Water parks in Mallorca offer a great change to the beach

If you want a little more action than at the beach, you should spend a day at the water park in Mallorca! Enjoy a variety of attractions: Slides with different levels of difficulty, different pools and sunbathing areas offer everything you need for a perfect day at the water park. Book cheap tickets here!
Mallorca Water Parks
Mallorca Water Parks
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A day at the water park in Mallorca

Those who have spent several days at the beach will be happy about variety: In the water parks in Mallorca everyone gets his money's worth. Whether you want to spend an extraordinary day alone, with friends, family or a large group, the various water parks in Majorca will inspire you! From slides to sunbathing areas, pools and restaurants, the water parks in Mallorca offer everything your heart desires.

Slide fans can cheer, because with the different slides - from white-water slides to family slides and racing slides - everyone will find their favourite. The tire slides, where you ride with an inflatable tire, are also especially popular. Or let yourself be surprised by the exceptionally designed pools, as the water parks in Mallorca offer a wide range of pools for adults and children. Many of the pools in Mallorca's water parks offer special attractions such as artificial waves, fountains, waterfalls or playgrounds in the water. Often the water parks have special attractions that can only be seen and experienced in the respective park. Practice scuba diving, improve your swimming technique or splash around in the water. If you want to relax, you can take a hot bath in the Jacuzzi or let the sun bless you on one of the many sunbathing areas. Mallorca's water parks also usually offer a restaurant or snack bar, so you are sure to be well looked after during a day at the water park. There is also always a souvenir shop so that everyone can take a souvenir of a great day at the water park. The water parks in Mallorca also offer events: Often there are concerts, festivals or the possibility to celebrate a birthday or other occasions.

There are several water parks in Mallorca, scattered around the island: The Western Water Park is located in the southwest, the Aqualand El Arenal in the south, the Hidroparc Alcúdia in the north of the island. The water parks usually have lockers and changing rooms so that you can safely store your valuables while you are having fun. If you want to have an unforgettable holiday, you should definitely visit one of Mallorca's exceptional water parks!