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Tenerife is the island of contrasts: From the slightly rainy north to the humid west, from the green east to the warm, sunny south, the Canary Island has everything to offer. After a holiday in Tenerife from the coast to the centre of the island you will hardly ask yourself why the island is also described as a miniature continent. Because the trade winds create two microclimates, which fundamentally distinguish the north from the south, and produce surprisingly contrasting natural phenomena.

Teneriffa mit dem Auto - Norden
Pass road trough Anaga Mountains in the north of Tenerife


In contrast to the south, the north of Tenerife is slightly cooler and more humid. This is due to the fact that on the northern slope of the Pico del Teide rain clouds are falling which the north-east trade winds have brought from the Atlantic Ocean. This is the reason why in the north, the impressive sea of clowds can be observed that one thinks of in Tenerife.

The climate of Tenerife transforms the north into a very diverse region. In the north-east there are the green forests of the Anaga mountains and the Mercedes forest of laurel trees. By the sea, Tenerife's volcanic history has created adventurous gorges and cliffs and pitch black beaches of volcanic sand. In the northwest of the island, the wild, green heights of the Teno Mountains once again dominate the landscape.

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Pyramiden von Güimar Teneriffa - Sehenswürdigkeiten
Popular destination in the east of the island: Pyramides of Guímar - easy to reach by car


The eastern part of Tenerife is rather barren in terms of landscape. Nevertheless, the area at the eastern foot of the Teide offers some interesting sights of Tenerife. One of the most popular destinations in the east of Tenerife are the pyramids of Guímar, which are actually terraced buildings from the 18th century. Even further east is the sanctuary of Candelaria, which houses the island's patron saint. Catholic believers have been making pilgrimages to her statue, the Black Mary, for many years. In her honour, the feast of the Blessed Virgin of Candelaria is also held in August, when the whole of Tenerife gathers in the Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias.

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Teneriffa entdecken mit dem Auto - Süden
The South of Tenerife looks like a barren moosncape


By stopping the north-east trade winds on the north side of Pico del Teide, it acts as a weather divide. In the south of Tenerife, the picture is completely different from the north, where it is pleasantly warm, dry and sunny all year round.

The result of this is the barren landscape of Las Cañadas, which extends at the foot of Pico del Teide. This impression is reinforced in the area around Montana Blanca and Paisaje Lunar, which presents itself like a deserted, barren lunar landscape. The bizarre rock formations of the Roques des Garcia also give the impression of no longer being in this world. At the same time, some of the most beautiful and largest sandy beaches are located in the south of Tenerife, which radiate a certain Caribbean flair with white Sahara sand, palm trees and cacti. The coast in the southwest is also the ideal place to spot whales, dolphins or orcas!

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Teneriffa mit dem Auto - Westen
A typical picture for the West of Tenerife are the Cliffs of Los Gigantes



The Western part of Tenerife alternates larger resorts like Los Gigantes or Puerto de Santiago with small, idyllic fishing villages. On the western coast there are still undeveloped areas and wild, natural beaches, which offer a view of the neighbouring island of La Gomera.

One of the most popular holiday resorts in Tenerife is Los Gigantes, known for its imposing cliffs called " Acantilados de los Gigantes". From the village you can reach the cliffs on foot, and on a small plateau you will finally have a breathtaking view of the rocky backdrop. Excursions on sailing boats, motor boats or catamarans allow you to get an even better view of the spectacular cliffs. Many tourists are also rewarded with the view of dolphins and pilot whales that cavort just off the coast, near Playa de los Guíos.

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Teneriffa mit dem Auto - Inselmitte
Mount Teide dominates the middle of Tenerife


Centre of Island

In the centre of the island, the El Teide National Park extends like a headland, with the majestic Pico del Teide volcano rising from its centre. The 3818-metre-high mountain determines the unique volcanic landscape, which on the one hand creates bizarre rock formations and barren landscapes, and on the other hand favours a peculiar and varied flora and fauna. The area around the largest mountain in Spain, the Teide National Park and Las Canadas, but also the Anaga and Teno mountains are popular hiking areas.

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