Festivals and celebrations in Tenerife

Feste und Feiertage Teneriffa: Karneval
Carnival in Tenerife. Hotspots are Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz
Not only Holy Week is celebrated, but also Spanish holidays such as the National Day. An important role among the fiestas and holidays in Tenerife is played by traditions, which are also celebrated. An overview of the festivals and holidays in Tenerife:
DatePublic holiday (spanish designation)
01 January: New Year
06 January: Epiphany (Los Reyes Magos)
02 February: Fiesta of the Blessed Virgin of Candelaria
19 March: Joseph's Day (Dia de San José)
February / March:            Big carnival
March / April:         Easter (Semana Santa), Maundy Thursday and Good Friday (Holy Week), Easter Sunday, Easter Monday
01 May: Labour Day (Día del Trabajo)
30 May: Canary Islands National Day (Día de Canarias)
Beginning of June: Corpus Chriszti Day (Corpus Cristi)
24 June: Celebration of Sant Joan (San Juan)
15 July: Ascension Day
25 July: Celebration of Sant Jakobus (Santiago Apóstol)
15 August: Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Pilgrimage to Candelaria)
12 October: Spanish National Day (Día de la Hispanidad)
01 November: All Saints' Day (Todos los Santos)
06 December: Constitution Day (Día de la Constitucíon)
08 December: Conception of the Virgin Mary (Inmaculada Concepcíon)
25 December: Christmas (Navidad)
31 December: New Year's Eve


Local holidays

In addition, there are local holidays in the various towns. In Candelaria, for example, the 15th of August is not only the feast of the Assumption, but also a pilgrimage in honour of the Virgin of Candelaria (Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria), who is not only the patron saint of the town, but of the entire archipelago.

La Laguna also holds the Fiestas del Santísimo Cristo de La Laguna (Fiestas del Santísimo Cristo de La Laguna), which is unique to the town, from 7 to 14 September. People from all over Tenerife travel to La Laguna to watch the traditional military parade and the great procession that ends in a huge firework display above the plaza.

The capital of the island, Santa Cruz, celebrates a popular fiesta every year on July 16th, the Fiesta de Nuestra Senora del Carmen, with a procession through the city.

The carnival in Tenerife is worth a special mention. Should you be in the process of booking your holiday in Tenerife, you should consider being in Tenerife at the end of February/beginning of March for the carnival season. The colourful and dazzling carnival is the biggest carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro and with its exciting parades with "Murgas" (singing groups) and "Comparsas" (dance groups) an absolute holiday highlight!