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Here you will find an overview of the most popular catamaran tours in Mallorca. Half day or full day tours with skipper, food and drinks. Island wide excursions on modern catamarans can be booked online at a reduced price. Also exclusive catamaran tours for groups or companies available.
Mallorca Catamaran
Mallorca Catamaran
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Catamaran cruising in Mallorca - With the sailing or motor catamaran across the Mediterranean Sea

What is a catamaran?

A catamaran is a ship with two hulls that are connected to a carrying deck. A distinction is made between motor catamarans (motor boat) and sailing catamarans (sailing ship). Because the catamarans do not have a keel like other single-hull ships, they are much lighter and therefore much faster. Because of the two hulls a catamaran is also a little wider than a normal single-hull ship. A catamaran is also much more stable in the water. This is due to the almost perfect balance of the two hulls.

What is special about sailing a catamaran in Mallorca?

Motor catamarans are often used on ferry trips. Smaller motor catamarans with up to 200 seats can reach a speed of about 80 km/h. This allows you to reach the surrounding islands such as Menorca or Ibiza very quickly.

Sailing catamarans are primarily light, fast and sporty sailing ships or cruising yachts. They are mainly driven by the wind that blows into the sails. The advantage of a sailing catamaran compared to a normal single-hull sailing boat is the wider surface.

A sailing catamaran from ten meters length on has much more space than a single-hull boat. The cabins are located at the bottom of the hulls. In addition, the sailing catamarans hardly heel, because they are more stable due to the two-hull system.

How safe is catamaran sailing in Mallorca?

Sailing a catamaran is not really connected with risks. The only problem you might have is capsizing in a narrow harbour. This can happen with larger ships from about 7 meters. To raise the boat upright you need external help with a crane. If you don't have a sailing license for catamaran sailing, then you have to rent a boat with a skipper. The skipper knows his boat inside and out and will not let his boat capsize. Be reassured, because sailing with a catamaran is less risky than normal sailing.

Where can I rent a catamaran in Mallorca?

In general, you can rent a catamaran in any medium or large harbour in Majorca. If you have a sailing licence for catamarans, then you can rent a sailing catamaran exclusively. And if you do not have a sailing licence, there is still the possibility to rent a catamaran with skipper.

There is also the possibility to make guided island tours on a large motor catamaran or a sailing catamaran. Some of these catamarans have a panoramic window below the water surface so that you can see the underwater world of Majorca while sailing. A special hit for small children.

Where can I sail a catamaran on Mallorca?

In Mallorca you can go catamaraning almost anywhere. Sail to hidden bays and sandy beaches that you would never reach from land. How about a day trip to Minorca, for example?

To give you a little incentive, we would like to present a few offers here:

In the north of Mallorca:

Take a catamaran trip in the bay of Pollença and discover the most beautiful places on the north coast of Majorca. At a few marvellous bays we will stop for a swim where you will have the opportunity to snorkel. When you have arrived at Formentor you can enjoy an extensive lunch on board. Afterwards the tour takes you back to the port of Pollença. From there, the transfer service will take you back to the hotel, where you will be picked up in the morning.

In the north-east of Mallorca:

If you want to use your holiday in Majorca to take a sailing course, we recommend the course Catamaran Dinghy Sailing. This catamaran sailing course is available at various locations in the northeast of the island.

You can choose from Can Picafort, Bahía de Pollença and Playa de Muro. Such a catamaran sailing course can be done very well with the whole family. You can choose the duration of the course yourself. The northeast of Mallorca is ideal for such water sports activities. You will be shown by a professional water sports team within a short time how easy sailing is.
In the south of Mallorca:

If you are staying in the south of Majorca, then it is a good idea to do the catamaran tour in Mallorca. A tour takes about five hours and starts directly in Palma. On this exciting trip you will not only get to know the wonderful coast of Mallorca with its small hidden bays, but also have the opportunity to refresh yourself in the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. While you splash about in the water, the crew on board will prepare your lunch. The skippers on board will offer you a really great sightseeing tour.

On request, the transfer service will pick you up from your hotel and bring you back again.

What is included in the price?

The price includes the time on the catamaran, swimming stops, travel insurance and sometimes the transfer from the hotel to the boat. Meals are usually only available on board for full day trips.

Catamaran Tip: Ask when booking if a transfer from your accommodation to the harbour is possible. Often a pick up is offered free of charge. If a transfer is included in the price you can find out with the individual offers on our website Alternatively you can book a personal transfer service.