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Here you will find an overview of the best and most popular activities in Mallorca for sports and active holidaymakers. The guaranteed largest selection of water sports activities on the island, as well as many offers of hiking, golf, segway and cycling tours. Book your ticket for a fantastic active holiday at a lower price here.
Mallorca Sport & Activity Holidays
Mallorca Sport & Activity Holidays
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An active holiday in Mallorca means relaxation and fun at the same time

Summer, sun, beach and more... If you want to spend your holidays in Mallorca not only at the beach, but also want to experience something, then you are in the right place. Mallorca has a wide range of activities to offer. Whether on land or in the water, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Sport and active holidays in Mallorca in and on the water

In Mallorca you can enjoy a wide range of water sports activities. How about a speedy ride on a jet ski or speed boat? An absolute fun for everyone. If you want to take it a bit more comfortable you can explore the underwater world with snorkeling or diving equipment.

Or enjoy a great view while sitting in a parachute which is about 200 meters above the water surface. While parasailing you will be pulled by a motorboat in a parachute. Surfing and wakeboarding is especially good in Alcúdia, in the north of the island.

You will have a lot of fun on the banana boat: let yourself be pulled zigzagging across the sea by a motorboat. The art is not to fall down. If this should happen, the motorboat will stop directly to bring the shipwrecked person back on board.

Have you ever tried the Standup Paddle? It is not as difficult as it looks. After only about five minutes you will get the hang of it and can paddle around on the water in a very relaxed way. Or you can kayak through the waves. An absolute fun that is guaranteed to get you wet.

Sport and active holidays on land in Mallorca

There are many ways to explore Mallorca on land: For example, take a Segway through the city and explore Palma at a fast pace. Riding a Segway is not as boring as it looks, by the way. The things are really fast and few. With the Segway you can drive even in the narrowest streets. Or explore the wonderful landscape of Mallorca on a horse.

For beginners and advanced riders there are various routes that can be taken in group excursions. Or rent a professional bike and explore the island on your own or in guided groups. You can also rent city bikes to explore the city or to cycle to a beach.

For the more daring among you, there are activities such as cliff diving, climbing and coasteering. Coasteering is a mixture of climbing and cliff diving, as you climb up a cliff and then jump into the water.

Sports and activity holidays in Mallorca Specials

In Mallorca there are some special activities such as riding on an ostrich. You can do this in the southeast of the island in Campos. Before you are allowed to ride, you first have to get to know the ostrich, after that the 20 minute ride can start.

The golfers among you can organize a golf session with the professional Sebastian Garcia. Improve your technique with his helpful tips.

Playing paintball is something for the very tough among you. Because such a colour cartridge can hurt quite a lot and will definitely leave bruises. If you don't care, you will definitely have a great and action-packed day.

Nordic Walking is also possible on Mallorca. Walk in a group through the beautiful nature of Mallorca. Introductory courses and weekend trips are possible in groups. The perfect weekend trip for a holiday for women.

And for the discoverers among you who are interested in speleology, there is the possibility of a hike into the interior of Mallorca. However, you should not suffer from claustrophobia as the cave passages are quite narrow. Also exciting is the abseiling into the caves. Once down you can admire the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites of the stalactite caves while the guide tells you more about the caves.

Now you just have to decide what kind of activity you want to do.

sunbonoo wishes you a fantastic sports and active holiday in Mallorca!