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  1. Majorca island tour - explore almost the whole island in one day

    Majorca island tour - explore almost the whole island in one day

    Majorca island tour: If you want to see the most spectacular spots of Majorca within one day, you should book this island tour. You'll discover the island by bus, by boat, by street car and the famous train "Tren de Soller" and see all facets of Majorca in just one trip. A must at every Majorca holiday!

    6 Review(s)

    from 64.- €

  2. Spectacular dinner show "Son Amar" in Majorca near Palma

    Spectacular dinner show "Son Amar" in Majorca near Palma

    Great show, excellent food - a special experience: The evening show at Son Amar is an absolute "must see" if you are on holidays in Majorca. Enjoy a show with some of the best international artists and acrobats. Nowhere the tickets are available cheaper than here!

    8 Review(s)

    from 66.- €

  3. Annett Böckmann mobile Massage

    Relaxing mobile massage in Mallorca

    A good massage is soothing and relaxing. This professional masseur is coming to your accommodation in Mallorca for a mobile massage. Various massages as well as physiotherapy and reflexology. Take some time out and enjoy the good service - the journey is free in Palma!

    7 Review(s)

    from 40.- €

  4. Palma de Mallorca Jetski fahren

    Ride a jetski in Palma de Mallorca / Cala Nova

    Don't miss to try out these brand new and super fast SeaDoo jetskis in Palma de Mallorca! Go 20 or 40 minutes alone or as a pair on one jet ski and fully open the throttle out at the sea of Cala Nova.

    1 Review(s)

    from 65.- €

  5. Palma de Mallorca Jetski Tour

    Exciting jetski tour near Palma de Mallorca along the coast

    Explore the fascinating coast of the Bahia de Palma at a guided jetski safari near Palma de Mallorca. An experienced guide leads you during the jet ski tour to Illetas, passing by the royal palace and to a marvellous bay. Incl. fuel, jet ski & 1 drink!

    3 Review(s)

    from 95.-€

  6. Klippenspringen mit Outdoor Mallorca

    Cliff jumping / Coasteering adventure daily all-year in Mallorca

    For all who are looking for an adrenaline kick! This activity combines abseil, climbing and cliff jumping. Perfect for every holidaymaker who wants to experience the nature of Majorca. This is outdoor Majorca live! Degree of dificulty: requires no experience.
    6 Review(s)

    from 59.90 €

  7. Hoehlenschwimmen-outdoor-mallorca

    Seacaving tour Majorca: hiking and seacaving (Sa Cova de Coloms)

    For activity- and nature lovers in Majorca! A combination of hiking and swimming inside a beautiful cave only reachable from the seaside. On this easy activity, you will explore lonely beaches, hidden spots, the coast and a special sea cave in Mallorca.

    2 Review(s)

    from 59.90 €

  8. The best hiking excursion in Majorca to Torrent de Pareis in the west

    The best hiking excursion in Majorca to Torrent de Pareis in the west

    5 hours hike tour for experienced hikers to a beautiful part of Majorca, the Torrent de Pareis. By expert guides, who know the area very well. Not suitable for beginners. Unfortunately, not for dogs
    1 Review(s)

    from 59.90 €

  9. caves tour Mallorca

    Mallorca caves tour: explore magical dripstone caves

    An exciting Mallorca caves tour: While hiking through a stalactite cave, you will discover fascinating stalagmites and stalactites that glitter like diamonds in the light. The easy caving is suitable for the whole family and possible all-year round. Including transfer!

    from 59.90 €

  10. 4-sessions for all offered types of training in BodyFit-Center Bendinat

    4-sessions for all offered types of training in BodyFit-Center Bendinat

    4-sessions for all offered types of training in BodyFit-Center Bendinat

    Special Price 145.-€

    Regular Price 152.-€

  11. 2017 New Year's Eve Show in Son Amar near Palma de Mallorca

    2017 New Year's Eve Show in Son Amar near Palma de Mallorca

    Have a great New Year's Eve party in Mallorca with this spectacular world-class dinner show in Son Amar nearby Palma. Enjoy an unforgettable New Year's Eve, a unique show program and a delicious dinner menu. You'll never forget this fantastic New Year's Eve!

    3 Review(s)

    from 59.- €

  12. kayaks mieten in puerto portals

    In the southwest of Majorca: rent a kayak in Cala Nova explore the coast

    Holidays on the water are the best. If you cannot afford a boat, you can instead just take the much cheaper kajak for 1-3 persons. Rent a kayak in Cala Nova or join the popular beach kayak tour in Majorca southwest.

    1 Review(s)

    from 10.-€

  13. In the southwest of Mallorca: windsurfing in Cala Nova

    In the southwest of Mallorca: windsurfing in Cala Nova

    If you want to windsurf in your Majorca holidays, you can rent a windsurf board in Cala Nova. High-quality, complete windsurfing equipment is included in the rental price! If you want, you can book an additional, private windsurf instructor for learning how to windsurf.

    from 26.-€

  14. Jolly boat sailing in Majorca: rent a sailing dinghy in Cala Nova

    Jolly boat sailing in Majorca: rent a sailing dinghy in Cala Nova

    If you already have experience in jollyboat sailing, you can enjoy the perfect conditions in the southwest of Majorca and rent a sailing dinghy in Cala Nova for 1-5 persons. Delight in the feeling of freedom out at sea at jollyboat sailing in Mallorca!

    from 54.-€

  15. private Tour mit dem Jeep auf Mallorca

    Exclusive jeep safari on Majorca, start from every place on the island

    Enjoy an exclusive Majorca jeep safari totally designed according to your wishes and let yourself be guided to magical places and incredible viewpoints. You'll drive with convertible Wrangler jeeps (for up to 4 persons each).

    from 930.-€

  16. Palma de Mallorca Wimpernverlängerung

    Eyelash extensions in Mallorca: beautiful look with 3D silk hair lashes

    If you have few or too short eyelashes, you can help it with eyelash extensions in Mallorca. Experienced, English-speaking beauticians will customize the 3D silk hair eyelashes near Palma de Mallorca perfectly to your eyes - for a naturally beautiful look!

    from 112.-€

  17. im Nagelstudio Mallorca eine Nagelmodellage genießen

    Gel- and acrylic nail design in the Mallorca nail studio - also mobile service

    Primp your nails with an acrylic or gel nail design in Mallorca in the nail studio near Palma de Mallorca. Professional, English-speaking beauticians clean your nails and apply the desired gel or acrylic nails. Also mobile nail studio in your hotel / finca possible!

    from 59.-€

  18. auf Mallorca Faltenreduzierung mit Matrix Cell Repair genießen

    Efficient anti-aging-treatment in Mallorca with Matrix Cell Repair wrinkle reduction

    The revolutionary wrinkle reduction Matrix Cell Repair is the effective anti-aging treatment in Mallorca. The painless method stimulates cell renewal, which slows down significantly in old age, and helps to tighten wrinkles in the long term.

    from 480.-€

  19. Plasma Lifting auf Mallorca

    Plasma lifting in Majorca with the innovative plasma pen

    The innovative plasma lifting on Mallorca is not to be confused with the autologous blood plasma therapy. It uses ionized gas consisting of ions and electrons. Benefit from the new anti-aging method and tighten your skin without surgery or injections.

    from 129.- €

  20. auf Mallorca ein Bio Lifting machen

    Bio lifting in Mallorca at a special price - naturally fresh skin

    Tighter, younger skin without surgery or injections: Bio lifting in Mallorca makes it possible! With the help of electrotherapy / ultrasound, stem cells are introduced into the skin to stimulate cell growth. Incl. peeling, facial massage and mask!

    from 59.-€

  21. virtuelle Mesotherapie auf Mallorca

    Skin regeneration in Mallorca with virtual mesotherapy - also mobile service

    Give your skin renewed elasticity, refine the pores of your skin and eliminate wrinkles with virtual mesotherapy in Mallorca. The painless method of regenerating your skin is completed with a relaxing facial massage.

    from 49.-€

  22. wohltuende Laserbehandlung auf Mallorca

    Laser treatment in Mallorca with the cold light laser against acne, wrinkles, scars etc.

    The innovative laser treatment in Mallorca with the cold laser is the possibility to finally get rid of annoying acne, minor wrinkles and scars. The laser beams stimulate the cell metabolism, support the immune system and inhibit inflammations.

    from 64.-€

  23. Maniküre auf Mallorca

    Manicure in Majorca - Anti-Aging and wellness for your hands

    A manicure in Majorca is exactly the right wellness and anti-aging treatment for your holidays in the south of the Balearic island. Our hands are stressed daily. Give them back youthfulness and freshness, because our hands are our flagship.

    from 49.- €

  24. Falten reduzieren mit Hyaluron auf Mallorca

    Hyaluron in Mallorca: remove wrinkles and fill lips with a hyaluron injection

    Hyaluronic acid is an optimal filling material for wrinkles, as it is 100% biodegradable and has a long lasting effect. With an injection of hyaluron in Mallorca, you will remove unpleasant wrinkles and fill up the volume of your lips and cheeks, performed by an experienced professional beautician.

    from 249.-€

  25. Massage Mallorca

    Relax with a massage in Mallorca: wellness massages in the south

    Treat yourself to some wellness in Mallorca with a massage from a masseur with many years of experience. Choose between a full-body relaxation massage, a sports massage, a wellness aroma massage or a body modelling massage. Also as a mobile service in the south!

    from 39.-€

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