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We have put together a list of the best catamaran tours in Tenerife. You can do a half-day tour or a full-day tour with skippers, food and drinks. Book island-wide excursions on catamarans online for the best price. Groups and companies are more than welcome!
Tenerife Catamaran
Tenerife Catamaran
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Catamaran sailing in Tenerife – an exciting experience out at sea

Sailing on a catamaran gives you a wonderful feeling. Let the sea soothe you and your mind in the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy your holiday to the fullest by taking part in a super-cool sightseeing tour in the water with your loved ones. Spend a few hours or even a few days floating over the waves and get some much-needed peace and quiet.

What exactly is a catamaran?

A catamaran is a ship with two hulls connected to a deck. There is a slight difference between motor boats and sailing ships. Catamarans are much lighter and therefore much faster. Due to the two hulls, a catamaran is also slightly wider than a normal ship. A catamaran is also much more stable in the water due to the almost perfect balance of the two hulls. There are basically two types of catamarans: the motor catamarans, which are mainly used for ferry trips, and the sailing catamarans. Sailing catamarans are much faster than other sailing ships because they have no keel and are therefore much lighter and seemingly glide over the water.

What is so special about catamaran sailing in Tenerife?

Motor catamarans are often used on ferries. Smaller motor catamarans have anything up to 200 seats can reach a speed of about 80 km/h. Sailing catamarans are light, fast and sporty sailing ships or cruising yachts which means that you can easily visit the other Canary Islands. They are mainly driven by the wind blowing the sails along. A sailing catamaran has a lot more space than a normal sailing ship. The cabins are located at the bottom of the fuselages. On top of that, the sailing catamarans hardly bend as they are more stable due to the two-hull system. Reach great speeds and have a bundle of fun at the same time. Get acquainted with the cool coves and blissful bays. There are also massive windows on the glass-bottom boats so that kidsand adults can get a closer look at the sea life that survives under the surface.

How safe is catamaran sailing in Tenerife?

Catamaran sailing is probably the safest of all. The only potential problem in narrow ports is capsizing but the chance of it happening is minimal. This can happen with ships bigger than 7 metres. A crane is the only way to get the boat the right way up. If you don't have a sailing licence for catamaran sailing, you need to hire a boat in Mallorca with a skipper. The skipper knows the boat inside out and will do their best to not let any damage happen to the boat and its passengers. If you do not have a sailing licence for catamaran sailing, you must rent a boat with skipper. He or she knows his or her boat inside out and will not let anything happen to their boat. They can also tell you a lot about the coast of Tenerife and its history. With a motor catamaran you can, for example, board at Tenerife's port and drive to one of the surrounding islands.

Where can I sail a catamaran in Tenerife?

There are no areas out of bounds in Tenerife. Get closer than ever to the beautiful coastline in Tenerife and anchor in one of its many hidden bays and swim to the shore (if you've got the stamina). Sap up the silence and solitude there and wave goodbye to the stress of everyday life. Take a snorkel set with you and go on a discovery dive. Make the most of the canaries by cruising along to one or more of the other islands. Make the most of the experience by picking a trip on a glass-bottom boat which gets you up close and personal with the marvellous marine life.

What is included in the price?

The price includes the time on the catamaran, swimming stops, travel insurance and sometimes the transport from the hotel to the port as well. Catering is usually only available on board for full-day boat trips in Tenerife. Our tip: Check when booking if a transfer from your accommodation to the harbour is available because a pick-up is often offered free of charge. If not, feel free to arrange a private transfer or make your own way there.