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Mallorca Segway
Mallorca Segway
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Segway riding in Mallorca - the comfortable way to get around

You like to follow the latest trends and are always open to innovations? Then the Segway is exactly what you are looking for! Forget about walking and get on the electric two-wheelers which will allow you to discover Mallorca in a very comfortable way. Along Palma's promenades or in the old town, the agile Segways come into every alley and bring a lot of holiday fun. Rent a Segway and cruise through Mallorca's capital. Already after a short introduction you can start. You will see how easy it is to drive this modern form of transport. With a speed of up to 20 kilometres per hour, you will be about as fast with a Segway as with a bicycle without having to make any effort. Save your energy for other holiday activities and still reach your destination quickly and comfortably.

A Segway tour in Majorca takes you comfortably to numerous places of interest and saves you the search for parking and long walks. But not only in Palma you can take a Segway Tour, but also in many other Majorcan cities. The offer varies according to the season: In the high season Segway tours are offered in all major tourist resorts, in the winter months the tours focus on the island capital Palma.

You do not know Segway yet? Then get to know it:

Introduction: What exactly is Segway?

A Segway is a new type of transport. It was originally developed to reduce urban traffic. Since it has not yet become established as a daily means of transport, it is now considered a kind of fashionable vehicle.

You may already be familiar with the small vehicles on which people glide through the city centres standing up: On a Segway, you stand on two adjacent wheels and hold onto a handlebar. The vehicle is electronic and keeps itself in balance. You accelerate and brake merely by shifting your weight. The wheels turn in the direction in which the rider leans.

A Segway can reach speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour. Even when driving slowly or standing still, the vehicle remains stable. How far the Segway will take you depends on several factors: the weight of the rider, gradients and the way you ride. On average, you can expect a range of about 20 kilometers.

The Segway was originally designed for urban transport, for example commuters or errands. Probably it has not yet established itself as a means of mass transportation due to its high price. At present, Segways are mainly used for city tours, on the golf course and as fun sports.

Can I drive a Segway?

Segway use has been officially approved since 2009. You need to have the permission to drive a moped. You fulfill this requirement with your car driving license. You should avoid roads outside of towns.

In Spain the rules are a bit different. In the south everyone is allowed to ride. Provided the rider weighs between 45 and 118 kilograms and is fully mentally conscious. Only pregnant women are not allowed to participate.

For your own safety you should not wear high heels or flip-flops. A helmet is usually provided by the Segway rental company.

How fast can I learn to ride a Segway?

A Segway can be operated intuitively. It moves through body movements and weight shifting. Some participants master the balancing act after several minutes. The nice thing about it: nothing can happen to you. The device will even forgive you gross mistakes.

As with any activity, practice makes perfect: Take curves, accelerate and brake. After a few minutes, your body will react intuitively. When you lean forward, the Segway accelerates. Lean back, it slows you down.

With a Segway Tour Mallorca you don't need to have any previous knowledge. At the beginning of the Segway Tour Mallorca you will receive a thorough briefing from the guide. Only when all participants are ready, the Sightseeing Tour Mallorca starts.

What is special about a sightseeing tour in Mallorca on a Segway?

On a Segway you experience sightseeing of a special kind. As you glide through the streets, your guide will give you lots of information. You are not only comfortably on the way, but also fast. You don't have to worry about your feet or find a suitable parking space. Segway driving is also environmentally friendly: Segways have no emissions of carbon dioxide because they are electronically powered.

Cultural interested people should take a Segway tour through the capital Palma de Mallorca. On a Segway you can easily admire historical buildings like the cathedral or the city palace from the outside.

Where do Segway tours take place on Mallorca?

There are several tours on Majorca every day. Most of them are tours in Palma, but you can also take a Segway tour at the other end of the island, for example in Alcudia, in Cala Ratjada and recently also in Santa Ponsa in the southwest.

The Segway tours are guided by experienced and multilingual guides. The riding time depends on the route, normally one to two hour tours are possible. For example, a two-hour route leads along the Playa de Palma in the direction of Palma and back again.

Where is the Segway Parcour?

Besides Palma, you will find another big Segway location in Majorca in Cala Ratjada in the east of the island. Here you can find a Segway attraction: the Segway course. In the Segway Parcour Cala Ratjada it is all about the fun of driving itself. Here you can learn to ride a Segway, try out different difficulties and develop your skills on the Segway. Steep curves, bridges, stairs, thresholds, bouncers, roundabouts and even limbo poles challenge you on the course. In total, the Segway course is over 1000m2 in size.