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Rent a quad bike in Majorca to go off road!

Book your guided quad bike tour in Majorca online and enjoy an action-packed off road tour with fast quads up to 350 ccm. Fun guaranteed! You can also join a relaxed beach tour to discover the beautiful places of Majorca with the ATV. We offer quad rentals on the best coast tracks close to Magaluf and quad bike tours from a few hours up to whole day trips. Choose to be driver or co-driver, prices start from 27 € per Person.
  1. Offroad Quad fahren in Mallorca

    Majorca quad tour from Arenal / Playa de Palma

    3 hours offroad quad tour from Arenal / Playa de Palma over sticks and stones to idyllic viewpoints and a beautiful bay, where you can go snorkeling and cliff jumping during summer. If you want, you'll learn how to drift with the quad!

    14 Review(s)

    from 90.-€

  2. quad tour mallorca gruppe am meer entlang

    All-year-round ATV tour in Arenal: Cool quad biking in Mallorca

    Go wild for 3 hours on a quad bike in Mallorca. Kick things off in Arenal and feel the force of the 300cc quads which you can drive over rough and smooth land at ease. Have a blast on a quad in Mallorca and get more than a glimpse at the sights!

    7 Review(s)

    from 90.-€

  3. Mallorca Quad Tour Norden Alcudia

    Grab a quad and tour in Mallorca: Kick off the quad-biking in Alcúdia

    This Mallorca quad tour goes through the north of the island and gives you an unforgettable holiday experience! Enjoy the mix of fun, cruising, action and sightseeing. Drive over the roads and streets and explore villages, beaches, mountains, open areas and sights.

    10 Review(s)

    from 70.-€

  4. quad tour mallorca gruppe am meer entlang

    Brilliant beach quad tour in Mallorca: Kick off the fun in Playa de Palma / El Arenal

    Enjoy a 3-hour beach quad bike tour in Mallorca starting in Arenal at the Playa de Palma. Explore the beautiful island of Majorca and enjoy a fun ride on an ATV. Awesome off roading and a swimming break in Cala Blava are waiting for you! Up to 2 persons can drive on a Quad (driver change not possible).

    10 Review(s)

    from 90.-€

  5. Quad Tour Mallorca "With the Quad on C710" - Starting from Andratx

    Quad Tour Mallorca "With the Quad on C710" - Starting from Andratx

    Would you like to discover the famous coastal road C710 in the Tramuntana mountains on Mallorca with a powerful 350 ccm-quad during your holiday? Drive along the dream road and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea. The half-day tour includes many off-road sections, the road leads on winding mountain roads adventurous and romantic along the sea.

    2 Review(s)

    from 110.-€

  6. Quad Mallorca "Quad and sightseeing" tour, starting from Andratx

    Quad Mallorca "Quad and sightseeing" tour, starting from Andratx

    The ultimate sightseeing tour on Mallorca! Rent a quad and explore the most beautiful parts of the southwest of the island. From Andratx to the Tramuntana it goes over roads, but also offroad. And with the funniest and most passionate quad tour guide on the island, the trip is a lot of fun. Driver or co-driver: You decide!

    2 Review(s)

    from 90.-€

  7. Quad group in Cala Ratjada

    Quad tour in Cala Ratjada / Artá on the east coast of Majorca

    Experience a memorable trip along Majorca's East coast on wide, paved roads, on bendy mountain passes and off-road and discover the beautiful landscape with an ATV / quad bike. Ideal for trips with children (on the passenger's seat)!
    4 Review(s)

    from 158.-€

  8. Quad rental Mallorca (Andratx) "Quad tour and culinary delights".

    Quad rental Mallorca (Andratx) "Quad tour and culinary delights".

    Discover the beautiful landscape around Andratx on a half day tour at the best quad rental in Mallorca! You'll ride together to the silver forest in Santa Ponsa and enjoy great country roads and sandy trails, all easy to quad. Afterwards, dine at the "All you can eat" in a restaurant of your choice.

    from 128.-€

  9. Quad Tour Majorca "Quad and trial scuba diving", starting from Andratx

    Quad Tour Majorca "Quad and trial scuba diving", starting from Andratx

    With the quad on the island and then to the discover scuba diving in the Majorcan sea, an ideal combination for hot summer days. Half day tour with the funniest and most passionate quad guide of the island
    1 Review(s)

    from 179.-€

  10. Quad tour Majorca "Quad and Snorkeling", starting from Andratx

    Quad tour Majorca "Quad and Snorkeling", starting from Andratx

    Explore the island with a powerful 350cc ATV quad and then jump into the sea for snorkeling. 3 hours biking and 1 hour snorkeling in the Majorcan sea, a super fun-combination for the summer in hot weather
    1 Review(s)

    from 115.-€

  11. Quad Tour Majorca with high rope action park (Jungle Park), starting from Andratx

    Quad Tour Majorca with high rope action park (Jungle Park), starting from Andratx

    Half day tour by quad on spectaculous roads in Majorca followed by a stop at the Jungle Park in Santa Ponsa, Southwest of Majorca, available as a driver or passenger

    from 49.-€

  12. In den Sonnenuntergang fahren mit dem Quad auf Mallorca

    Driving a quad on Majorca: twilight from Alcúdia on 4 wheels

    Book a romantic drive with the quad on Mallorca and enjoy a 2 hour drive around Alcúdia, either in the sunset or with lights at night.

    from 95.-€

  13. Quad fahren auf Mallorca

    Quad bike rental in Mallorca: be flexible starting from Arenal

    Get independence and freedom in your holiday on Mallorca. Renting a quad allows you to visit the wonderful Spanish Mediterranean island at your own pace and with your individual destinations. You can choose between a 150cc and 250cc version, between 4 hours or a full day (10 hours). In the hot weather you experience the cool wind and the freedom of the sporty movement!

    1 Review(s)

    from 55.-€

  14. Quad Tour Mallorca Cala Millor

    Quad tours in Mallorca from Cala Millor, passenger included

    During a quad tour in Mallorca you will discover the most beautiful corners in a unique way from Cala Millor. Go on an adventurous discovery tour. You can expect fascinating views of the coast and mountains, Mediterranean flair in a picturesque environment and many other highlights.

    5 Review(s)

    from 129.90€

Mallorca Quad bike
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General information about quad rental

You love special excursions? Then you should rent a quad bike in Majorca and explore the most beautiful areas of the island with these four-wheeled rides during your holidays in Majorca. This unusual vehicle is made for all terrains (hence the abbreviation ATV) to guarantee an ultimate driving enjoyment. We offer various quad bike tours on different areas and territories:

Explore the bendy roads on the mountains of Majorca on an action packed off-road tour and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Or join a relaxed beach trip along the most scenic costs of the island and discover the amazing hidden viewpoints of Majorca. Here you will get to know the real Majorca, far away from the touristic places.

With a quad bike, you’ll get to know Majorca from a completely different aspect. On the 150-350 ccm quads you can discover valleys and mountains as well as beaches and parks. Fall in love with Majorca by seeing it from the quad perspective! If you want to experience more of Majorca, book our special quad tours with breaks for swimming and snorkling in the crystal-clear water or get a taste of the island with a delicious quad tour that finishes with a feast of typical Majorcan foods and drinks. If you’re into fun, hire a quad from the most entertaining bike guide in Majorca.

Our experienced tour guides adjust the tour level depending on the driving skills of the group. If you want to go further or crazier with your quad bike, the tour guides also have the possibility to adapt the course. The best quad bike rentals offer guided tours in Majorca between Sóller and Palma or between Andratx and Cala Millor. The tours in Andratx are really close to Magaluf and offer the best off road-tracks in the mountains. Sunbonoo provides the cheapest and greatest quad bike hires all over the island. When you hire a quad bike and take part of a tour, you will create a lasting memory of your holidays that you will never forget!

The best quad bike rentals in Majorca

We want to give you an overview of our best quad bike tours. Hire a quad in Majorca in one of our three different stations:

1. Quad Hire Playa de Palma

These guides offer 1-2 quad tours per day. The route is leading along the southern coast up to Cala Pi and also contains an off-road track. The quads have 150 ccm and are perfectly suitable for beginners, who never rode a quad before. All participants get extensive instructions before the tour starts to be able to handle the quad easily during the tour. A transfer from the area of El Arenal / Playa de Palma is included. This tour is available from February until October.

If you're looking for an all-year available quad tour starting from Playa de Palma, check this tour out.

2. Quad Rental Andratx

In the southwest of the island you will definitely find the most adventurous quad tours. The guide will explain the handling of the quads and you can practice a little on a drill ground close to Andratx to get a feeling for your quad. The quad bikes of this tour are strong, big quads with 350 ccm that are perfectly suitable for offroad tracks.

They offer 2 tours per day that take around 3,5 to 4 hours, one before and one after noon. The tours start from 2 Persons with an own quad each. The route leads along the southwestern coast and mainly inside the mountain area of Sierra de Tramuntana. This tour doesn’t include a transfer, you have to organize it yourself (it’s just about 15 minutes from Magaluf by car or taxi).

This tour is available all-season!

3. Quad Hire Cala Ratjada / Arta

There’s also a quad bike rental in the northern part of Majorca. The tour leads along the northern coast line on normal streets and few off road tracks. Since this is the only quad rental station in this area, the tour is really popular and should be booked early. You will drive smaller quads with about 150 ccm, which are perfect to discover the beautiful landscape and enjoy the fabulous views. The transfer from the region Cala Ratjada / Arta is included.

The tour is available from May until October.

Rent a quad bike in Majorca to go solo?

To hire a quad bike in Majorca and explore the island on your own terms is nearly impossible in the southern and southwestern part of Majorca. The legal regulations are strict and almost none of the reliable quad bike owners would rent his quad bike without guides. This is comprehensible, since the maintenance and repair of a quad bike is elaborate and cost-intensive. Furthermore we don’t advice renting quad bikes on the street for less money to go alone: Sometimes the quads are very old and not technically checked. These rentals clean them to make them look shiny, but it can be really dangerous driving them. Quad guide Stephan from Alcúdia in the North of Majorca reveals in an interview with us, why he also always recommends taking an experienced guide with you.

Because of that, the guided quad bike tours in Majorca are of advantage: The guides already know the best tracks and viewpoints to discover the island and the quads are in very good conditions. Due to our big range of offers you can choose yourself, which kind of track you prefer. Even if most of the tours are leading along pre-chosen ways, the quad bike guides can adapt the tours individually to your needs and wishes. Look forward to an all-season adventure to explore Majorca!

Important and useful information for renting a quad bike in Majorca

Even if some of the tours can get slightly demanding, you can participate in our quad bike tours in Majorca without any previous knowledge of ATVs. Because the tours usually just consist of up to six quads, it is possible to individually meet the participants’ needs in order to make everybody enjoy the tour.

For renting a quad bike in Majorca you will need a valid car driving license (class B). It’s important to respect the general rules of road traffic: Don’t drink and drive and consider the other drivers. All quad rentals allow co-drivers and partly also allow children (minimum 5 years). When checking our quad bike hires in Majorca, you will see that the rental stations differentiate pricewise between drivers and co-drivers, while drivers usually pay more.

It’s always required to wear suitable clothes and sturdy shoes.

We wish you a lot of fun and a great experience on your quad bike tour in Majorca! In our live chat, we’re available for any further and individual requests.