Enjoy delicious food tours in Mallorca

the Mediterranean island Mallorca at a food tour. Get to know the traditional food and the luscious wine of the island (D.O.), while you're learning more about the cultivation and the production process. Try the most delicious tapas at the food tours in Mallorca and get shown the best bars and restaurants by the professional guides. Almost all food tours in Mallorca are available all-year!
Mallorca Food Tours
Mallorca Food Tours
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Experience the culinary delights on a food tour in Mallorca with a professional guide

There are many ways to get to know the Balearic Islands better, but the best one is still through the stomach: At a food tour in Mallorca you have the opportunity to taste the typical dishes and drinks. Whether you choose a wine tour at one of the excellent wineries, enjoy a tapas tour in combination with a guided tour of Palma de Mallorca or rather explore the local markets and learn how to prepare traditional dishes yourself, the Mallorca food tours have something for every taste. You will be thrilled by the great variety of the island's exquisite food, known far beyond its borders for its excellent taste and exceptional quality. Take the opportunity to learn more about the Mallorcan food culture on a gourmet tour!

Food tours in Mallorca - wine tours

The island is particularly famous for its very tasty wines with the protected designation of origin D.O. Mallorca (Denominación de Origen). Numerous food tours in Mallorca offer you the chance to taste the wines produced locally and mostly only in small batches while learning more about their production, cultivation and the history behind the vineyards. A wine tour in Mallorca is not only suitable for experienced wine tasters, but also offers the opportunity to experience a wine tasting for the first time to a broad target group. The experienced guides will be happy to provide helpful tips or to discuss the advantages of the different types of wine with the wine lovers. The Mallorca food tours include, for example, also the trip with the wine express through a vineyard in the centre of the island, which is the best wine region in Mallorca. Like this you cannot only taste the island's aromatic wines, but also enjoy the rural charm of the Majorcan countryside. Simply wonderful!

Food tours in Mallorca - tapas tours

If something belongs to Spain, then it's the tapas: The small delicacies come in a hundred different varieties that offer something for every taste and food intolerance. For example in Palma de Mallorca, you can combine a tapas tour with a guided tour of the city and get to know selected tapas bars while strolling through the picturesque city centre. The food tours in Mallorca are always carried out by a professional guide, who can give you a lot of background information about the products and will help you with your choice. On a tapas tour, you can taste the popular Spanish tortilla made of egg, potatoes and onions, try the typical stuffed croquettes with Spanish ham, chicken or spinach and let yourself be delighted by the pintxos, the variously laid baguette slices.

Food tours in Mallorca - cheese, sausages and vegetables

What many tourists notice when visiting the island is that the vegetables, the typical local sausage and the cheese are much more spicy and tasty than at home. Many Spaniards pick their lemons to trickle the grilled meat right next to the barbecue from the tree in the garden, and the sun-ripened tomatoes of Mallorca taste better than anywhere else. The food tour to the traditional market in the centre of the island allows you to buy locally produced food directly from the farmer. Taste a piece of Spanish cheese before you buy it and let the intense smell of Fuet salami or Llonganiza make your mouth water. A food tour in Mallorca offers you the opportunity to learn how to prepare typical Majorcan dishes while learning more about the island's traditional foods and ingredients.