Tenerife holidays with dog

Pico el Teide Wetter
Taking dog on holiday in Tenerife.

Most pet owners would not like to leave their darling at home alone and prefer to take him with them on holiday. Fortunately, in most resorts and many hotels in Tenerife, there is nothing against a holiday with a dog. However, holidays together need preparing and there are a number of things to consider - from flights and vaccinations to the right holiday home with a dog. The Canary Islands, like other Spanish islands, on the way to a dog-friendly destination. If you think your dog is capable of a four to five hour flight, then there is nothing to stop you from enjoying your dog holiday in Tenerife! We will give you some tips for your dog holiday in Tenerife:

On the edge: Tenerife has been given many nicknames throughout history, such as Spring Island, Purple Island and Happiness Island. But under the Romans the Canary Islands were known as Dog Islands. According to tradition, sailors often put dogs back on the Canary Islands, which were able to survive as strays in the year-round mild climate. The word "canis", from which "Canaries" is derived, originates from Latin and means dog.

Useful tip 1

Excercising for flight with your dog

Think carefully about whether you trust your dog to travel by air! You should only expect healthy four-legged friends to take the four to five-hour flight and preferably be "practised". To make sure that it is not too much of a strain for your dog, you should only take him with you on your holiday in Tenerife if you stay for at least four weeks. This way, your four-legged friend will also have time to recover! If you do not give your dog a strong sedative before the flight, it is better to use Rescue Drops.

It is best to "practice" flying with your dog at home and let your pet sleep in a test box. Do not forget a water container and food bowl! Before the flight, you should take your dog for a walk and make sure that he doesn't eat too much before take-off. For information on the transport conditions for dogs, please contact your airline.

Urlaub mit Hund auf Teneriffa
Prepare your dog at home for the flight experience of the day.

Useful tip 2

Getting the dog vaccinated

Before you go on holiday in Tenerife with your dog, you should make sure that your pet has been vaccinated. Without a current stamp on your vaccination card, the airline you are flying to Tenerife will not even let you on board. It is also advisable to talk to your vet about the best possible protection before going on holiday to the Canary Islands.

Teneriffa Hund Impfung
Before leaving, the dog should be examined by the vet. A current vaccination is mandatory upon entree.

Usefuel Tip 3

With rental car and dog across the island

Animals are not allowed on public transport in Tenerife, and taxis often do not carry dogs. If you want to travel long distances and be mobile during your holiday in Tenerife, you should book a rental car. This is also a good recommendation if you want to go to a dog beach in Tenerife.

Teneriffa mit Hund und Mietwagen
With a rental car you and your dog will remain flexible on Tenerife Island.

Useful tip 4

Choose a dog-friendly home

There are several dog-friendly 5-star hotels in Tenerife, which have large gardens for dogs to run around. But for a relaxing Tenerife holiday with your dog, holiday homes or fincas are the best choice. In agreement with the landlord, pets are often allowed and do not have to stay in the room, as in some hotels, while you want to go to the dining room or to the pool.

Dogs in Tenerife
Best to accommodate dogs in Tenerife in a holiday home.

Useful tip 5

Looking for a dog beach in Tenerife

Dogs are not allowed on many beaches in Tenerife or can only be taken on a leash. If you want to into the water with your four-legged friend, you will have to go to one of the dog beaches in Tenerife. In the specially designated sections your dog can run free and let off steam with other dogs. 4 dog beaches are currently designated in Tenerife, and there are also a number of wild beaches that are suitable for swimming with dogs. A popular dog beach and real dog paradise is Playa de El Cabezo in Puertito de Güimar, where your dog can run wildly through the black lava sand.

Four-legged friends can also really let off steam on the natural sandy beach Playa El Confital (also El Horno) in Granadilla de Abona (south). It is a hidden and relatively quiet beach with dark sand, which is interesting not only for dog owners but also for surfers. Also at the popular Playa Teresitas a small section should be prepared for humans and animals - but until today this has not been done. If you are on holiday in Los Cristianos, you will find an inconspicuous section on Playa El Callao where it is permitted to bring your dog.

Hundestrand Teneriffa
Officially there are three dog beaches in Tenerife and some wild beaches where dogs are accepted.

Useful tip 6

Be careful with sunshine

The average temperature in Tenerife is 23°C all year round, but you should not downplay the effect of the temperatures for your dog. Especially in summer and in the south of Tenerife it gets hot and dry, whereas in the north of Tenerife there is a high humidity. To ensure that dog holidays in Tenerife do not become an ordeal for humans and four-legged friends, you should always visit shady places, offer your dog enough fluids and take regular breaks. Pay attention to all these tips, your dog holiday in Tenerife can come!

Addresses for emergencies - Veterinary:
  • Adeje – Los Olivos; C/ Tagara S/N, Edif. Res. Las Torres-L15, Urb. Torres de Adeje 38670 - Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, +34 629 464 505 / +34 629 46 45 10
  • La Paz - Puerto de la Cruz, C/ Cardón 14, Urb. La Paz, 38400 - Puerto de La Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, +34 922 37 27 21
  • San isidro de Abona, C/ Arguayoda S/N, Edif. Residencial Olga, Local 5 38611 - San Isidro Granadilla de Abona, +34 922 39 30 16
  • Los Gigantes, Avda. Quinto Centenario 25, Edificio Eva L8, Acantilado de los Gigantes, Santiago Teide 38683, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, +34 922 86 09 16
  • Puente Zurita, C/ de Obispo Perez Caceres 12, 38006 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife, +34 922 27 24 23