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There is a lot to experience in Mallorca's theme parks. The amusement parks are also perfect for Mallorca tours with children. Here you will find all the information, opening hours and entrance fees at a glance. Book your desired ticket online - cheaper than on site! Tours with pick-up from your accommodation are also available. Experience an exciting excursion with the family in the water park, in the zoo with dolphin show or in the largest aquarium in Europe, the Palma Aquarium in the south of the island.
Mallorca Leisure Parks
Mallorca Leisure Parks
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Spending a day at the leisure park in Mallorca? Here is an overview of all parks:

Mallorca has a great selection of amusement parks, ideal for a trip with children or with the whole family or friends. On hot summer days Mallorca's theme parks are of course a popular destination for excursions with children, e.g. Mallorca's water slide parks. The largest water park is the Aqualand El Arenal

Other interesting places to visit in Mallorca include the Marineland Mallorca with penguin and dolphin shows, the Palma Aquarium and the Katmandu Mallorca - a house that is a unique adventure course, not just because it is upside down.

Here you will find an overview of all the theme parks in Mallorca:

1st Marineland Mallorca

Only 15 minutes by car from Palma de Mallorca is the Marineland Mallorca. Excursions with children are twice as much fun here, as Mallorca's most popular amusement park is located right next to the fine sandy beach of Costa d'en Blanes in the southwest of the island. It has a lot to offer for children and adults.

A highlight are the funny animal shows with penguins, dolphins and sea lions. Afterwards there is a lot to laugh about in the parrot show, when the colourful birds imitate all kinds of things. You will see more parrots in the tropical house. The Tropical House is not only home to colourful plants, but also numerous animals, such as parrots, feel at home here. Their plumage shimmers in all kinds of colours and they often show visitors their language skills. But caution is advised: Also snakes, crocodiles, iguanas and piranhas can cross your path or swim in the tropical house.

At the sight of the shark pools, a shiver will run down your spine despite the hot temperatures: The animals sometimes look frightening. Nevertheless, most of them live peacefully together with other exotic fish from almost all oceans. Afterwards, it is worth taking a leisurely walk through the underwater tunnel to experience the dolphins up close.

After an exciting day, the children can cool off in the playground in the water basin, swim in the pool or splash around in the sea. A small tip: Don't forget your swimming gear and towel. You can go swimming on the adjacent fine sandy beach.

2nd Palma Aquarium

Everyone was still amazed here: a visit to the Palma Aquarium. The Aquarium of Palma de Mallorca is a combination of aquarium and leisure park Mallorca. Trips with children almost always end here, as the Palma Aquarium is known for its many attractions. The brave ones who have a diving licence can even go for a swim with predatory fish here, and your children can even spend the night at the shark tank as part of the "Good night, shark" campaign that the Aquarium regularly organises.

The Palma Aquarium was only opened in 2007 and has 55 aquariums with over 8000 inhabitants of the sea. The Aquarium Mallorca is divided into different worlds. In the Old World, for example, the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean are shown. In the New World, the tropical seas with their colourful fish and the colourful corals.

Through a cave you enter Europe's second largest roof garden into a kind of jungle with waterfall and exotic vegetation. But the highlight of the Palma Aquarium is the Big Blue: Europe's deepest shark tank with a capacity of 3.5 million litres of salt water. In the so-called sea tunnel you can look the sharks in the eyes and observe them extensively. Especially interesting is the feeding time at certain times: The sharks are then fed by a diver directly in the tank and a so-called Ocean Guide gives multilingual explanations to the sharks.

Less frightening is the so-called Mola Mola basin, the kindergarten of the aquarium as well as the jellyfish basin.

The whole complex is very modern and attractively designed. At all the pools there are interactive screens that provide information about the inhabitants in different languages. Especially interesting for families with children is the petting zoo with sea corks and starfish, geckos, parrots, tropical forest, small sharks, a pirate ship and much more.

Children can also help to feed the rays, sea turtles and hammerhead sharks and thus learn all kinds of things about the animals' habits in a safe way.

3rd Aqualand Mallorca / Aqualand El Arenal

The Aqualand Mallorca is a first class waterslide park surrounded by beautiful gardens near the resort of Arenal. In total, Mallorca's largest water park has 12 slides, including some with promising names like Black Hole, Kamikaze and the Race Slides.

With a total area of 200,000 m², the Water Park Mallorca is not only the largest and most popular in Mallorca, but is also one of the largest fun pools in Europe: 16 water pools are equipped with a wide range of water activities, making this day a real experience. To call the Aqualand El Arenal only a swimming pool would be a pure understatement, almost an insult. We therefore recommend that you take children to the Aqualand Mallorca at least once.

For water-shy visitors there is a go-kart track, a trampoline and a large playground. For all others, vertical, winding, round and abstract water slides of all kinds are waiting. In the so-called "Black Hole", for example, one slides completely in the dark, just like in the "Devil's Tail". If you love speed and have the courage, you should definitely try the Kamikaze and Anaconda water slides. And if you want to have a little race with your friends or family, then go for the Crazy Race or the Multipista.

4th Katmandu Mallorca

Only one word describes it quite well: 'crazy'! The upside down house Katmandu Mallorca can hardly be put into words, you have to experience it.

The House of Katmandu opened its doors in 2008 and is considered the most unusual building in Majorca. The 20 million Euro house is the only one of its kind in the world and attracts many thousands of visitors to Magaluf every year.

Eight themed areas are housed in the building, which measures around 1,600 square metres. These areas deal with Tibetan legends and myths and hold some surprises in store: For example, a yeti is brought to life and leads his guests on a journey through a fantastic world. These journeys appear extremely real and convincing thanks to the latest sound and lighting technology.

The house alone is worth seeing, as it stands on its head and/or is a villa built upside down. This house is full of secrets, legends, interactive mind games, special effects and magic illusions. You can also try your skills with the laser pistol, use the mini-golf course that is also available or watch a short film in 4D. There is also a restaurant in the house, where you can enjoy your meal. If you want to make the best Mallorca excursion with children, you can definitely count on big eyes and a lot of enthusiasm here.

On an island like Majorca with more than 10 million visitors a year, including many families with children, a visit to an amusement park in Majorca is a must. Look forward to an adventure that will make your holiday unforgettable.