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The Canary Islands have been a hotspot for celebrities from all over the world for decades. On Lanzarote, Gran Canaria or Tenerife you can see some celebrities. And why not? Especially Tenerife, known as the "island of eternal spring", attracts stars and starlets to the breathtaking natural scenery with its mild temperatures all year round. But also the many 5- and 6-star hotel complexes that are located on the island might be a good reason why especially the biggest Canary Island is a popular destination for prominent people.

Puerto de la Cruz attracts the celebrities in Tenerife.

Elizabeth Taylor

One of the most famous actresses of the early years, film diva Elizabeth Taylor, stayed at the Ibero Grand Hotel Mencey in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on several occasions. She was accompanied by her multiple husband Richard Burton. There was even a rumour that the two had bought a banana plantation on the island - there was no truth to it.

Matt Damon

Hollywood actor Matt Damon was also accommodated in the 5-star house in Santa Cruz during the highly regarded shooting of "Bourne 5". Damon was also spotted jogging on the beach and walking in the streets of Santa Cruz.

George Clooney

His friend and colleague George Clooney visited the island in 2019 in search of locations for the Netflix filming of "Good Morning, Midnight". As so often, Clooney showed himself to be a sympathetic and approachable philanthropist. In a restaurant in Santa Cruz he enjoyed the best Spanish tapas with his crew and then had his picture taken with the staff.

Liam Neeson & Ralph Fiennes

Years earlier, a number of top-class actors, including Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Mads Milkesons, made guest appearances on the island for the shooting of The Clash of the Titans. 

Bill Clinton

Former US President Bill Clinton visited the Canary Island in 2005 for a celebrity golf tournament and immediately rented an entire floor in the Hotel Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz. There the suite he stayed in was named directly after him - still one of the best addresses not only for golf players.

Celebrities like Bill Clinton enjoy playing golf in Tenerife.

Michael Jackson in concert

There are also numerous musical guests who treat themselves to a holiday in Tenerife: Shakira and Maria Carey were not the only ones to stay at the luxury hotel Bahia del Duque in the island's capital Santa Cruz. Even the King of Pop Michael Jackson was on the Canary Island during his lifetime - but only once in 1993 on his "Dangerous World" tour. More than 45 000 people attended the concert. It was the only one in Europe.

Brian May & U2

Brian May or U2 - they all love a sunny Tenerife holiday. The cover of the LP "Achtung Baby" even has a photo proof that U2 were in Tenerife: The black and white picture shows the band in costumes at the carnival in Tenerife. Many of the other pictures were also taken in 1991 by the photographer Anton Corbijn in Tenerife. Certainly also because more and more 5- and 6-star hotels are settling on the Canary Island, many prominent personalities are still attracted to Tenerife. There they are spoiled with golf courses, spas, pools, butler service and the cuisine of gourmet chefs.

Promis auf Teneriffa
That U2 was on the island is proven by a photo on the cover of the album "Achtung Baby". (Photo: Pixabay).

Beatles on Holiday

The Beatles came to the island for holidays in the spring of 1963 - even if not all of them. John Lennon had gone on another trip. Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr enjoyed their time under the Canary sun. The band had just released their first album - two days after their departure "Pleas, please me" reached number 1 in the English charts. At that time the Beatles were not allowed to perform on Tenerife - the young band did not like the fine clientele in Puerto de la Cruz. The situation was completely different for Shakira, who gave a much acclaimed concert on Tenerife in 2006 and even bought a property in the north-east together with her husband (footballer Gerard Piqué) in 2014. 

Prominente auf Teneriffa
The Beetles recovered in 1963 (without John Lennon) on Tenerife - two days after their trip the album "Please, please me" stormed the charts. (Photo: Pixabay).

Agatha Christie is writing in Puerto de la Cruz

Agatha Christie, an internationally renowned writer, came to the island in 1927 in search of peace and relaxation after a severe blow of fate. During her stay in Puerto de la Cruz she finished several stories such as "The Mystery of the Blue Train" and "The Mysterious Mr. Quin". Christie was often and gladly a guest in the orchid garden Sitio Litre, where the British artist Charles Smith occasionally invited celebrities of the time.

Eva Padberg and Paz Vega

Today you can also see more "current" celebrities on Tenerife's beaches - including Stéphanie of Monaco, Caitlyn Jenner, Eva Padberg or Paz Vega. Not to forget all those stars and starlets who prefer to remain unrecognised …

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