the most popular, if not the most favorite water sports in Gran Canaria. Without a sports boat licence you can go by jet ski in three places on the island. 10, 20, 30 or 50 minutes, alone or in pairs on a jet ski. The choice is yours. The truly ultimate water fun, not only for men.
Gran Canaria Jetski
Gran Canaria Jetski
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Jetski Tour in Gran Canaria - Cooling down with speed

Surfing with Turbo Drive: One of the biggest adventures is Jet Skiing in Gran Canaria. The fast water motorbikes offer incredible fun and plenty of thrills. Ride the waves of the Atlantic Ocean on a Jet Ski in Gran Canaria and experience the sea in a different way than from a boat.

On the jet ski you are even closer, feel the power of the water and the dynamics of the waves. Here you determine the speed and direction. Some spectacular manoeuvres are possible on the agile watercraft if you already have driving experience. If not, the best way to collect them is on your first ride in Gran Canaria by jet ski.


1st Jet Ski driving in Gran Canaria without a boating licence

Jet skiing is also possible on Gran Canaria without a driving licence. There are special areas on the coast for this leisure activity, which are marked with buoys. Here you can let off steam and accelerate.

If you would like to try jet skiing, Gran Canaria offers ideal conditions for your first adventure. A professional instruction helps you to handle the Jet Ski safely and not to miss this fun. On short trips close to the beach for 10 or 20 minutes you can get a feeling for the watercraft and its water situation. On request, a guide will accompany you on your first few metres. On a 50-minute tour you can then start off for longer.

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2nd Jet Ski Safari in Gran Canaria

If you want to combine jet skiing in Gran Canaria with sightseeing, book a Jet Ski Safari now. Even for this you do not need a driving licence. Accompanied by experienced guides, you will cover a few kilometres of coastline on this unique tour, alone or in pairs, and reach secluded bays and deserted beaches with ease.

The round trip with the jet ski will inspire you. Step on the gas and take in the breathtaking views of the most beautiful stretches of coast as you pass by.

Glide slowly under the protruding rocks or a few meters into one of the caves along the coast. You can also jump into the water during a stop.

Here you can book directly online the Jetski Safari without driving licence in the southwest of Gran Canaria:


3rd Jet skiing in Gran Canaria in an adrenaline package

The Adrenalin Triathlon is becoming more and more popular. Here you combine jet skiing on Gran Canaria with other exciting water sports activities. There is a lot of action in it. For example, how about a combination of jet skiing, parasailing and then a high-speed tour on a banana boat? This is such crazy fun that you should have done it once.

Hold on tight and enjoy the water from above and below. If you really want to fly over the sea, add a flight with the flyboard to the jet skiing and parasailing and you'll fly like Superman in the air. Also with the Jet Boat it is possible to combine jet skiing in Gran Canaria.

And on top of that there is a ride with the CrazyUfo, an inflatable water sofa. A lot of fun comes together.

The water sport packages are especially cheap compared to the single prices. It's worth it!

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4th Requirements and costs for jet skiing in Gran Canaria

Jet skiing in Gran Canaria is generally possible from 18 years, even if you do not have a sports boat licence. Young people between 16 and 17 years need a declaration of consent from their parents for this fast-paced holiday fun. Children under 16 years of age can be taken on board as passengers.

The prices for a jet ski trip depend on the duration and the number of persons. A 10-minute ride on a jet ski costs 30 euros per person, a 50-minute ride 90 euros. A guide can also be booked (10 Euro).

The prices for a Jet Ski Safari also vary depending on the duration and the number of passengers. A one-hour tour along the coast costs from 110 Euro per person.

sunbonoo wishes you a lot of fun with jet skiing in Gran Canaria!

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