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We have summed up the best of the bunch when it comes to boat trips in Tenerife. There are plenty of options from half-day trips to full-day tours with or without a skipper. Take your pick from island-wide boat tours on sailing boats, motor boats or yachts. Make the process as easy as pie by arranging your holiday activities in Tenerife before you even take off.
Tenerife Boat Trips
Tenerife Boat Trips
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Spend a day out at sea or even more if you fancy it – See Tenerife from the sea side

If you already know the island of Tenerife, it is time to get to know Tenerife from the sea. It makes sense to make the most of the ocean and jump on a boat. Boat trips offer all kinds of experiences from speedy and exciting to calm and slow. Find something to suit you perfectly. 

Boat trips in Tenerife for families and explorers

Make your holiday something very special and sail out to see the dolphins in Tenerife. The crew on board knows the ins and outs of the amazing animals and navigates the boat gently and carefully so you can get close to the dolphins. Take some pictures or film the marvellous mammals whilst they play with each other. Jump in the sea and splash around to cool off in the summer sun. Lap up the views of the lush landscape on the way back to shore.  

Boat trips in Tenerife for lone wolves 

All it takes is a few clicks and you will be soothing your sorrows in the sun all-day-long. Take a boat trip on a large catamaran and get acquainted with the underwater world thereA typical ship has two rooms with seating and massive windows, so you don’t miss a beatWatch the stunning sea life and perhaps catch a glimpse of a whale or dolphin if you’re lucky. This is an awesome experience for kids and grown-ups too.  

Why not take up a new hobby on holiday and learn how to sail in Tenerife? Rent a sailing boat out in Tenerife after you’ve got your licence and drive your friends and family around care-free.  

Boat trips in Tenerife for peace seekers 

Sail comfortably out to sea and leave everyday stress behind on the shore. Take in the tranquillity of the sea, soak up vitamin D from the warm rays of the sun and let yourself be swept off into another world off the stunning coast of Tenerife. Lie down and let your thoughts run free as you switch off.  

Boat trips in Tenerife for adventurers 

Have you ever heard of a water buggy? A water buggy is something between a Jet-ski and a motorboat. Race across the waves of the Mediterranean with the manoeuvrable buggies. The driving experience can be compared to a bumper car – pleasure all round. If you’ve got a GoPro, you can even attach it to the front of the buggy and take all kinds of photos and videos to look back on.  

Boat trips in Tenerife for romantics 

Sail into the sunset on a sailing yacht and discover the beautiful coast of Tenerife with its blissful small bays, long white beaches and remarkable rock formations. If you ask the captain politely, you may lie down on the bow net and listen to the waves breaking at the bow as you drift off into an almost meditative state.  

Create the perfect boat trip for you and your loved ones. Dreams come true out at sea in Tenerife.