Visit a zoo, nature park or aquarium in Mallorca

In an animal park or nature reserve in Majorca you can experience the local flora and fauna up close! The zoos in Mallorca are especially suitable for excursions with children, but the nature parks and aquariums also offer exciting attractions for adults. Book your tickets here in advance for a special price.
Mallorca Zoo
Mallorca Zoo
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The most beautiful zoos in Mallorca

Those who visit Majorca with children should in any case spend half a day or a whole day in one of the animal parks, nature parks or in the impressive aquarium. But also for adults there is a lot to see:Besides exciting animal shows, the zoos also offer guided tours by professional guides, who will tell you all kinds of interesting information about the native animals and plants. Discover the many different species of animals on the island and other exotic animals that thrive in the warm climate of Majorca. You will also be amazed by some plants that you may never have seen before.

Discover for example the famous Palma Aquarium in the capital Palma de Mallorca. With 55 aquariums and a huge tank (the largest aquarium in Europe), it is home to a large number of native and exotic sea creatures. A lot of interesting information and facts about the flora and fauna as well as the current state of research and science can be found translated into several languages. During a tour of the zoo, interactive games, feeding of selected animal species and a hands-on aquarium with harmless fish and plants provide a wealth of information about the sea and its inhabitants. The Marineland in Mallorca also specialises in marine life and offers spectacular dolphin shows and sea lion shows.

Or enjoy a day in the nature park La Reserva in Puigpunyent. This animal park offers a large number of wild animals in an area of 2.5 million m² around the mountain Puig Galatzó in Mallorca. Stroke donkeys and watch the peacocks as you walk the 3.5km circular route through the park past spectacular waterfalls and enjoy the magnificent views. With many other attractions such as rope slides and a barbecue area, the nature park in Mallorca offers a great day out for young and old.

Sunbonoo can offer you the cheapest entrance fee to the zoo in Mallorca, with which you save a lot compared to the original price. In addition, you can book the ticket for your visit in advance and then simply walk past the queues. Enjoy a carefree day at the zoo in Mallorca!