See Mallorca by boat on a boat trip in Mallorca

Take advantage of the best that the island has to offer by hopping onboard for a boat trip in Mallorca. Spend a day on a boat and soak up the rays as you bob along the crystal-clear water. Take a holiday in Mallorca to the next level by swimming and snorkelling out at sea. There are lots of different boat trips to pick from that won’t break the bank. Set out on a whole host of different kinds of boat rides in Majorca from catamarans and yachts to speedboats and the gorgeous glass-bottom boats!
Mallorca Boat Trips
Mallorca Boat Trips
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Go sailing in Mallorca - Boat tours around the island

Make the most of your time in the Mediterranean with a delightful day out at sea on one of sunbonoo’s boat rides in Mallorca! Unwind and spend the day sunning it up whilst gliding along, get an insight into the underwater world or visit the prettiest places around the coast - there’s something for everyone! Mallorca has boat rides that leave from many hotspots around the island and these are on offer on sunbonoo. There are city boat trips from Palma or rural boat rides in South West Mallorca. Take a look at the tours by boat in Majorca and see what’s out there. 

Boat trips in Mallorca on a sailing yacht

Sailing trips are very popular in Mallorca. Sail along the coast with the breeze blowing through your hair, chilling out and catch the rays. These tours are either a day or a whole day or are done at a dusk. Usually when you go on a boat trip to Majorca that lasts a bit longer, there are food and drinks served onboard. The sailboats sail out to sea under full sails and then move on to the beautiful nearby bays to drop the anchor. You have the chance to swim, snorkel, eat and soak up the sun. Sailing boat trips in Majorca are usually over 12 people, so you can enjoy a more intimate experience in the ocean. 

Boat trips in Mallorca on a catamaran

The most popular boat trips in Mallorca are catamaran trips. A catamaran is a boat with two hulls which smoothly glides through the water, making it the best of the bunch for those who suffer with seasick. Typically, catamarans are massive and can hold between 40 and 200 people. Catamaran boat trips are usually a bit easier on the pocket than sailing trips as there are more people onboard, but they're one and the same in terms of what they offer. Both come with swim stops for snorkelling. Popular with the old and young, set off from North and South Mallorca on a catamaran and see the seaside from a new side. 

Boat trips in Mallorca on a speedboat

Speedboats are – as the name suggests – famous for their high speed. These boats are specially built so that the bow lifts up the bow when a certain speed is hit so the boats can glide with minimum water resistance. This is what lets these boats get to such a high speed without throwing you up and down. Speedboat boat trips in Mallorca are a crowd favourite on stag dos; they are up for anything so if speed is on the menu, they're taking it!

Boat trips in Mallorca on a glass-bottom boat

Get acquainted with the underwater world of Mallorca without getting a splash of water on you by joining a glass-bottom boat tour in Mallorca. These boats are usually special edition catamarans with glass windows in their hulls. You can stay up top and see the sights or pop downstairs to enter the realms of the water world. There is certainly a lot to see down there, keep your eyes peeled for the shipwrecks which are home to many a fish. Families love these tours because they get to be close to the sea life without the risk that comes with water sports.

Boat trips in Mallorca on a hired boat

You do not need a sailing license to hire a boat in Majorca. Do not fret if you do not know an awful lot about sailing because you still have the chance to sail. Normally, small boats fit up to 4 people. You'll be filled in on everything you need to know before you head out to sea. If you'd rather take someone else, this option is there as well. On the flipside, if you have a license, why not choose a more powerful boat to hire in Mallorca and crank up the speed a little on your cruise. Knock this one off your bucket list and play the part of a captain in Mallorca for a day!