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Excursion destinations as far as the eye can see - this is the wealth of Mallorca.

Based on many years of local experience and many interesting partnerships in Mallorca, we can offer you a wide range of attractive Mallorca excursion tips on the island. Countless excursions offered on Mallorca will make your stay on the Balearic Island an unforgettable experience. Majorca offers many exciting places and attractions outside the tourist regions, which are definitely worth a visit. Let yourself be impressed by the magnificent nature and cultural sites! Here we have some of our most interesting excursion tips on Mallorca for you.

1. Mallorca excursion tips: The bay of Sa Calobra, one of the most spectacular bays on the island A very special excursion tip in Mallorca is the island tour through the Tramuntana mountains to the bay of Sa Calobra. This spectacular bay is located at the end of the several kilometres long mountain gorge of the famous Torrent de Pareis. In order to get to this excursion tip, one has to drive a 14 km long serpentine road down into the canyon. Attention: the last gas station is at the top of the mountain before the descent into the canyon! During this trip you can observe the beautiful landscape, the mountains and the sea. The bay, situated between two rock formations, is one of the most popular photo motives of Mallorca because of its special formation. Sa Calobra has even been featured in some famous films, such as James Bond and Cloud Atlas. The bay can only be reached through a tunnel carved into the rock. Highlight of this excursion tip on Mallorca is the boat trip from Sa Calobra to the harbour of the quaint harbour village Puerto Soller. On this boat trip you can enjoy a fantastic and enchanting view of the west coast and overlook landscapes that you cannot see from the inland. You will return to Palma de Mallorca on the hundred year old wooden train, the "Red Lightning". This experience, which takes you back to 100 years ago, is an exciting excursion tip for young and old.

2. Mallorca excursion tips: The island Cabrera An excursion tip, which is particularly suitable for nature lovers, is the trip to the goat island Cabrera. The largest of the islands around Mallorca used to be a refuge and home for many pirates and had a dark history during the Spanish Civil War. Today the unspoilt island is a national park. With a boat you go with one of the most unique excursion tips of Majorca to the bay of Cabrera. The beautiful landscape surprises the visitors of the island again and again. And especially beautiful is the view of Mallorca from afar, which visitors to this excursion tip can enjoy.

3. Mallorca excursion tips: The Cap Formentor in the east of the island One of our most spectacular excursion tips to marvel at is the trip to Cap Formentor, a mountain formation in the east of Mallorca. Here you will drive the serpentine roads up to the viewpoint of Cap Formentor and enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountain formation, whose striking, rocky horn dominates the peninsula. The interaction between the rocks rising from the sea and the deep blue waves makes this place seem magical. This excursion tip on Mallorca is especially suitable for those who are not afraid of heights and who do not mind looking hundreds of metres into the depths and simply being amazed.

4. Mallorca excursion tips: Horse riding in Mallorca Excursion tips in Mallorca for adventure enthusiasts include horseback riding through the countryside and nature of Mallorca and beach riding in spring and autumn. Experience the natural beauty of Mallorca on horseback and see the island from a completely different perspective. Even beginners feel safe on a ride in Mallorca, because the horses are well ridden and balanced. The horses gently trot along the paths through the pine forest to the beach. What could be better than riding along the beach with the Mediterranean in your sights? A ride on the beach is certainly one of the best tips for your holiday in Mallorca.

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