Climbing in Mallorca: all tours, information and prices in an overview

Book here guided climbing tours in Majorca with island wide pick up from your accommodation. Climbing in Majorca is available in all levels of difficulty and regions. Also suitable for beginners. Equipment and material is provided by the organizers.
Mallorca Climbing
Mallorca Climbing
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Those who love climbing must come to Mallorca!

Why should I make a climbing holidays in Mallorca?

The climbing tours in Majorca are as diverse as the island itself. On the Balearic Island, there are all imaginable degrees of climbing difficulty, according to the French ranking that is common for climbing. In addition, Mallorca is one of the best sport climbing destinations in Spain, next to El Chorro and Costa Blanca.

The driest month in Majorca is May. This season is especially suitable for beginners, as there is hardly any rain and the walls are not slippery. In general, however, you can climb all year round. Provided you have the right equipment and the right material. Despite the rain, Majorca is also suitable as a climbing destination in winter.

Where can I go climbing in Mallorca?

You can go climbing in Majorca in almost every part of the island. Most climbing areas are located in the northwest and southeast of the island. Climbing ranges from rugged coastal cliffs, to cliffs and remote mountain walls in the Tramuntana Mountains.

What should I pay attention to when climbing in Mallorca?

Without experience and the right equipment, climbing is dangerous. To become a good climber, you need a lot of practice, time and above all the right training. You can find out what else beginners need to pay attention to here:

Beginners should join a climbing group.

Climbing is dangerous if you do not master the belay techniques and basics! To become a good climber you need strength, courage, knowledge and above all experience. In a beginners' course you will learn the basic features of climbing techniques. You will learn to tie knots, belay and abseil.

The climbing courses take place all year round. Depending on the group size, a climbing day will cost you between 50 and 100 euros.

Climbing tip: You can try out whether you are free from giddiness in advance in the high ropes course.

Climbing is harder than it looks.

Climbing will demand a great deal of strength and self-discipline from you. It is quite normal for your arms to become numb at first and your muscles to hurt. Don't let this put you off. After a few days your body will adapt to the effort. In time, you will notice that technique is often more important than strength. Climbing requires almost all muscle groups in your body. Don't overload yourself in the beginning. As soon as your muscles hurt, you should stop training for the day.

How can I prepare for a climbing holiday in Mallorca?

When it comes to climbing, the old adage also applies: no master has fallen from the sky yet. If you are a beginner, you can either ask at a climbing hall in your area. Individual or group lessons are often offered.

Where are the most beautiful climbing areas on Mallorca?

For climbers, with difficulty level in the seventh degree, according to French measurements, the following areas are especially interesting: Calvia, S'Estret, Puig de Garaffa and Cala Magraner.

For leisure climbers: Cala Magraner. The Cala Magraner bay is located in the east of Majorca, near Cala Ratjada. In Cala Magraner there are almost 30 routes in the lower difficulty range. Some of them start directly above the sea. The access takes about 20 minutes.

Serra de Tramuntana: In the Tramuntana mountains, in the northwest of Majorca, a number of smaller walls await climbers. From the steep walls you have an overwhelming view to the sea that is hundreds of meters lower. There are also medium-difficulty routes in the neighbouring Can Ortigues and Valdemossa. In Port de Soller the climbing rocks are sheltered in a green pine forest above the sea.

Climbing in the interior of Mallorca: In the interior of Mallorca climbers will find sunny walls and shady overhangs, especially in S'Estret. Routes of the seventh and eighth levels of difficulty can be found in Es Verger, Gorg Blau and Las Perxes. But the best climbing rocks are to be found in Fraguel - a world-famous sport climbing rock, near Bunyola. There is also a huge wall on the south side of Alaró, a mountain in the interior.

Climbing in the south of Mallorca: Around the island's capital Palma, Mallorca's coast stretches with countless bays and limestone walls. The walls are easily accessible from above, but are extremely steep. Also for non-climbers and interested people a visit to the climbing walls is worthwhile. Just watching will make you sweat!