Exploring famous caves in Tenerife

Popular Tenerife attractions include the countless volcanic tunnels and cracks in the earth, which are still evidence of the island's volcanic origin. Scattered around the island you can discover the underworld of the island on guided tours and cave hikes. Popular destinations in Tenerife are the caves ("cuevas") in Icod de los Vinos, Güimar and in the National Park el Teide, which we would like to introduce to you in more detail.

Here are our top 4:

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Cueva del Viento – Cave of wind

Cuevo del Viento Höhle Teneriffa
Popular trip goal - "Cuevo del Viento" - Photo by Museos de Tenerife

One of the most interesting destinations in Tenerife is the longest lava cave in the world. The "Cueva del Viento" in the municipality of Icod de los Vinos is one of the most famous caves in the world, created by a volcanic eruption some 30,000 years ago. The lava tube called "Cave of the Wind" or "Black Cave" is 18 kilometres long, although not all corners of the branched cave system have yet been explored. For this reason and for reasons of nature conservation, the Cueva del Viento was inaccessible to the public for a long time. Since 2008, visitors have been able to explore a small section of the spectacular lava cave, about 180 metres long - reservations are urgently required.

Opening hours:


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 am to 07:00 pm

Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am to 04:30 pm


daily except Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday 9:00 am to 06:00 pm

Entrance fee:

Adults 20,00 €

Children (age 5 to 12) 8,50 €

Children younger than 5 years cannot participate for safety reasons 


  • The way to the cave
Place 2 

Cueva de Hielo – Cave of ice

Cuevo del Hielo Teneriffa
Adventurous ice cave in Tenerife - only accesible on foot

In the National Park el Teide you will find 3,300 metres above sea level, and near the Altaviste refuge another cave of Tenerife - Cueva de Hielo. Even at the highest outside temperatures, in the "Cave of Ice", which is only 55 square metres in size, you will find a frozen lake and countless icicles hanging from the cave walls. In the cave there are temperatures below the freezing point all year round, because in winter cold air flows into the downward facing access. In the past, the ice in the cave was mined and sold in the coastal towns. The cave is open to visitors, so if you want to cool off on your hike, be sure to take a look inside the unique interior of the cave!

The cave is open for visitors

Entrance free

  • The way to the cave
Place 3

Cueva Honda – Cave of stones

Cueva Honda auf Teneriffa
A visit of the Cueva Honda can be combined with a beautiful hike.

Malpaís de Güímar is a nature reserve that is characterised by its volcanic landscape from the Montaña Grande to the coastal area. The underground of this area is crossed by many lava tubes and caves - one of these caves is Cueva Honda. The cave is only 100 metres long, but in places up to 5 metres high, and was created by the explosion of a gas bubble. If you take a walking tour of the volcanic landscape of Güímar during your Tenerife holiday, you should not only see the solidified lava flows and Canary Island spurge plants that line the path. It is also worth taking a look below the surface into the caves of Tenerife!

The cave is open for visitors

Entrance free

  • The way to the cave
Place 4

Los Arcos -Caving – Discover the underworld of Tenerife

Höhlen Tour Teneriffa
Adventure tour in the most beautiful canyon of Tenerife: Los Arcos

Climbing in the surroundings of a natural wonder is a particularly exciting experience for visitors coming to Tenerife. For this reason, caving has become a popular extreme sport, where climbing and diving require special stamina and orientation. In the hundreds of volcanic tunnels and crevices you can explore the underground heritage of the island of Tenerife. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience and an adrenalin kick during your holiday in Tenerife, you should definitely check out the caving offers on the island!

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