Tenerife like no one has ever experienced

The repertory of activities and excursions ranges from exploring the incredible landscape on boat trips, walks or bicycle rides to offered water sports at the Atlantic Ocean and culinary excursions into the Canarian kitchen. Without doubt, these are some of the reasons for a holiday in Tenerife. Far away from the crowds, there are still many opportunities to get to know a different side of Tenerife. Like no one has ever experienced before!

Tenerife from the top

Tenerife from above - this is certainly the least tourists experience the island! At the proper height a spectacle for the eyes and the senses is revealed. Especially along the west coast of Tenerife you can discover wonderful viewpoints during various outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling - whether in the Teide National Park or in the Anaga Mountains. But admittedly, neither one nor the other is comparable to a tandem flight over the island. Paragliding on Tenerife - not only the island's thermals speak for it. It is the unexpected abundance that opens up above the island when you take off at 2000 metres and fly over it. On the beach of Adeje you can fly through the air from 800, 1000 and 2,300 metres - of course also as a tandem flight. Prices start at 90 Euro per person.

Fly over Tenerife

Teneriffa ungewoehnlich erleben
Indescribably beautiful: seeing Tenerife from above while paragliding.

Tenerife from within

The caves, ravines and crevices of Tenerife invite you to get to the bottom of the volcanic origin of the island. Climbing through the Masca Gorge or the "Barranco del Inferno" is one of the most popular activities. Caving is another way of exploring the underground heritage of the island of Tenerife, for example at the Cueva Cueva del Viente in Icod de los Vinos. You can also experience a Tenerife holiday of a different kind if you do not book a hotel room but visit or even rent a cave in Chinamada or Arico. This is the only way to really experience how the indigenous people of Tenerife lived thousands of years ago.

Tenerife Barranco

Teneriffa ungewoehnlich erleben
Go into the interior of Tenerife: for example, by caving.

Tenerie from down below

The best way to experience Tenerife from below is by snorkelling and diving. On the east coast the bays of Playa Abades and Playa Cardones invite you to visit the varied underwater world. The right equipment can be rented for a few euros in the local dive shop. On the island there are also some providers who make trips with glass-bottom boats - for those who don't want to get wet.

Schnorkelling with turtles

Teneriffa anders erleben
Simple plunge in tenerife and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.

Tenerife from the waterside

From the waterside you have the best view of the endless expanses of the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Tenerife and the surrounding islands of La Gomera, La Palma or Gran Canaria. So charter a boat, a sailing ship or - for a little more money - a sailing yacht during your Tenerife holiday and enjoy the sea. The boat tour does not only lead to remote bays where you can dive into, but especially on the west coast you can enjoy the unique view of whales, dolphins and turtles!

Sailing in front of Tenerife

Teneriffa ungewoehnlich
To experience Tenerife from the surface of the water is exciting.

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