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Explore Mallorca in a special way while riding. The island has several stables in almost all areas. Bookings can be made by the hour, but half-day or day rides are also available. From autumn to spring, horse riding on the beach is a highlight on holiday in Mallorca

Horse-riding in Mallorca shows you the island from a new perspective

The sun glows on your skin, the wind blows through your hair and your new-found friends neighs under you. Tap your horse with your leg and it'll soon start moving. It's not long before you're galloping along a sandy beach at sunset. A summer's dream, not only for horse lovers! The strength and gentleness of the animals as well as the beauty of the island make a ride in Mallorca a truly unforgettable experience for young and old! 

If I'd like to go riding on holiday, what are my options? 
Basically, there aren't any restrictions. Of course, it depends entirely on your knowledge and mobility on holiday. Experienced riders can rent a prairie, take part in a ride or go on horseback. Beginners should contact the stable before booking. Riding lessons, leisurely hiking rides and group lessons are recommended. If you prefer to see the animals with your feet firmly on the ground, you should visit the trotting track near Manacor. More information can be found at but please be aware that the website is only available in Spanish. 

Where can I go horse-riding in Mallorca? 
Mallorca is versatile as are the options when it comes to picking a riding stable. There is something for every riding experience. For example, you can hire horses and explore the island on your own. This is made possible by so-called ranches which can be found in almost all touristy towns on the island. A little tip: Since a large part of the island is privately owned, it is wise for visitors who are not familiar with the area to join guided rides. These are offered by different riding stables. 
There are a number of ways to explore Mallorca on horseback. Whether in the south of Mallorca around Palma or El Arenal, in the east or in the north in Can Picafort or Cala Radjada. Almost all the larger stables offer rides and lessons for both beginners and advanced riders. Overnight stays are not unheard of either.  
The East of Mallorca: Horse-riding in Felanitx 
In Felanitx, in the east of Mallorca, you'll find the "Son Menut" riding school. You can book individual riding lessons or even rides on site there. Horse lovers can spend their entire holiday riding on the farm or even buy a horse if they want to go all out. 
The South of Mallorca: Horse riding in Sant Jordi and El Arenal 
There are many riding schools and riding centres in the south of the island for the more advanced riders. The Hipico Can Conet club in Sant Jordi is a well-known spot. This area, near Palma, offers the most beautiful riding terrain on the island. In addition to the usual riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders, in autumn hiking rides with an overnight stay in the monastery are on hand. 

Also, in the south of Mallorca you'll seemingly stumble across the Finca Libertad. There you can not only spend your whole holiday but also make full moon rides. It is best to go for a ride on the Es Trench beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe - this will make the experience even better. A little further east, near Santany, is the Club Hipico de Cala d'Or. 

Do you want to feel like a cowboy? Then you should definitely visit the ranch in El Arenal, close to Balenario 5. 

The North of Mallorca: Horse riding in Cala Ratjada 
If you prefer to spend your holiday in the north of the island, you'll soon realise that there is a fair share of horseriding up there too. In Cala Radjada, for example, you'll find "Rancho Bonanza". Horse riding lessons and guided rides are doable. The little ones don't need to be left out there, children between 2.5-6 can be guided on gentle ponies. Safety vests can be rented for a small fee and it's worth it to put your mind at ease.  
Rancho Can Picafort is also located in the north of Mallorca. The ranch is one of the pioneers on the island: since 1970 they have been organising unforgettable rides around Mallorca for holidaymakers. 
What do I need to know about riding stables? 
Since the Spanish animal protection law is not as regulated or respected as in the UK, it is worth taking a closer look at the condition of the stable and the horses for the sake of the animals. How are the horses? Do they look healthy? Do they have access to water? Do their stables look clean and comfortable?  
If you are in doubt about how well the animals are looked after, then perhaps find another stable. If it's not up to scratch, tell someone about it. The animals will be grateful.  

Another point to consider is your own safety. Even if it is hot in Mallorca and you would prefer to leave the house in swimming trunks or a bikini, you should never do without sturdy shoes and a riding helmet. You won't need to fly in any equipment from the UK, most riding stables rent suitable riding helmets together with the horses. Just ask for them. If not, you can alternatively rent a bicycle helmet from a different place. It might not be ideal, but it is beats having no protection at all.