Tenerife photo spots

Fotospots Teneriffa
Tenerife as a photo location: The impressive landscapes of the Canary Islands are perfect for a photo shoot.

Black volcanic sand, deep canyons, lunar landscapes and fairytale forests - if you are looking for exceptional perspectives, you will be happy with the photo spots in Tenerife. The island of spring is a playground for photographers and rich in unique motives. Mountains, beach, sea, street art, volcanoes, dense forests, bizarre rocks, starry skies - definitely the best photo locations on Tenerife will find who is on the road. It's worthwhile to drive around the island's hotspots by rental car and wait for the sunrise on the beach or at dusk at a viewpoint on the coast. Those who like to go for crazy or harmonious scenes in urban areas will be inspired by the street art in Puerto de la Cruz or by the historic buildings in the cities. 

Tenerife photo spots around Mount Teide

Particularly fascinating landscape settings, on which lighting moods are constantly changing, are found above all in the north of Tenerife around the Pico del Teide. It is best to leave before sunrise, when the morning light bathes El Teide National Park in beautiful colours. Even the cloudy summit of the Teide looks impressive when you are at the right altitude in cloudy weather.

Fotomotiv auf Teneriffa Teide
Mount Teide is a delight for any lens.

Tenerife photo spots at beaches

The beaches of the island, especially around Puerto de la Cruz, also offer the opportunity to take classically beautiful pictures. The composition of black sand, clouds, spray and the changing light conditions create impressive contrasts! To capture the feeling of a holiday in Tenerife, you should not miss snapshots of surfers, wind- and kitesurfers or sailors on the beautiful beaches of Tenerife!

Fotomotiv Teneriffa Strand
The beach of Benijos is magical.

Teneriffa photo spots in the mountains

The most fascinating is the Anaga Mountains, where the dense Mercedes forest, interspersed with laurel trees and ferns, creates an almost fairytale atmosphere. Here, the dense fog that runs through the winding forests and literally screams for mysterious fog shots!

Fotolocation auf Teneriffa im Anaga-Gebirge
The fog in northern Tenerife creates great photo scenes.

Tenerife photo spots in town

If you are more interested in urban photography and street art, visit the cities on Tenerife.  For example Puerto de la Cruz. Eye-catching are the facades in the district La Ranilla. In the context of the Mueca Festival 2014 huge murals were created by famous international street art artists.

Teneriffa Fotomotive in der Stadt
Street-Art in Puerto de la Cruz.

Tenerife photo spots in natur

Tenerife's fauna is as diverse as its nature. That is why animals are one of the most popular photo motives in Tenerife. If you want to bring home some snapshots of parrots and parakeets, you should visit Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz. With a bit of luck you might also see whales, dolphins or orcas off the coast of Tenerife. To be on the safe side, you should stay in the area around Los Gigantes and take part in a guided boat tour.

Natur Fotos Teneriffa
Animals and plants are beautiful photo subjects on Tenerife