All canyoning tours in Mallorca at a glance

Here you can book the best canyoning tours in Majorca. Island wide pick up from your accommodation included. Experience an exciting day in the beautiful nature of the island. All tours are led by professional guides, there are different levels of difficulty to choose from.

Those who love canyoning, must come to Mallorca!

What is the sport of canyoning?

Canyoning is a modern trend sport. Under this word most people can already imagine a little more: Canyoning is the conquest of a canyon from top to bottom. In order to get ahead, sportsmen resort to using
In order to get ahead, sportsmen and women resort to different kinds of sports.

Depending on the canyon and degree of difficulty, climbing, jumping, abseiling, swimming and in extreme cases even diving are used. Basically you can say that canyoning starts where normal hiking ends. The sport became known in the 90s in Spain and Southern France. But don't worry, canyoning in Majorca is suitable for beginners and advanced hikers alike.

Canyoning is usually only available in spring and autumn, as the torrents carry enough water during this time. However, in summer you can do coasteering, which is very similar to canyoning and is possible all year round.

Why is canyoning in Mallorca interesting?

Canyoning in Majorca is one of the more unknown sports on the island. Therefore we would like to give you a small overview here.

The most important thing about canyoning is the experience of nature. Despite mass tourism at the beaches, there is still a lot of intact nature in Majorca, which is perfectly suited for canyoning. Especially the mountains on the west coast of Mallorca are often used for canyoning.

The best season for this strenuous sport is from the end of February to May and then again in the mild autumn months from September to November. But even in the summer months you can do canyoning in the shady gorges of the Tramuntana mountains. The gorges are dry and suitable for beginners and advanced canyoners.

Where can I go canyoning on Mallorca?

In Mallorca, the gorges in the Tramuntana Mountains are ideal for this sport. A total of 15 different canyons are used here for this sport, with different levels of fitness. But there are also suitable places in other corners of the island. Among the most famous gorges are the Sa Fosca and Mortitx canyons. Both canyons carry a lot of water from autumn to spring. Here you can swim, dive and maybe even jump down small waterfalls. In the Canyon Sa Fosca and the Canyon Mortitx the canyoning is usually not offered in the high season, because the canyons do not contain the necessary water level and a descent in the dry is dangerous there.

Sa Fosca is one of the top 10 canyons worldwide. The rock walls rise up to 300 meters into the sky and are sometimes only 35cm apart. Especially the last section is well known, because the name says it all. Sa Fosca means 'the darkness' in English. During the last 1.5 hours of canyoning you will follow a small underground stream until you reach daylight again. For safe abseiling, swimming and of course climbing you will need a lamp on your head.

What should I consider when canyoning?

Canyoning is not without danger. Especially beginners should be careful from the beginning. You can find out what you have to pay special attention to here:

Make sure you have a guide who knows the area.

For all canyoning excursions on Mallorca you should have a local and experienced guide with you. He knows the weather and the rock faces and can assess dangers better than many others. Be realistic about your fitness level. Canyoning is strenuous and requires different sporting talents, both on water and on land. Depending on the tour, an experienced guide will question your sporting ability: Answer his questions truthfully. Lies or exaggerations of your own fitness will not help you. On the contrary: once the tour has started, it is often not possible to return.

Pay attention to the weather.

Information about the weather situation in advance is very important. In groups of beginners the guide is responsible for the information. On Majorca the weather can change abruptly. This happens especially often in the Tramuntana mountains. If you have any concerns, please ask your guide in advance. Only go in groups. Canyoning on your own is considered reckless and risky. A group of three to four people, on the other hand, counts as an optimal number. So you can help and support each other.

What do I need for canyoning?

Ask your tour operator before the tour what you need for your canyoning trip. Most important is sturdy shoes and warm, waterproof clothing. Special equipment, if necessary, can be obtained from the local organizer.