Tenerife seasons

Tenerife is commonly called the "Island of Eternal Spring", because the largest of the Canary Islands has a mild climate all year round. The island's location in the Atlantic Ocean, over which the north-east trade winds blow, also makes it a place of contrasts. As far as the climate of Tenerife is concerned, there are two different zones in the north and south of the island. While the south is basically warm and dry, the north is slightly cooler and more humid.

Because of its special climatic conditions, which contribute to its unique natural diversity, Tenerife is known as a continent in miniature. Depending on the season and region, there is more to discover and experience during your holiday in Tenerife than you can imagine!

We can tell you more about Tenerife's weather in spring, summer, autumn and winter - and what excursions and activities are available in the four seasons.


Tenerife in spring - tips and recommendations

Spring is one of the favourite seasons for a holiday in Tenerife - more precisely, the months of May and June, before the summer begins. The "Island of Eternal Spring" shows itself at its best during these months, with moderate temperatures of around 23°C and six to eight hours of sunshine in all regions of the island.

Even though a beach and bathing holiday is conceivable with an air temperature of 23°C and a water temperature of 18°C, spring in Tenerife is also suitable for hiking trips around the island. The hiking routes are as varied as the island itself: They range from easy circular walks through the pine and laurel forests of Tenerife to steeper climbs on Teide, Anaga and Teno, and spectacular, challenging climbs to peaks or through gorges. Hiking in Tenerife is a unique experience - especially for holidaymakers who like to discover their destination on their own!


Teneriffa Frühling - Wandern
Teneriffa für Active holidays in Tenerife: Hiking to Mount Teide
Tenerife climate in spring:

Daytime temperature: 23 degrees

Night temperature: 15 degrees

Sunshine hours per day: 7

Humidity: 64%

Water temperature: 18 degrees

Rainy days: 4

Tenerife in summer - tips and recommendations

Tenerife is visited by many tourists in the summer and they enjoy the mild temperatures, as the island has mild temperatures averaging 23°C all year round. The warmest months are August and September, when temperatures exceed 28°C - in the south up to 30°C. The trade winds also raise the humidity to over 80 percent, with a moderate wind blowing across the island.

Of course, summer on Tenerife is made for a beach and bathing holiday. The numerous beaches along the coast attract not only sun worshippers, but also surfers, wind and kite surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. While the surfing El Dorado is located in El Médano or El Soccoro, Playa de El Cabezo has become one of the most popular beaches in Europe for wind and kite surfers.

The trade wind, which blows over the island at a steady 20 to 25 km/h, also favours sailing and boat trips across the Atlantic along the coast of Tenerife. Discover snow white or pitch black sandy beaches and breathtaking rocky landscapes, find the perfect wave or unique places to relax and retreat!


Teneriffa im Sommer: Wassersport

In summer the entire island is a bathing and beach paradise, like here Playa Las Teresitas
Tenerife climate in summer:

Daytime temperature: 29 degrees

Night temperature: 21 degrees

Sunshine hours per day: 10

Humidity: 62%

Water temperature: 22 Grad

Rainy days: 0

Tenerife in autumn - tips and recommendations

May and June as well as September are the best times to visit Tenerife. Autumn in Tenerife is still warm in summer, and in the fundamentally warmer south of the island, temperatures of 25°C still prevail in October and November.

If you visit Tenerife in October, you can swim and enjoy the sun in the south and take advantage of the numerous offers for active holidays in the north. With fabulous 27°C in the southern coastal regions, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying a beach holiday in autumn!

However, you don't have to sit back and relax on Tenerife in autumn, the island offers numerous possibilities for exciting excursions and activities! Hike through the Orotova Valley or the hellish gorge "Barranco del Infierno", grab a mountain bike and comb the Anaga mountains or walk to the top of Pico del Teide. As Tenerife is the "Island of Eternal Spring" all year round, surfers, wind and kite surfers can also take advantage of the ideal wind conditions in the north and go in search of the perfect wave.

Autumn on Tenerife, when it is not so hot, is particularly suitable for adventure activities such as paragliding or an off-road quad tour through Tenerife's "deserts". 

Teneriffa im Herbst: Abenteuer Quad fahren
Adventure activities are very popular in autumn, when it is not so hot in Tenerife
Tenerife climate in autumn:

Daytime temperature: 24 degrees

Night temperature: 17 degrees

Sunshine hours per day: 6

Humidity: 68%

Water temperature: 21 degrees

Rainy days: 5

Tenerife in winter - tips and recommendations

In the colder winter months Tenerife is also popular. A lot of visitors come to Tenerife in the supposedly cold season - so to speak, to "winter" here. They spend several weeks or months on the island, which attracts at this time with mild temperatures averaging 23ºC, turning winter into spring..

With normal north-eastern weather conditions, you can enjoy the wonderful sunshine on the beach in the south and south-west in winter. The beaches in Tenerife also invite you in the colder months for long beach walks, water sports activities or for a beach holiday. Because air and water temperatures are still pleasantly warm..

At the same time, the snow-covered slopes of the Pico del Teide call for skiing. During the winter months from December to February, snow is guaranteed in the El Teide National Park, which is located in the north of the island. A holiday on Tenerife in winter allows "the best of both worlds": sun worship in the south and winter feelings in the north.

Winter in Tenerife is perfect for sightseeing and discovery tours. It does not always have to be by bus, you can also explore the island by jeep.

Teneriffa im Winter: Sightseeing Jeep Touren
Sightseeing in Tenerife - explore the island by jeep
Tenerife climate in winter:

Daytime temperature: 20 degrees

Night temperature: 14 degrees

Sunshine hours per day: 5

Humidity: 68%

Water temperature: 19 Grad

Rainy days: 7