Tips and hints for travelling to Tenerife

Tipps für Teneriffa
Some useful tips for your time in Tenerife

What you always wanted to know about the island

Practical tips from A to Z, insider tips for Tenerife and "Do's and Don'ts" - there are definitely some tricks for a perfect and individual holiday on Tenerife. sunbonoo provides you with everything you need for an unforgettable holiday on the Canary Island. 

So that your holiday in Tenerife is never forgotten, you should find out about the peculiarities of the Canary Island. We have compiled practical tips for your stay on the largest of the seven Canary Islands in a Tenerife encyclopaedia:


A for arrival

Tenerife has two airports in the north and south. The southern airport Reina Sofía, which is served by most international airlines, is 20 minutes by car from Playa de las Américas. The north airport is located in Los Cristianos and is about one hour from Puerto de la Cruz.

From both airports there are scheduled bus services to the surrounding towns of Playa de las Américas, Puerto de la Cruz and the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife. From Germany a flight takes about 4-5 hours.


B for bus

The buses on the Canary Islands are called "guaguas" (pronounced: guahuah). On Tenerife, the green TITSA buses run from the central bus station Estación de Guaguas (Avenida 3 de Mayo 47) in Santa Cruz to almost all towns on the island.

If you buy "Bonos" at the bus station in Santa Cruz, you can travel 10 per cent cheaper with the public buses.


C for Camping

By tent, camper van or motorhome: camping in Tenerife is possible at any time, thanks to the mild climate of Tenerife all year round. There are a total of 13 free forest campsites on the island, equipped with toilets, showers, barbecue areas and spring water. There are also six paid campsites scattered around the island..

Beware: wild camping in Tenerife is not allowed and can be expensive! Only in mobile homes or in converted buses are you allowed to spend the night in remote places, car parks or on the edge of the forest


D for dolphin shows

Many zoos and animal parks in Tenerife attract visitors with dolphin or sea lion shows - not least the world famous Loro Parque. Of course you have to decide by yourself how you feel about these attractions for your Tenerife holiday.

It is more rewarding to take a boat trip off the coast of Los Gigantes if you are on holiday in Tenerife to see dolphins, whales or orcas. Here you can admire the marine mammals in the wild!


G for Guanchen

The Guanches are the indigenous people of Tenerife. If you want to get to know the original way of life of the islanders, you should visit the cave villages in the Anaga mountains. Even today, the caves carved into the rocks are still alive. In Chinamada, one of these cave villages, it is even possible to rent "rooms" - for a particularly authentic Tenerife holiday!


H for Hippies

There are many drop-outs on the island who rent out private rooms for small money - for example in Médano in the south. Another alternative to overpriced hotel rooms in crowded hotel complexes. Swap overestimated hotel comfort for adobe rooms, guitar music and a private insight into life on Tenerife.


I for Internet

As the Canary Island of Tenerife is part of Spain and therefore part of the European Union, the EU Roaming Agreement does not impose any additional costs. So don't worry if you are on the internet with your smartphone or tablet when you are on holiday in Tenerife.


J for Jardin (Spanish for "garden")

One of the most beautiful and idyllic gardens on Tenerife is the Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the island. The size is manageable and the flora can be easily explored on foot. The entrance fee is only 6,00 € and small children are often admitted free of charge.


L wie Last-Minute-Travel

As to any other holiday destination in the world, you can fly to Tenerife for a spontaneous holiday. The fact that the choice often falls on a holiday in Tenerife is due to the mild climate all year round and an average annual temperature of 23°C. However, this does not change the fact that there is a high and low season in the tourist industry, which determines the price of a Tenerife holiday!

N for nudism

Nudism - i.e. the nudist culture - is probably more of a German phenomenon after all. In Tenerife nudism is only common on a few beaches, for example west of the Montaña Roja near El Médano, on the Playa de Montaña Amarilla or on the Playa de las Gaviotas near the Playa de las Teresitas.


R for rental car

If you want to cover longer distances and enjoy more freedom during your holiday in Tenerife, you should therefore book a rental car. Plus points: Pets are not allowed on public transport.

The buses on Tenerife, which are often very busy, are not particularly reliable. On some motorways there are tolls. These can be recognised by an additional marking in the form of a P.

You can find car rental prices here


O for opening hours

You should remember on the Spanish island that many shops are closed from 1pm to 5pm for siesta. Restaurants usually open from 1 to 4pm and from 7 to 11pm, and in tourist resorts they may even be open all day. On Sundays, many restaurants and shops close at 3 pm on the Canary Islands.

If you are planning an excursion, you should find out about the opening hours in advance and also keep an eye on Tenerife's festivals and public holidays.

P for prices

Prices in Tenerife are slightly higher - especially when it comes to services such as repairs. Food is also considerably more expensive, as most products are not grown on the Canary Island but imported.


S for smoking

It is forbidden to smoke on Tenerife in public places, public transport, telephone booths and rooms where there are cash machines. It is also forbidden in catering establishments, unless these are larger than 100 square metres and have a smoking area. You should also avoid smoking behind the wheel, because if you are caught, you could be fined up to €4,000.


T for taxis

The yellow taxis in Tenerife are licensed and fitted with a taximeter that charges about 2 Euro/km and a basic fee of at least 2 Euro. There are usually surcharges for night rides, Sundays and public holidays, as well as trips to the airport and large luggage. If you want to take a taxi around the island, it is a good idea to speak Spanish in order to negotiate the price in advance.


U for underwater world

If you want to explore Tenerife's underwater world, the best way to do so is by snorkelling and diving. To travel with less luggage, you can rent the right equipment and dive in the dive shops and schools!


V for Vegan

Tenerife traditionally offers mainly fish and meat dishes, vegetarian or vegan dishes on the menu are often only starters like Canarian potatoes, fried mushrooms or goat cheese. You will have to search a long time and sometimes in vain for vegan restaurants. The few vegan restaurants on Tenerife include:

  • Restaurante El Maná and Restaurante El Limón in Puerto de la Cruz
  • BuenaVida 100% Vegan - Centro Comercial Fañabé Plaza in Costa Adeje
  • Burger Mel in Santa Cruz


W for Whale Watching

Many providers offer boat tours for dolphin and whale watching - especially off the west coast of Tenerife around Los Gigantes. However, most of the offers are tourist traps and little concern for animal welfare.

If you do decide to go on a whale watching tour, make sure you consider the environmental aspects: Quiet, electric boats that do not hunt for the marine mammals, but leave them free at a reasonable distance.


X for X-treme sports

Tenerife is an absolute paradise for active holidaymakers, extreme sportsmen and outdoor activists! But you should not underestimate your own strength when you go on a hiking or cycling tour through the Anaga mountains or the volcanic landscape of the Teide.

Especially the warm temperatures and high humidity on Tenerife could do you more harm than you are used to from Germany. At best you are not alone, with the right equipment, enough drinking water or even with a tour guide.


Y for Yoga

Yoga retreats are becoming more and more popular on holiday in Tenerife. Here you can recharge your batteries for up to 8 days and find rest, meditation and relaxation. If you don't want to book a yoga holiday on Tenerife, grab your yoga mat and head for one of Tenerife's less lively beaches.





Do´s and Don´ts in Tenerife

When you spend your holidays in Tenerife, there is a lot to see, enjoy and discover in the popular resorts of the largest of the Canary Islands. But to make your holiday in Tenerife a pleasure, it is important to be informed about the cultural customs of the destination. Because, as the saying goes: different countries, different customs.

You should pay attention to this when you are on holiday in Tenerife:

  • The maximum speed on Tenerife's freeways is 120km/h
  • Many stores have a siesta and stay closed from 1pm to 5pm
  • When sending postcards, please note that there are public and private providers who accept different stamps
  • Tipping is not included in the bill in Tenerife. If you want to tip - and 10% is also common in the Canary Islands - leave the change on the tray that the waiter brings with the bill
  • If you are invited to a private event, it is customary to bring a small gift - such as a good wine or flowers. Also, if dinners take place at a late hour, you - like the other local guests - should not arrive too punctual.
  • Within the European Union, you are allowed to bring 800 cigarettes. There are restrictions on the amount of alcohol you can bring with you

What you should avoid during your vacation in Tenerife:

  • Wild camping and sleeping on the beach is prohibited!
  • Valuables such as wallet, telephone, jewelry and camera should never be left unattended on the beach
  • Do not go for demanding hiking and climbing tours without a tour guide
  • Don't buy fake branded goods at the farmer's and weekly markets of Tenerife, with which you are caught at the airport
  • Do not collect stones on the beach to take home as a souvenir
  • Smoking in public places, means of transport and restaurants is prohibited, as is smoking behind the wheel

The Canarians share an open-minded, easy-going and colorful mentality - you can't do much wrong during your Tenerife vacation! Enjoy the unforgettable fiestas, breathtaking natural scenery, delicious specialties and long nights on beautiful beaches - and thus the Canary Island to the fullest.