Glass-bottom Boat Tour in Mallorca - get closer to the underwater world!

Find out what happens below the surface in Mallorca with our glass-bottom boats. Book tickets for the glass-bottom boat tour on your holiday to Majorca.
Mallorca Glasbottom Boat
Mallorca Glasbottom Boat
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Explore Mallorca on a glass-bottom boat tour

Did you know that you could play a part in what goes on underwater in Majorca without even getting wet? Join a tour on a glass-bottom boat in Mallorca and find out what’s lurking around in the Mediterranean Sea. Watch shoals of fish go about their business, revel in the first-rate reefs, steal a glance at the steep underwater cliffs or maybe even spot shipwrecks. The glass-bottom boat tours are very popular among families and children. Get yourselves ready for a fun day out at sea!

What exactly is a glass-bottom boat?

The boats are most commonly catamarans with either the floor or the sides made of glass. This means you can see absolutely everything in the water without having to splash about, which is a much safer option for those with little ones or those who cannot yet dive on their own. These boats have been purpose built to calmly bob along on the water, the glass-bottom boats are the perfect way to look at the amazing underwater world of Mallorca. A glass-bottom boat also has a deck area with seats where you can sit to marvel at the views or just take it easy.

How does a glass-bottom boat tour in Mallorca work?

The glass-bottom boat tours in Mallorca are normally a few hours long, anywhere between 2 and 6 hours is the norm. Everybody hops on board and before you know it the tour kicks off. Take a seat wherever you want to – on the deck or right beside the windows. Without further ado, the tour sets off on its planned route which has been specially designed to make sure you get the most of the experience with plenty of different bays along the way. On longer tours, there'll likely be stop offs to give you the chance to go snorklling, take a dip or catch a tan. It is not unheard of for tours to include stop offs in villages so that you can hop off at the harbour and stroll around for a bit. More often than not, the majority of the tour is spent in the water which works to your benefit as you get exactly what you bargained on. 

What can you see underwater?

It depends on the area you pick! If you were to do a tour In the Southwest of Mallorca, you'd be treated to lots of marine and nature reserves along the coast. There is a wide variety of sealife to see in Majorca from starfish and octupuses to scorpionfish, eels and amberjacks. Each area has its own variation of sand, seaweed and stones. 

To sum it up, a glass-bottom boat takes you as close to the ocean as you can get without actually diving in to it! Come and see for yourselves what all the fuss is about.