Unique trekking to Pico del Teide at sunrise in Tenerife

As an experienced hiker, you can enjoy an very special trekking in Tenerife: Hike to Pico del Teide for sunrise! A professional trekking guide accompanies you till the top of the Teide for the spectacular experience. Look forward to breathtaking views!

  • Tour / activity duration: approx. 7 to 12 hours
  • Languages: German
  • Transfer: no, not included
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Sunrise at Teide: trekking with a local guide

Approx. 1500 vertical meters on 10 km in 5.5 hours - the sunrise hike to the Teide is a unique experience for sportsmen and enthusiastic hikers!

Price overview

  • Tenerife trekking to Pico del Teide at sunrise - per person (age 8+)86.-€
Spectacular tour for sportsmen or experienced hikers

Booking option: Trekking to Pico del Teide at sunrise

We take you up to 3,718 metres on foot. A very special highlight and an extreme adventure on a holiday in Tenerife. Over a total length of 10 km, you will climb about 1500 metres in about 5.5 hours - and will be rewarded with a unique sunrise on the Pico del Teide, Spain's highest mountain. At 2.00 a.m. we leave at the starting point at 2250 meters. From there you will hike to Pico del Teide within the next few hours. The experienced guide will brief each participant before the tour and accompany the group (approx. 3 - 8 participants), so that each individual reaches his destination depending on the form of the day.

Arrived at about 3260 meters above sea level, relax in the mountain hut on the Pico del Teide from the sportive hike, before you walk the remaining about 2 hours to the summit of the Teide to experience the sunrise from the roof of the sky over the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the incredible view of all of Tenerife and the surrounding Canary Islands as well as the spectacular shade cast by the giant volcano Teide at sunrise. The descent of 10 km is easy and relaxed compared to the ascent - the ride by cable car (not included in the price) is possible when you have reached your performance limit, but you may also manage this last stretch on foot and reward yourself with a view of the impressive "Cueva de Hielo" ice cave.

After the hike, each participant receives a certificate documenting his time and the weather conditions (snow, ice, wind).


  • Duration: between 7 and 12 hours (with breaks)
  • Time: 02:00 AM - approx. 02:00 PM
  • Days: daily
  • Months: January - December
  • Attention: depends on the weather
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Difficulty level: difficult


  • Included: professional guide, hat, gloves, lamp, warm jacket, backpack, liability insurance (shoes 5 € extra)
Important information
  • Teide migration is not suitable for children under 8 years of age, pregnant women, persons with limited mobility or heart/lung problems, as the oxygen content of the air decreases with increasing altitude.
  • If you do not have the physical condition for the tour (approx. 1500 height meters over 10 km), the guide can refuse participation in the extreme tour for reasons of your personal safety.
  • Participants explain in writing before the hike that they feel physically and mentally equal to the tour.
  • For ice and snow in winter 22 € extra for crampons / ice picks and mountain equipment.
  • The tour to the Teide at sunrise takes place from 3 participants.


  • Minimum age 8 years
  • Very good fitness level
  • No fear of heights
  • And the willingness to climb the 3,718 metres in altitude
  • Children from the age of 8 can take part in this tour if they are able to handle this sporty hike according to their parents' assessment and if they have the physical abilities.

Please bring along:

Snacks, sports- / hiking shoes, suitable clothing, hat, backpack, camera, at least 4 to 5 litres of water

In order to be admitted to Teide Aufstieg and for the certificate, you must bring your ID card with you

Detailed description

Sunrise on the Teide: Trekking in Tenerife for experienced hikers

A very special hiking tour on Tenerife is the Teide hike at sunrise, which is suitable for experienced hikers with good physical condition. The Pico del Teide hike starts at about 2200 meters at night, so that you hike under the spectacular starry sky of Tenerife to the highest mountain of Spain. Observe the stars as you climb about 1500 meters in about 4 to 5.5 hours and trek at about 3718 meters. The professional hiking guide not only shows you the best way to Pico del Teide, but also entertains you with all kinds of exciting information during the Teide hike at sunrise.

At 3260 metres above sea level, there is a mountain hut where you can relax from your hike up the Teide. Afterwards you will cover the last 500 vertical meters within about 2 hours until you reach the summit of the Teide shortly before sunrise. When you reach the top at 3718 meters, you experience how the darkness of the starry night slowly gives way to the golden light. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise on the Teide, which you have earned with the hike. The Pico del Teide casts a gigantic shadow at sunrise - a unique sight! Look forward to the breathtaking views from the Teide over all of Tenerife and the other Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

After the beautiful sunrise on the Teide, you can either walk back to the starting point, stopping at the Cueva del Hielo (ice cave) of the Teide, or take the cable car (not included in the price). In addition to the unforgettable experience of climbing the Teide, you will also receive a certificate of this sporting adventure. It documents when you climbed Spain's highest mountain and under what weather conditions.


Valid on the reserved day or for 12 months after date of purchase if no date has been selected. You will receive the tour operator's details with the purchased ticket. Attention: reservation is required! The reservation can be made through sunbonoo as part of the booking process or later by contacting the tour operator directly via phone or email.

Customer Reviews Sunrise at Teide: trekking with a local guide

Lieselotte wrote on Oct 28, 2021
Overall rating
100 von 100

Great tour

Great tour with Frank. We met at 2 a.m. and then hiked in a small group to the Teide at night to be rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over Tenerife in the morning. Those who wanted could then take the cable car back or hiked back. Definitely again. Lamp, gloves and hats were provided.

Grandiose Tour

Super Tour mit Frank. Wir haben uns um 2 Uhr getroffen und sind dann in einer kleinen Gruppe auf den Teide bei Nacht gewandert um am Morgen mit einem
wunderschönen Sonnenaufgang über Teneriffa belohnt worden. Wer wollte konnte dann mit der Seilbahn zurück oder ist zurück gewandert. Auf jeden Fall wieder. Lampe, Handschuhe und Mützen wurden gestellt.
René wrote on Nov 26, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100

Absolutely worthwhile

The hike to the top of Teide in the night was definitely exhausting but it was well worth it. We had a beautiful sunrise, which made up for the hardships. Frank as a guide was great, he went to the individual participants. We will come back.

Absolut Lohnenswert

Die Wanderung zur Spitze des Teide in Nacht war definitiv anstrengend aber es hat sich absolut gelohnt. Wir hatten einen wunderschönen Sonnenaufgang, welcher die Strapazen allemal wettmachten. Frank als Guide war super, er ging auf die einzelnen Teilnehmer ein. Wir werden wiederkommen.
René wrote on Nov 24, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100

A unique experience

Frank was a good guide, focused on individual needs. The ascent was exhausting as described but the view has made everything right again. Many thanks

Ein einzigartiges Erlebnis

Frank war ein guter Guide, ging Auf einzelne Bedürfnisse ein. Der Aufstieg war wie beschrieben anstrengend aber die Aussicht hat alles wieder gut gemacht. Vielen Dank
Florian wrote on Oct 2, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100

Worthwhile adventure, absolute recommendation

No approval for the Teide and desire for an adventure? Then you are exactly right here! I got my big adventure here, starting with the headlamps at night and enjoying the breathtaking scenery during the day on the way back without any drama. Frank is a very experienced hiking guide and also top equipped. I had my stomach spoiled that day, but I still have a positive memory of the tour. Take enough water with you, a small reward for "up" and enough sunscreen. Then you can "dress warmly" ;-) To clarify questions: We met in a small town nearby and then went up with the group together in the VW bus (very adventurous way, by the way). From the parking lot we are then comfortable piece by piece the volcano high. It is also very good in the time, so no stress during the breaks.

Lohnendes Abenteuer, absolute Empfehlung

Keine Genehmigung mehr für den Teide bekommen und Lust auf ein Abenteuer? Dann bist du hier genau richtig!

Ich habe hier mein großes Abenteuer bekommen, zu Beginn in der Nacht mit den Kopflampen rauf und bei Tag auf dem Rückweg schön entspannt ohne Drama die atemberaubende Landschaft genießen.

Frank ist ein sehr erfahrener Wanderführer und ebenfalls Top ausgerüstet. Ich hatte mir an dem Tag meinen Magen verdorben, aber dennoch habe ich die Tour absolut positiv in Erinnerung.

Nehmt euch genug Wasser mit, eine kleine Belohnung für "oben" und genug Sonnencreme. Dann könnt ihr euch "warm anziehen" ;-)

Um Fragen zu klären:
Wir haben uns in einer kleinen Stadt in der Nähe getroffen und sind dann mit der Gruppe zusammen im VW-Bus hoch gefahren (sehr abenteuerlich übrigens). Vom Parkplatz aus sind wir dann gemütlich stück für stück den Vulkan hoch. Man ist auch sehr gut in der Zeit, also kein Stress bei den Pausen.

Prisma wrote on Sep 12, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100

A unique adventure

The sports tour to the Teide was a unique and beautiful experience for us. Breathtaking nature, stunning views and the challenge to climb Spain´s highest mountain in complete darkness make this experience a real adventure. And then finally sitting on the summit after the long climb and watching the sunrise was a real goosebump moment. However, we would never have made this ascent without our guide Frank. In addition to his sympathetic, open-minded nature, his interesting anecdotes and facts about the Teide and the hike, he has prepared us optimally for the upcoming strains. He has provided equipment and always stood aside in the effort of a hike over the 3000s. Thanks Frank :)

Ein einmaliges Abenteuer

Die Sporttour zum Teide war für uns ein einmaliges und wunderschönes Erlebnis. Atemberaubende Natur, beeindruckende Ausblicke und die Herausforderung bei absoluter Dunkelheit den höchsten Berg Spaniens zu besteigen machen dieses Erlebnis zu einem echten Abenteuer. Und dann nach dem langen Aufstieg endlich auf dem Gipfel zu sitzen und den Sonnenaufgang zu beobachten war ein wahrer Gänsehautmoment.

Allerdings hätten wir diesen Aufstieg nie so problemlos ohne unseren Guide Frank geschafft. Neben seiner sympathischen, aufgeschlossenen Art, seinen interessanten Anekdoten und Fakten über den Teide und die Wanderung, hat er uns optimal auf die bevorstehenden Strapazen vorbereitet. Er hat Equipment gestellt und uns stets bei den Anstrengungen einer Wanderung über der 3000er Grenze beiseite gestanden.

Danke Frank :)
Ilona wrote on Aug 19, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100

Unforgettable experience 5 * +

Thank you so much Frank for an unforgettable experience and a wonderful birthday, I am so grateful we made the trek even though the other people canceled. Thanks to you, I will never forget it. Thank you again so much, I do not have enough words to explain how much I appreciated it. And a big thank you for the photos, a very nice memory.

Unvergessliches Erlebnis 5 * +

Thank you so much Frank for an unforgettable experience and a wonderful birthday, I am so grateful we made the trek even though the other people cancelled. Thanks to you I had an amazing birthday present watching the sun come up at the top, I will never forget it.

Thank you again so much, I don't have enough words to explain how much I appreciated it. And a big thank you for the photos, a very nice memory.
svsrunner wrote on Apr 1, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100

The effort was worth a hundred percent!

The tour with Frank was a unique experience that exceeded expectations. Everything is totally uncomplicated and if you are reasonably fit you can do it well. Of course it will not work without effort, but then it would be only half as nice. In any case, the descent after sunrise back on foot and not with the cable car. Only then is the experience really completed. Only now it becomes clear what you did during the night. Thanks Frank!

Die Mühe hat sich hundert Prozent gelohnt!

Die Tour mit Frank war ein einzigartiges Erlebnis, dass die Erwartungen noch übertroffen hat.
Alles total unkompliziert und wenn man einigermaßen fit ist auch gut zu schaffen. Ganz ohne Anstrengung geht es natürlich nicht, aber dann wäre es auch nur halb so schön. Auf jeden Fall den Abstieg nach Sonnenaufgang wieder zu Fuß zurück nehmen und nicht mit der Seilbahn. Nur so wird das Erlebnis wirklich vollendet. Erst jetzt wird klar, was man in der Nacht geleistet hat. Danke Frank!
Nohemi wrote on Jan 22, 2018
Overall rating
100 von 100

Other level!

It´s the best tour I´ve ever done! I love climbing and being surrounded by nature and disconnected from the world and this has been the best place to do it! I have completely forgotten my mobile phone; instead I have taken out my reflex camera and made some beautiful shots. An excursion nothing commercial, if not for lovers of beautiful landscapes and nature. I give it 7 stars!

Otro nivel!

Es la mejor excursión que he hecho en mi vida! Me encanta escalar y estar rodeada de naturaleza y desconectada del mundo y este ha sido el mejor lugar para hacerlo! Me he olvidado completamente de mi móvil; en vez de ello he sacado mi camara reflex y he hecho unas tomas preciosas. Una excursión nada comercial, si no que para amantes de los paisajes hermosos y la naturaleza. Le doy 7 estrellas!

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