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Beach Jeep tour in Mallorca: guided Jeep Safari from Arenal

Jump on a jeep safari in El Arenal and get some exciting off-road action! Explore breath-taking natural reserves and beaches which you can only reach on a 4x4! Foo is not included but you may bring your own along to munch on the breaks. We stop to swim and go snorkelling (the gear is included). 

  • Tour / activity duration: depending on selection
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch
  • Transfer: no, not included
« It's worth it! »
100 von
Review by Luisa
Aug 19, 2017
« A great day with great guides »
100 von
Review by Kai
Jun 21, 2018
« Simply indescribable »
100 von
Review by Cuxis
Sep 3, 2018

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Price Qty
El Arenal Jeep Safari - full day - per person (14+)
Price 59.-€
El Arenal Jeep Safari - full day - per child (6-13)
Price 29.50€
El Arenal Jeep Safari - half day - per person (6+)
Price 46.-€

Ride along to Randa mountain in Mallorca in a Jeep

Enjoy off-road action and relaxing swimming breaks on the El Arenal Beach Jeep Safari.

Booking option: Guided jeep tour in Mallorca

From the age of 18 with a valid driving licence you can drive a jeep on Mallorca. The tour is accompanied by approx. 3 instructors, so that you can enjoy the necessary safety with your Jeep Safari in the south of the island beside the driving fun also.

Tour plan:

  • High season (until 6 September):
    • daily full day tours (10:00 to 17:00)
  • Low season (7 September to 26 October):
    • For bookings of less than 6 persons: only half day tour on Monday, Wednesday & Friday (13:30 - 17:00)
    • For bookings of more than 6 persons: daily full day tour or half day tour (10.00 - 17.00 or 13.30 - 17.00)
  • Winter Season (27 October to 1 April)
    • daily Half day tours (10.00 - 13.30 or 13.30 - 17.00)


  • Capacity: up to 40 persons (minimum of 8 persons)
  • Duration: upon your choice
  • Months: possible all-year
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch
  • Pick-up not included
  • Starting points: El Arenal


  • Fuel, professional guide, introduction, insurance


  • Price El Arenal Jeep Safari - full day - per person (14+): 59.-€
  • Price El Arenal Jeep Safari - full day - per child (6-13): 29.50€
  • Price El Arenal Jeep Safari - half day - per person (6+): 46.-€
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Important information


  • Driver has to be at least 18 years old

Please bring along:

Car driving licence (category B)

Detailed description

Fly around Mallorca with no limits in a Jeep from Arenal

Drive off-road with a jeep to the most beautiful places on the south coast of Mallorca with your family and friends. Explore mountains and beaches which you cannot reach with a normal car. If you don't want to drive on your own, you may also sit back and relax and let one of the other participants or the experienced guides drive the jeep. The tour starts with a journey through the Majorcan lanscape to Randa mountain. You can see the characteristic stonewalls along the way and the quaint, cozy houses, which are embedded in the serpentine streets. Before driving up the mountain, we'll have a short, 15-minute photo stop. Now we start the steep climb up to the summit of the Randa mountain fwhere you'll have a spectacular view across most of the island. Arriving there, you have 30 minutes of free time to capture the stunning views and have a little walk to the picturesque monastery on the mountain.

Afterwards, the jeep safari continues towards the sea to one of the highlights of the tour: Cap Blanc with its spectacular, steep cliffs and its lighthouse, which is one of the most popular photo scenes on the island! The next stop is the bay of Cala Pi with one of the most beautiful beaches in Majorca, which we will reach via gravel and sand roads. At Cala Pi, we will have an extensive, 1.5-hour swim stop. Use the cliffs for a refreshing jump into the shimmering blue sea or enjoy a snack (if you brought one along) at the beach. You can go snorkelling in the crystal-clear sea (snorkelling equipment will be provided for free).

We will then head back to El Arenal, passing a few small villages and beautiful fincas, before reaching Maioris. The delta with its turquoise-blue water is uniquely beautiful and on the way along the coast, the jeeps show you what they're made of. To finish it off, a 45-minute swim break in the delta, you can relax and enjoy the sunshine, before we return to the starting point of the beach jeep safari tour. 


Valid on the reserved day or for 12 months after date of purchase if no date has been selected. You will receive the tour operator's details with the purchased ticket. Attention: reservation is required! Reservation can be made through sunbonoo as part of the booking process or later by contacting the tour operator directly via phone or email. Thank you for your understanding that the tour operators have to monitor the compliance of these conditions.

Please note: A valid class B (car) driving license is required for the driver. A refund will not be given if you forget to bring your license with you. Please check the offer description for potential age restrictions.

Customer Reviews - Ride along to Randa mountain in Mallorca in a Jeep

Review by Cuxis
Overall rating
100 von 100 basierend auf

« Simply indescribable »

We did the tour yesterday and are really excited. The welcome and briefing was very friendly and quickly done, so we could quickly go. After a short stop at the gas station, we started towards the mountain Randa. In between, we always got interesting things explained by the guide, we did not expect that and were very pleasantly surprised. On we went to the beach, especially the unpaved roads were a lot of fun. The section in the nature reserve with me all-wheel was the absolute insanity. A participant from our group had rather to the airport, which is why we wanted to shorten the, was solved without problems. A second driver came to the beach and picked him up to take him to the hotel. I had never experienced that before. Thanks a lot for this. We others enjoyed swimming and snorkeling. Then it went back to the starting point. The day went by way too fast. Our conclusion simply recommended who does not do it is your own fault. Thank you to the team for the complete transaction. See you.
(Posted on Sep 3, 2018) Show review in original language

« Einfach unbeschreiblich »

Wir haben gestern die Tour unternommen und sind einfach total begeistert.
Die Begrüßung und Einweisung war sehr freundlich und schnell erledigt, so dass wir schnell los konnten.
Nach einem kurzen Stop an der Tankstelle ging es dann los Richtung Berg Randa.
Zwischendurch bekamen wir immer wieder interessante Dinge vom Guide erklärt, dies hatten wir gar nicht erwartet und waren sehr positiv überrascht.
Weiter ging es Richtung Strand, besonders die unbefestigten Strassen machten besonders viel Spaß.
Der Abschnitt im Naturschutzgebiet mir Allrad war der absolute Wahnsinn.
Ein Teilnehmer aus unserer Gruppe musste eher zum Flughafen, weshalb wir die eigentlich verkürzen wollten, wurde unproblematisch gelöst. Ein zweiter Fahrer kam an den Strand und holte ihn ab um ihn ins Hotel zu bringen.
Das hatte ich vorher noch nirgendwo erlebt.
Vielen Dank dafür.
Wir anderen hatten Spaß beim Baden und Schnorcheln.
Dann ging es leider wieder zurück zum Ausgangspunkt. Der Tag ging einfach viel zu schnell vorbei.
Unser Fazit einfach empfehlenswert wer das nicht macht ist selber schuld.
Danke dem Team für die komplette Abwicklung.
Bis bald mal.
(Posted on Sep 3, 2018) Show translated review
Review by Kai
Overall rating
100 von 100 basierend auf

« A great day with great guides »

The tour was really great and everything was included, which one could wish for. Cruise the island, the mountain, the beach and the cliffs for snorkeling. The team is super nice and relaxed and cares perfectly. Many thanks to the organizers
(Posted on Jun 21, 2018) Show review in original language

« Ein toller Tag mit super Guides »

Die Tour war echt super und es war alles enthalten, was man sich wünschen konnte.
Über die Insel cruisen, auf den Aussichtsberg, an den Strand und an die Steilküste zum schnorcheln.
Das Team ist super nett und entspannt und kümmert sich perfekt.
Herzlichen Dank an die Organisatoren
(Posted on Jun 21, 2018) Show translated review
Review by Luisa
Overall rating
100 von 100 basierend auf

« It's worth it! »

Super cute, fun group leaders, who unwind the tour and make for a good laugh! Great possibilities of the cars (stand, sit up or sit normally in the car). Interesting mountain, well explained. Swimming was OK. Great for the small ones who can feed sheep and goats. Very successful trip!
(Posted on Aug 19, 2017) Show review in original language

« Lohnt sich! »

Super nette , lustige Gruppenführer, die die Tour auflockern und für lachen und gute Stimmung sorgen! Tolle Möglichkeiten der Autos (stehen, oben sitzen oder normal im wagen sitzen). Interessantes Gebirge, das gut erläutert wird.
Bade Möglichkeit war OK.
Super für die kleinen, die Schaafe und Ziegen füttern können.
Sehr gelungener Ausflug !
(Posted on Aug 19, 2017) Show translated review
Review by Leon und Debbie
Overall rating
80 von 100 basierend auf

« Gegensätze ziehen sich an »

Ich meine Freundin fands Mega geil hatte Todesangst, trotzdem eine geile Erfahrung!
(Posted on May 21, 2016) Show review in original language

« Gegensätze ziehen sich an »

Ich fands Mega geil meine Freundin hatte Todesangst, trotzdem eine geile Erfahrung !
(Posted on May 21, 2016) Show translated review
Review by Carmen
Overall rating
100 von 100 basierend auf

« Great views, excellent area »

Everything looks the most fun way to the coast. The area is amazing, most appreciable rocks, green, and those colors! Spectacular, thanks to this jeep safari we saw this place I wonder. 100% recommendable
(Posted on Jan 25, 2016) Show review in original language

« Fantásticas vistas, zona inmejorable »

Todo parece de lo más divertido hasta llegar a la costa. La zona es increíble, altisimas rocas, verde y esos colores! Espectacular, gracias a este jeep safari pudimos apreciar este maravillo lugar. 100% recomendable
(Posted on Jan 25, 2016) Show translated review
Review by JuanP
Overall rating
100 von 100 basierend auf

« summer 2015 »

We have spent a nice day during the tour. The views are spectacular, turquoise and crystal clear waters. The best beaches we have seen during our short stay in Mallorca. BRILLIANT
(Posted on Jan 25, 2016) Show review in original language

« Verano 2015 »

Hemos pasado un agradable día durante la excursión. Las vistas son espectaculares, aguas turquesas y cristalina. La mejores playas que hemos visto durante nuestra corta estancia en Mallorca. GENIAL
(Posted on Jan 25, 2016) Show translated review
Review by Veaceslav
Overall rating
100 von 100 basierend auf

« Excellent »

Pass with my partner an unforgettable day driving a Suzuki Vitara. We saw beautiful places and best known island as possible. Without a doubt, my best day of vacation. I recommend it to everyone, really fun and the day flies by! July 2015.
(Posted on Jul 22, 2015) Show review in original language

« Excelente »

Pase con mi pareja un dia inolvidable conduciendo un Suzuki Vitara. Hemos visto lugares bonitos y conocido la isla de mejor manera posible.
Sin lugar a duda, mi mejor dia de vacaciones. Lo recomiendo a todo el mundo, muy divertido y el dia se pasa volando!
Julio 2015.
(Posted on Jul 22, 2015) Show translated review
Review by Sehr unfreundlicher Guide
Overall rating
40 von 100 basierend auf

« Well »

Unfortunately, the guide was extremely rude and did the whole tour shown on that he had some fun on the tour. The play, which is driven off is, compared to the entire route rather small. We drove mostly much road ...
(Posted on May 22, 2015) Show review in original language

« Naja »

Leider war der Guide extrem unfreundlich und hat die ganze Tour über gezeigt, dass er wenig Spaß an der Tour hatte. Das Stück, das Offroad gefahren wird, ist im Vergleich zu gesamten Strecke recht klein. Wir sind überwiegend viel Landstraße gefahren...
(Posted on May 22, 2015) Show translated review
Review by Melly
Overall rating
100 von 100 basierend auf

« really cool!!! »

Cool tour we had a lot of fun hammer! Can I just plug Chris, a lot of adrenaline and action on the jeep safari. We found it really cool and recommend it only. it´s actually a must for the Mallorca holidays. The swimming and snorkeling trip in the bay was indeed times really horny! I did not know that mallorca so great areas has ... spiiitzeee!
(Posted on Mar 17, 2015) Show review in original language

« echt cool!!! »

Coole Tour wir hatten hammer viel Spaß! Kann mich Chris nur anschließen, viel Adrenalin und Action auf der jeep Safari. Wir fanden es richtig cool und empfehlen es nur weiter. es ist eigentlich sogar ein muss für den Mallorca Urlaub. Der Schwimm und Schnorchelausflug in der Bucht war ja mal richtig geil! ich wusste nicht, dass mallorca so tolle gegenden hat...spiiitzeee!
(Posted on Mar 17, 2015) Show translated review
Review by Chris
Overall rating
80 von 100 basierend auf

« Super Auflug »

For couples the jeep safari is a great experience to also come from the party holiday or lazy beach holiday in the nature of Mallorca and to see a bit more. It´s really unexpected with much adrenaline the mountains up and down off the beaten track and we even encountered herds of animals in the wild. When driving you have super beautiful views of the mountains and the sea and can enjoy the seclusion that would be otherwise alone might not discover. I would have liked a bit more action, but probably would have been too much for some women and older people on the tour. But otherwise a very nice team, funny, informative and fun. Highly recommended.
(Posted on Jan 14, 2015) Show review in original language

« Super Auflug »

Für Pärchen ist die Jeep Safari ein tolles Erlebnis, um auch vom Partyurlaub oder faulem Strandurlaub in die Natur von mallorca zu kommen und ein bisschen mehr zu sehen. Es geht wirklich unerwartet mit viel Adrenalin die Berge hoch und runter auf abgelegenen Pfaden und wir sind sogar Tierherden in der Wildnis begegnet. Beim Fahren hat man super schöne Ausblicke auf die Berge und das Meer und kann die Abgeschiedenheit genießen,die man sonst allein vielleicht nicht entdecken würde. Ich hätte mir etwas mehr Action gewünscht, aber wahrscheinlich wäre das für die Frauen und älteren Leute auf der Tour etwas zu viel gewesen. Sonst aber ein sehr nettes Team , lustig, informativ und viel Spaß. Nur zu empfehlen.
(Posted on Jan 14, 2015) Show translated review

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