Tenerife in the rain: What to do?

Teneriffa bei Regen was tun?
Even when it rains, the island offers countless great excursion possibilities

Tenerife in rainn - what to do? 


Rain and storms are rare in Tenerife - the weather remains consistent throughout the year with mild temperatures and is very predictable depending on the season and region.

Only the northern part of Tenerife, which is under the influence of the trade winds, has more rainfall in the winter and spring months. During this time there are up to 15 rainy days - but with temperatures of about 18°C. In contrast, Tenerife South remains dry and warm: with temperatures averaging 19 - 23°C, rainfall is almost impossible.

As rare as storms are on the island, use Tenerife in rain or bad weather as a chance to discover more remote, less obvious highlights of the island!

For your holiday in Tenerife you should plan at least one visit to a museum - the perfect activity for a rainy day! Amongst the almost infinite number of attractions scattered throughout the island, the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre in Santa Cruz stands out, which will show you the origins of Tenerife, the millennia-old history of the Guanches or the flora and fauna of the island.

Shopping is another unconventional way to discover the culture of the country. Popular are large shopping centres like La Villa Centro Comercial in La Orotava or the Centro Comercial Meridiano in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Below you will find a list of excursions, activities and things to do in Tenerife that you can do even when it rains. If you are travelling with children, this overview will certainly help you. Tenerife in the rain with children is especially exciting if you know what is fun despite bad weather.

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