Go sailing in Majorca and enjoy a beautiful day on a sailboat

A perfect activity during the whole year is sailing in Majorca. Seeing the island from the seaside, feeling the gentle breeze and jumping into the turquoise-blue water of a bay for a refreshing swim is one of the most amazing things to do here. Choose a romantic sailing trip or go sailing for a few hours, half a day or a full day in Majorca. Sailing is a fun experience for all age groups - try it (but be careful, it's addictive)!
Mallorca Sailing
Mallorca Sailing
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What is sailing in Majorca?

When you go sailing in Majorca, you take a round trip with a sailboat and enjoy a day at sea. Look forward to see the beautiful Balearic island from the seaside and leave all your worries behind. When the sailboat leaves the harbour and you start sailing in Majorca, you see just the endless horizon of the sea, the stunning coastline and the Tramuntana mountains from the seaside. Everything feels far away, while you lay down for sunbathing on deck, listening to the gentle rushing of the sea and enjoy the freedom. Spend an amazingly relaxing day sailing in Majorca together with your friends, your family or also alone.

Where will I sail in Majorca?

Well, that depends on the sailing trip you book. In general, you sail a little out on the ocean and then go back to the shore to anchor in bays for swimming and snorkelling. If you go sailing at the east coast, the tour probably leads along the famous bays Calas de Mallorca. If you’re sailing in Majorca’s north, you’ll probably discover the corner of Alcúdia and Pollensa or Formentor from the seaside. In the southern part you might be sailing to Cabrera, the bay of Palma or Es Trenc.

How does a typical sailing day look like?

If you’re sailing in summer, you’re going to leave the harbour and sail along the coast or a little bit off the coast on the ocean, where you can enjoy the silence of the sea. After a while you’re going to stop in a close bay. You’re sailing in Majorca, which means in summer the water has a nice temperature – perfect for a swim! Many sailboats also have snorkelling equipment aboard, which you can use for free to explore the underwater world of the bay. While anchoring, a snack or lunch is prepared: After you get back on the boat, you can enjoy delicious food and cooled drinks in the shadow. If you want to enjoy the sun, lay down on deck and sunbathe (don’t forget the sun blocker!) before the trip continues to the next bay. Sailing in Majorca around the coast is an amazing experience, because in many areas of the island, the coast is tightly packed with beautiful caves and different bays. The sailing in Majorca ends by returning to the harbour. The described tour was a full day trip, but also shorter trips (a few hours or half day trips)  as well as the very popular sunset tours are offered.

What can I do when I’m sailing in Majorca?

Usually the sailboats are tall, so in case you would like to, the skipper is always happy if someone lends a hand for setting the sails or helps him to anchor. But in case you don’t want, it’s also fine: Just enjoy your time aboard to the fullest and talk with the other guests and the interesting stories of the skipper, go swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing or just sit down and watch the ocean and relax. Sailing in Majorca is a unique experience for all age groups.